The best solar panel installers in Canberra

Solar Hub Team

SolarHub, one of Canberra’s most recommend solar panel installers. Photo: SolarHub.

If you’re a homeowner tired of paying thousands of dollars a year for power, chances are you’ve thought about adding solar panels to your roof. With Canberra having so many sunny days a year, solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy bills and contribute to a brighter future. And while solar power has always been beneficial, today it’s more accessible and cost-effective than ever.

Solar panel installation isn’t a DIY activity so if you want to take advantage of solar power in your home or business, you’ll need a professional solar panel installer to get the job done.

In this article, we’ll outline the qualities to consider when choosing a solar panel installer and share where to find the best in Canberra.

What makes a great solar panel installation company?

To protect your investment and get the most value from your solar panels, you’ll want to select a solar panel installer who has had proper training, has a great track record and is willing to provide advice on what suits your needs.

It can be helpful to keep the following in mind when choosing solar panel installation company.

  • Licensed experts. There’s more to solar panel installation than whacking up panels on a roof. The best solar panel installers are green energy experts and can guide you towards a purchase that works for your needs and budget. On top of this licensing is key, as both retailers and installers must hold a government issued electrical license. Also note that only an ACT licensed electrician can provide a certificate of compliance covering the system and electrical work. To check on the validity of your installers license visit Access Canberra’s list of licensed electricians.
  • Friendly, respectful, and professional. As with any customer-facing job, the best in the solar panel installation business treat customers with respect and get the job done to professional standards. They respond to queries efficiently, send quotes promptly and keep you informed as work progresses.
  • Value for money. While solar panels are an investment, you should expect to get value for money with the company you choose. It’s a good idea to get a few quotes from several installers before making a final decision.
  • Warranty. Be sure to check that the solar installation company you choose provides written warranties for products and services. Read these warranties carefully.
  • Understanding government incentives. Depending on where you live, and your income, you may be eligible for government rebates or other incentives that could reduce the cost of solar panel installation. A great solar panel installation company is up-to-date with the latest incentives and can advise on how you can take advantage of them. You can also research on government websites for offers.

Important essentials to check before engaging a solar installer

To ensure quality and professionalism a couple of minutes spent checking the following will help to give you peace of mind:

  1. Confirm the provider runs a registered business through the Australian Business Registration website.
  2. Ensure the provider holds an appropriate electrical license by checking the Access Canberra list of licensed electricians.
  3. Check that designers and installers are appropriately accredited by the peak industry body, the Clean Energy Council.
  4. Ensure all panels and inverters are approved by the Clean Energy Council.
  5. Verify the providers public liability insurance and level of cover.
  6. Be clear on contracted inclusions, terms, and conditions.

The best solar panel installers in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.



With more than 10,000 systems installed in Canberra and surroundings, and with 10 years of experience in the market, SolarHub is the largest Canberra-based solar and energy storage installer.

Not only does SolarHub source its solar panel products from reputable manufacturers like LG and SolarEdge, but it also rigorously tests inverters and batteries at its Mitchell facility to ensure they hold up to temperature fluctuations. The company provides solutions for solar PV systems, energy storage and energy optimisation, only working with the best brands and technologies that SolarHub has itself tried and tested.

SolarHub has significant in-house workforce with electricians and apprentices / trade assistants for installation and maintenance, multiple engineers for system design and technical support, and a broad operations team to manage their large installation capacity.

SolarHub always takes the time required to ensure customers understand their needs and requirements and works alongside customers to design the best system for the available budget. Customers can request a quote online and a renewable energy consultant will be in touch.

Solar Hub team

As Janet Jenista wrote on Google, “Friendly, efficient and thorough! We wanted solar panels installed and to support a local business – SolarHub was the logical choice. We are grateful to the team for their helpful explanations in the planning stages and timely updates during the installation process. They made it super easy.”

Unit 2/157 Flemington Road
Mitchell ACT 2911
Mondiaux Solar

Mondiaux Solar

Mondiaux is a Canberra-based clean energy provider that has installed rooftop solar panels for homeowners and businesses since 2011. It uses leading solar panel brands like Risen, Sunpower and Qcells, which have longer warranty periods and are said to perform better than other brands.

Having partnered with RSPCA in 2021, Mondiaux Solar are donating a portion of all sales to RSPCA.

When you choose Mondiaux to install your solar panels, you can expect high quality products, reasonable prices and work completed by certified installers to an exceptional standard. Every project is customised to suit the client’s unique energy needs, while Mondiaux’s comprehensive aftersales service ensures that you’re supported long after installation is complete.

In addition to solar panel installation, Mondiaux also specialises in battery storage systems and solar panel cleaning.

Read success stories from recent Mondiaux projects. It’s also Mondiaux Solar’s 10th anniversary this year and they’ve got a massive giveaway sale on offer now until 30 December 2021.

As jormahome wrote on RiotACT, “After 12 months of research i finally decided on MONDIAUX… Howard was excellent in his service before and after the installation. The installation was done in one day. Howard then spent time explaining and setting up my online account. He also has answered all my follow up questions.”

