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AllHomes changes

By 51modelBloke - 18 January 2008 22

Is it just me or do other people dislike the new layout of AllHomes  Looks to similar to the ‘other’ site for my liking.

Bring back the old format I say.  What do other people think?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
AllHomes changes
el ......VNBerlinaV8 11:17 am 19 Jan 08

New allhomes = good. Pages load as quick as if they were on my hard drve.

New allclassifieds = completely arse.

Tiny, headache inducing RED text on a grey background? FFS.

Holden Caulfield 10:51 am 19 Jan 08

Keep an eye out on a letterbox near you. 😉

JD114 12:38 am 19 Jan 08

I like it. Not more or less than the previous version. Both worked. Still the best RE site in OZ IMHO. Have always had great results whether the free classies or paying for an RE listing.

idea_authority 11:38 pm 18 Jan 08

Far better, seems to load better for me and takes less mouse click to do and see what I want on there.

Vic Bitterman 11:04 pm 18 Jan 08

Well said Deano, agreed totally.

Deano 9:08 pm 18 Jan 08

At least AllHomes doesn’t try to charge you to look at the previous sales data. The four bucks Domain charges just to be told the last sales price is bad enough, but $100 for the past sales data on the whole street is a rip off.

toriness 8:36 pm 18 Jan 08

i like the additional functionality of being able to see a map of, say, inner north with all the properties for rent marked in one colour, and those for sale marked in another. or maybe that functionality was available through the old site and i didn’t notice. but i am into watching property so i would have thought i’d have noticed it before…

Vic Bitterman 8:16 pm 18 Jan 08

I still haven’t warmed to it yet… I don’t like their detailed block maps either, the other ones were better.

51modelBloke 7:37 pm 18 Jan 08

Sorry TAD, name isn’t Vince, and I thought most of you astute people would recognise the ‘other’ site, try domain . Sorry, not sure how to make it a link.

All aside, I swear no allegiance with AllHomes, just preferred the original layout.

‘Nough said..

jono1 7:28 pm 18 Jan 08

From a web design standpoint the site is about 100x better than it was previously – it’s been updated to use modern page layout techniques that use far less code than the previous method, meaning it loads much faster and uses less memory on the user’s system. So while the look hasn’t changed much (although it certainly does look cleaner than it used to), it’s changed a lot ‘under the hood’.

Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that the site is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and sentences that plain don’t make sense.

szeretetta 7:11 pm 18 Jan 08

At least the webpage isn’t crammed with advertisements like is.

David MacCormack 6:45 pm 18 Jan 08

If it is, tell him to synchronise his damn lips in those ads during the cricket.

TAD 6:41 pm 18 Jan 08

Vince Sorrenti? Is that you?

Gungahlin Al 6:08 pm 18 Jan 08

I think you may be right caf
Looks the same to me. Allhones has always had some decent mapping features and historical photos wrapped up in a crap interface. No change evident.

And apart from that, the real estate websites cause so much traffic during open houses it is impossible. Far better (for renting in particular) to find something that was advertised in the paper but NOT on either website, and not end up in a bidding war against 50 other couples…

caf 6:00 pm 18 Jan 08

Other people are cynical enough to suggest that this is yet another attempt to use Riotact for free advertising, in this case a transparent ploy to drive additional traffic to the linked website.

If not, why not name and link your competitor, instead of just referring to them as “other”? The prosecution rests.

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