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A new pet dog in Canberra?

ricotta 21 October 2012 12

We have recently lost our much loved dog and decided that life is unbearable without a pet.  

My wife has decided we must get a miniature poodle.  

Does anyone know of a local source – breeder or rescue?

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12 Responses to A new pet dog in Canberra?
poetix 2:58 pm 22 Oct 12

poetix said :

This is a cute poodle cross in the ACT, but given you just lost a dog, this one is probably a bit old for you.

I have always wanted a standard poodle, so I understand the desire for poodles. They are smart dogs. And you can cut them like hedges.

Someone just took this dog, which is good given it’s so old.

poetix 2:45 pm 22 Oct 12

This is a cute poodle cross in the ACT, but given you just lost a dog, this one is probably a bit old for you.

I have always wanted a standard poodle, so I understand the desire for poodles. They are smart dogs. And you can cut them like hedges.

Watson 1:11 pm 22 Oct 12

Hard to find any full-breed dog in rescue unless it’s a working dog or a staffy… But here’s a poodle available in NSW: I don’t know that particular rescue org and their website doesn’t seem to mention where they are located. From their phone number I’d say somewhere in or near Sydney? I went to Sydney to get my rescue dog… I chose to get a dog that was in foster care because I liked the idea of them being “road tested”. Even within a breed there is plenty of variation in temperament. (This method was a lot easier for me because I couldn’t care less what breed my dog is and went for a mystery mix)

And I second contacting some rescues too. If you buy from a responsible breeder, you’re likely to have to wait a few months too.

I like poodles… I don’t get why so many people now think that purposely crossing them with a Spaniel or whatever is such a great improvement. I don’t think they deserve the bad reputation they seem to have.

cyla 10:43 am 22 Oct 12

As nice as it is to rescue a dog, I know how you feel. I want to see the parents of the pup and know exactly what I am getting.
There is a list of registered breeders at the following site, and there is one for min poodles. At the very least they should be able to point you to some breeders interstate.

ricotta 6:14 am 22 Oct 12

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We would definitely prefer to get our dog/puppy from a rescue source, however my wife is adamant that she would like a miniature poodle and they are not common in rescue sources.

RSPCA_Comms 8:08 pm 21 Oct 12

Hi ricotta,

Very sorry to hear that you recently lost your dog. As any pet owner would understand, it is a terrible time. Best of luck in your search for a new furry family friend.

There are a number of animal welfare issues associated with pet shops, backyard breeders, and classifieds. The RSPCA has a Smart Puppy Buyers Guide which you can view here

The best place to get your new pet from is a shelter, pound, rescue group or registered breeder (registered breeders do not sell to pet shops). The Smart Puppy Buyers Guide has a number of tips on what to look for when you are meeting a potential pet.

There are pros and cons to getting either a puppy or an adolescent/adult dog. Puppies are extremely cute of course and you have the opportunity to influence their training right from the start. A bonus with an adolescent or adult dog is that their personality is already apparent, and they may have already benefited from previous training.

RSPCA ACT runs Life Skills training classes for dogs of any age or skill level, which are less about traditional ‘obedience’ and more about basic manners. No matter where you get your new dog from, the classes are a great way to form a bond with your new addition.

The RSPCA, all of the rescue groups in Canberra, and the pound are all dedicated to finding the right match for every dog and their new family. Put your feelers out, watch our websites, and get in touch if you need any assistance.

All the best!


pirate_taco 6:49 pm 21 Oct 12

The RSPCA runs an online pet finder at

Zombie 4:11 pm 21 Oct 12

Hello Ricotta,

Another option is visiting Canberra Pooch rescue They were great when we adopted our girl but I am sure any reputable rescue organisation will give you as much support 🙂

All their puppies should be listed on the Pet Rescue site suggested by poetix as well.

Holditz 3:33 pm 21 Oct 12

Now that there have been three useful posts, what will you name it? Kate if it’s a girl, Zed if it’s a boy?

poetix 3:17 pm 21 Oct 12

So many lovely dogs listed at this site. Have a look before you go to a breeder…

I believe ARF list their dogs there, along with many other rescue groups.

TheDancingDjinn 3:13 pm 21 Oct 12 will put you in touch with all breeders of all kinds in your area. there are some poodles on all classies at the moment, also gumtree have a pet section that also promotes rescue dogs as well. Good Luck 🙂

shena 2:35 pm 21 Oct 12

hi ricotta,
I would suggest contacting ACT Rescue & Foster (ARF) Inc.
They have a dog wanted form at that you can fill out if there is nothing suitable at the moment on their site.
Rescue is definitely the way to go 😉 My current gorgeous girl is a rescue and I wouldnt have it any other way….

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