8/189 Flemington Road
Mitchell ACT 2911
Stag Electrical, Solar & Refrigeration

Stag Electrical, Solar & Refrigeration

Stag Electrical are a proud provider of the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage rebate program. So If you’ve been weighing up getting a battery with your existing or new home solar energy system, there is now an affordable way to do it!

Established in 2007, Stag Electrical is a specialist in renewable energy providing a multitude of services to Canberra and surrounding districts. With offices in Canberra and Young, Stag Electrical has over 13 years of experience and has installed over 1.8 megawatts of clean energy in 2020 alone. They have slowly grown to the size they are today, refining their processes along the way to ensure a solid foundation to be here for years to come.

Stag Electrical helps families and businesses save money without the trust or reliability issues associated with the industry. They believe that educating customers to make the smartest decisions sets them apart from the competition.

Sam Friend, Managing Director, says that while they can cater to any request, they are heavily focused on high quality products that can deliver maximum return on investment to customers. Every system they design is done as if it would be installed in Sam’s own home.

As Murray G. wrote in a website testimonial, “From initial enquiry through to completion, I cannot fault the service, professionalism and quality of the work completed. I had a new solar system installed on my house in Canberra and the entire team were great to deal with and clearly know their trade.”

1/1 Sawmill Circuit
Hume ACT 2620
ECG Electrical

ECG Electrical

ECG Electrical is proudly Canberran solar and electrical company, offering stellar service that you can rely on. With fair and honest pricing, a passion for serving the Canberran community, guaranteeing professionalism and friendliness, and making sure your needs are met every step of the way, ECG works hard to ensure that each and every job is delivered to the highest quality of workmanship.

Although only officially established in January of 2019, the folks at ECG have over ten years’ experience, making them experts in their field. You can trust their teams of well-trained labourers, technicians, apprentices and tradespeople with the safe installation of high-quality solar panels in your home, and be rest assured that once the job is completed, ECG will ensure that everything is working soundly, and do a thorough handover so that you fully understand your new system.

If your home presents unique challenges to having solar panels installed, ECG’s qualified technicians and certified solar installers can offer you a personalised system. Taking into account panel selection, placements and any required upgrades to your existing system, ECG will work hard with you to ensure that your purchase is just right for your home.

As happy customer Tony Barber writes in this Google review of their experience with ECG, Very happy with the install of our new solar system through ECG electrical. They were affordable, efficient & reliable and did a great job, well done boys. We will be referring ECG to others.”

9/12 Cheney Place
Mitchell ACT 2911

Solargain - Solar Panels Canberra

Making the wise switch to solar power reduces electricity bills and lowers greenhouse emissions. Solargain has been assisting Australian families to make the switch to solar for more than 23 years. Through strong relationships with suppliers, Solargain secures the best deals for customers. Solargain has quality solar power packages to suit all Canberra homes.

As Mack Smith wrote on Google, “Fantastic – very professional. Great price for the solar PV system I chose. Highly recommended!”

If you’re looking for more information on saving money through energy efficiency measures at home or in your business, you might like our article on the best electricians and best insulation and double-glazing companies Canberra has to offer. As for electricity, check out our article on the best electricity providers in the region.

Your experience with solar panel installers in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the solar panel installers listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide if it’s worth investing in solar?
A professional solar panel installer will want to come onsite to assess if it’s worth it for you to invest in solar and, if so, how many and what type of panels best suit your property. They’e experts at customising solutions and helping you work out opportunities.
What size system should I choose for the most savings?
Sizing the right solar system is an area of expertise and involves much more than just looking at your electricity bill and picking a system that produces enough electricity to match your usage. A qualified, reputable and knowledgeable solar panel installer will look at many factors for you, including your home energy usage patterns, the orientation and angle of your roof and even what utility company you use. With a range of data, they can then recommend best options.
How can I assess if a solar panel installation company is a good one?
You should do some homework. Check out their website for evidence of their qualifications, experience and track record. You can ask an assessor to come to your home to check out their professional approach and communications style (if they can’t explain your solar options in non-technical language, think about using another installer). Look online for reviews. Ask for references and testimonials. Compare more than one company to see which gives you most confidence.
Do solar panel installers have to be licensed and insured?
It’s critical that the solar installation company you choose has proper licensing and insurance. You’ll also want to choose a company that has extensive experience and a proven track record.
Are government rebates available?
A quality solar panel installer should be across any federal or state/territory government rebates in operation and should be able to advise you on these and point you to more detailed information online.

What's Your Opinion?

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33 Responses to The best solar panel installers in Canberra
Kathleen Brooks Kathleen Brooks 6:39 pm 28 Jul 21

make sure all quotes include a CES form. (Certificate of electrical safety) as per license requirements. You would be surprised.

    Jo Howard Jo Howard 7:13 pm 28 Jul 21

    Yes, and that they are licensed in the ACT as an electrician.

Craig Hewitt Craig Hewitt 4:40 pm 28 Jul 21

I would say “Solarhub” been to many people homes for air conditioning quotes after they have had solar installed, have heard many nightmare stories with installation, but every person that has had solarhub do there installation has raved about there professional, quality workmanship and quotation process they provide.

