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Best of Canberra – Hot chips

By Bec Cuzzillo - 17 February 2015 44


In my opinion, there isn’t much that beats sitting down to a big serve of hot chips. Sometimes they come wrapped in more than a few layers of butcher’s paper. Other times they arrive in a big bowl with some sort of fancy seasoning and secret sauce on the side. I even know of a cafe in Canberra that serves their hot chips in cake tins lined with baking paper.

This week I’m putting the call out for Canberra’s best hot chips. I want to know where the best fried sticks of potato are found in the capital. Salted, unsalted. Seasoned, unseasoned. Sauce or no sauce. Where are they?

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Best of Canberra – Hot chips
ExarKun 8:55 am 18 Feb 15

I prefer thinner chips but also like the chicken sort of flavour you get from places like Kingsleys. Which is why the poultry place (don’t know its name, sorry) outside Supabarn in the city is excellent! Shoestring fries style and very tasty, with or without chicken salt.

Madam Cholet 7:59 am 18 Feb 15

I think the thing that makes Kingsleys chips good is the chicken salt. I’d say the same about KFC. I haven’t had either meals for years as the rest of their food is rubbish.

Barry_Australia 10:45 pm 17 Feb 15

Another vote for Kingsleys

alphaloc 9:44 pm 17 Feb 15

I have never enjoyed chips from grill’d. The texture is like salty cardboard. Recently had the chips at Rodney’s cafe and really enjoyed the lemon pepper seasoning. Also quite fond of the dobinsons chips. Two hands have a very home cooked style chip.

Kalliste 7:50 pm 17 Feb 15

Another vote for Grill’d.

The chips from Marble and Grain were pretty delicious, only been there once though. You could actually tell they were once a potato.

Maya123 3:39 pm 17 Feb 15

I rarely buy chips, as most servings are too big for one person. I buy one or two potato scallops instead. But when I buy chips I like them to be thin and crisp. Chips are one of the few thing that McDonald’s does well, and the serving is a good size, smaller than most servings elsewhere. Okay, they call them fries, but I call them chips when I ask for them. Until McCafe it was the only thing I ever bought from McDonalds. (McCafe can usually be guaranteed to be open when other cafes have closed before my afternoon coffee break.)

MBird 1:26 pm 17 Feb 15

Another vote for Kingsley’s chips, with the sweet potato chips from Grill’d a close second.

Ben_Dover 12:51 pm 17 Feb 15

Cookery Nook in Hawker

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 10:57 am 17 Feb 15

Good beer battered chips are a bit hit and miss in Canberra, but the basic Kingsley’s ones are both tasty and consistent.

BombaySapphire 10:16 am 17 Feb 15

Grilld are my favourite for consistent goodness (herby mayo to dip them in – bliss!). Runner up would be the beer battered ones at Edgar’s Inn in Ainslie.

Holden Caulfield 9:44 am 17 Feb 15

Back in the day the winner and by some considerable margin would have been chips and gravy from Rolls Choice.

These days it’s hard to go past the chips from Grill’d.

@Milly, The Belgian Beer Cafe is closed until further notice apparently. TBH I’ve never found their food to be much more than barely acceptable. And I know it is a beer cafe, but being asked how to make a gin and tonic was a bit of a worry.

John Moulis 9:31 am 17 Feb 15


Milly Withers 9:28 am 17 Feb 15

Also, and this is terrible, I know… But I have a soft spot for Kingsleys chips. Guilty pleasure.

Milly Withers 9:27 am 17 Feb 15

The chips at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Kingston are really good. Otherwise, I reckon you can’t beat takeaway chips with lots of vinegar from Curtin Takeaway.

Solidarity 9:13 am 17 Feb 15

Maple + Clove in Barton do awesome sweet potato chips.

Can’t comment on any others as I can’t stand potato chips.

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