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Best gym in Canberra?

By johnboy - 5 February 2007 117

So as you guys seem to like these things so much, which gyms are currently the best in town?

And what makes it so? Cost? Amenities? Staff? Classes? Location? Towels?

What’s Your opinion?

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117 Responses to
Best gym in Canberra?
atoz 1:41 pm 05 Feb 07

I’ gonna call it the clit’n’dick. Can I say that. woops – just did.

justbands 1:38 pm 05 Feb 07

haha! I do wonder how Fernwood get around Australias anti-discimination laws. I’m reasonably sure that if someone did start a chain of male only gyms that they would be shutdown pretty quickly as being illegal.

atoz 1:36 pm 05 Feb 07

I am going to open the only hermaphrodite gym in canberra.

ogrex 1:28 pm 05 Feb 07

ANU is definitely good value. It’s not posh, but they’ve got all the essentials and have started to pack more cardio equipment into their designated room (getting a little cramped, but plenty of equipment to use). Good variety of users from the extremely fit to the New Year’s resolution crowd.

Maelinar 1:27 pm 05 Feb 07

My long term goal is to open a males only gym in response to Fernwood.

Thumper 1:14 pm 05 Feb 07

Agreed on that score Justbands…

Then again, I couldn’t be bothered going to a gym. Easier to run around the block and then do some benchies, flies and curls at home.

Cheaper too….

justbands 1:09 pm 05 Feb 07

I have *major* issues with Fernwood. F***ing sexist rubbish. “Oh, but girls need a place to go to a gym where they aren’t intimidated!”. Yeah, well…maybe I do too. Not an option for me though it seems, I have a penis.

stan_bowles 1:04 pm 05 Feb 07

I’ve been a member of Bodyworks for 3 months now and have never witnessed any ‘intimidating’ behaviour.

justbands 1:02 pm 05 Feb 07

I’ve gone with a trainer instead of a’s cheaper & more focused. Depends what you are after though. I’m not looking to “bulk up”, just to get really fit…so the trainer works better for me.

Danman 1:01 pm 05 Feb 07

all you need is a skipping rope a bike and 2x 5kg dumb bells.

Thats what I do -I get cardio/aerobic and resistance/free weights for core body strength.

I dont want big (mirror) muscles – I am happy with my strength as is.

everything else can be done with a hard surface and gravity.

Fiona 12:59 pm 05 Feb 07

I’m happy with ANu – not tht I’ve checked out others.

Their new prices for 2007 just came out – and including my SRA membership (you can just the sports assosciation if you’ve graduated from any uni in Australia) it’ll be $290 for the year for basic gym access (ie weights and cardio). If you’re into classes, the timetables aren’t that great if you’re not a student (lots at lunchtime), but if you work in town access would be easier for you. I think non-member gym-only was $400 for the year. $600 for combined gym and classes pass.

West_Kambah_4eva 12:42 pm 05 Feb 07

If you can get you hands on some housebricks and a broom handle, you have instant gym at home. If you cant find bricks, buckets of water do well. You can increase the amount of water as you progress. I’ve done that since I was a child and now I’m bloody huge. So huge that the top of my shoulders meld into the back of my head with no discernable neck region.

rossco 12:28 pm 05 Feb 07

I’m pretty happy with the UC gym. It’s extremely cheap (it must be close to being the cheapest in Canberra) and most of the equipment is in pretty good condition.

Avacry 12:01 pm 05 Feb 07

Hmm, should proof read.

“The environment wasn’t too intimidating” should be “The environment wasn’t intimidating”

Avacry 11:59 am 05 Feb 07

Checked out Elite Physique the other day – and I’m probably going to sign up. Its all state of the art equipment (i.e. in the cardio room all machines have their own TV’s) and the instructor to client ratio is very good. The environment wasn’t too intimidating either unlike some other gyms I’ve been to *cough* Bodyworks *cough*.

If you go to their website you can get a free 7 day membership if your keen at having a look.

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