SolarHub 👌🏻

Ann Murphy Ann Murphy 4:01 pm 28 Jul 21

ECG Electrical are the best bunch of guys! So friendly but so professional and knowledgeable! My power bills have dropped considerably so I am extremely grateful !!

Damian Holloway Damian Holloway 3:49 pm 28 Jul 21

ECG for sure!!!!! Couldn’t of been happier with the knowledge, service and system. Nothing was ever an issue.

Justine Graham Justine Graham 9:24 am 28 Jul 21

ECG Electrical were fantastic for us! Highly recommend them!

Vlasta Dodd Vlasta Dodd 9:04 am 28 Jul 21

ECG all the way! Professional, prompt, helpful, priced well, exceptional after sale service.

Michael Simms Michael Simms 8:20 am 28 Jul 21

ECG Electrical !! Local guys, amazing service and since having my 9kw system installed my power bills have been non-existent 👌

Amanda Borg Amanda Borg 7:33 am 28 Jul 21

ECG Electrical - The team are professional, punctual, competitively priced and friendly (who doesn’t love a singing tradie on their roof!)

    Gail McCulloch Gail McCulloch 9:09 pm 28 Jul 21

    Amanda Borg I am so pleased to read your (and others’) review about ECG because I booked them today to do a 5yr network test on my PV Inverter next week.

Lauren Alexander Lauren Alexander 7:16 am 28 Jul 21

Stag Electrical are knowledgeable, friendly, punctual and even clean up after the job is complete 👏

agent86 agent86 11:19 am 24 Apr 21

My neighbour and I decided to use ECG and had installation completed on the two houses the same day. We had three quotes, two didn’t bother looking at what infrastructure we had in place and had caveats relating to things like ‘if work needs to be done in the meter box, you will be charged additional…’
The guys from ECG turned up, looked in the meter box and around the houses. No surprises in the quotes. Happy with ECG and will recommend to others 🙂

Angus Reid Angus Reid 6:52 pm 11 Feb 21

We had a 10 kW solar system installed by ECG electrical. The team were professional and hard-working and did a great job. Couldn’t be happier with the result.

awalder awalder 2:17 pm 29 Sep 20

We had two quotes for solar panels and mondiaux solar team had the better price but was also more available for questions. They were reactive, and remarks and worked closely with the installation team.
I really liked how they were honest with me and took the time to answer even the most simplest question…

jormahome jormahome 8:17 am 29 Sep 20

After 12 months of research i finally decided on MONDIAUX.
My decision was based on honest answers to my questions.
Howard was excellent in his service before and after the installation.
The installation was done in one day .
Howard then spent time explaining and setting up my online account. He also has answered all my follow up questions.
Im happy to recommend Mondiaux for a professional and friendly install.
Thanks again Howard and Melissa.

Karen Betts Karen Betts 8:38 am 22 Aug 20

Solarhub for us. So efficient and knowledgeable. And we were able to use Brighte to repay interest free over two years. It’s been seamless. And a game changer.

Michael Lightfoot Michael Lightfoot 11:04 pm 21 Aug 20

We went with Solarhub. They were professional and competent. When we had an issue a few months later, the (in warranty) fix was prompt.

Michael Simms Michael Simms 5:53 pm 21 Aug 20

We had 5 quotes and ended up going with local guys ECG Electrical. They were amazing and we couldn’t be happier with our new 9kW solar system 👍

SidneyReilly SidneyReilly 7:23 pm 10 Dec 16

I’m still waiting to have my 5kW system commissioned by ACTEW. They claim they have no record of my installation by Solargain and Solargain don’t seem interested in helping me, emails are simply ignored.

Chop71 Chop71 12:08 pm 08 Mar 13

Deref said :

Reporting back as promised.

Solarhub installed our 5kW system – 20 panels by Canadian Solar and an SMA inverter. They were professional to the fingertips from the start. They analysed our usage patterns, gave us a good range of options and prices together with a recommendation, which we accepted. The installation all happened as promised and we’ve now been connected to the grid for a few days.

The online monitoring system, which was activated yesterday, is fabulous. Yesterday we generated almost twice what we used. 🙂 That won’t happen often of course, particularly during hot or cold days, but it’s quite a blast to see it, even for a day.

I’m very happy to give Solarhub big ticks all round.

cost of your 5kw system?

Deref Deref 10:09 am 08 Mar 13

Reporting back as promised.

Solarhub installed our 5kW system – 20 panels by Canadian Solar and an SMA inverter. They were professional to the fingertips from the start. They analysed our usage patterns, gave us a good range of options and prices together with a recommendation, which we accepted. The installation all happened as promised and we’ve now been connected to the grid for a few days.

The online monitoring system, which was activated yesterday, is fabulous. Yesterday we generated almost twice what we used. 🙂 That won’t happen often of course, particularly during hot or cold days, but it’s quite a blast to see it, even for a day.

I’m very happy to give Solarhub big ticks all round.

joh8754 joh8754 6:36 pm 08 Jan 13

Make sure that the company (and/or individual) you are using are licensed electricians in the ACT through the ACT Planning and Land Authority –

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