Black Mountain Tower (terrible interior)

La_Tour_Maubourg 22 June 2013 11

Has anyone else noticed how shameful and run down the interior of the Black Mtn Tower is?
It is the first landmark sight for many visitors and I personally think it’s an appealing and interesting structure however inside is a complete let down.

Cold and raw concrete walls, floor and tacky displays. All the binoculars have been snapped off their tripods!

Whoever owns the building; (I’ve heard Raine and Horne) should be ashamed. I would not invite visitors to the tower as the inside is an embarrassment.

Canberra is the capital of Australia and deserves a tower with a fit-out similar to the Eureka in Melbourne (scrolling LED displays along the floor laid in the direction of whatever they’re talking about, fixed binoculars for local attractions, DECENT cafe and a shop without the worlds most tackiest items)

Has anyone else noticed the awful state of our tower?

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11 Responses to Black Mountain Tower (terrible interior)
Swaggie Swaggie 3:10 pm 23 Jun 13

It’s not just the Tower that looks bad – check out the Black mountain lookouts overlooking Civic. They used to offer amazing views but the whole area in front of the viewing areas is becoming increasingly overgrown and of the 3 main viewing areas only one is useable now. Now we are goverened by green nutters I guess TAMS are not allowed to prune Trees and Bushes…..

Postalgeek Postalgeek 9:19 am 23 Jun 13

Russ said :

I actually took a Merkin visitor there last Wednesday

I’m hoping that’s either an American visitor, or else a gentleman with a false triangular beard.

RedDogInCan RedDogInCan 10:47 pm 22 Jun 13

From Google:

Telstra Tower – Intro
This site may harm your computer.

It’s not just the tower that is in disrepair, their website is infected as well!

Telstra still own the tower, Raine and Horne are the building managers.

Telstra has a very nice conference centre with great views on one of the floors below the tourist section.

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 9:08 pm 22 Jun 13

We went to see the historic exhibition that was announced on the news a few months ago and were appalled by the size of the display compared to the one that used to be there many years ago and also by the general state of the building. It really is an embarrassment these days. Do they think the views will distract from everything else?

Remember this?
I don’t mind some assistance going to a major attraction which is diversifying what it offers tourists but the rest seemed to be plain old maintenance and if the government is going to give money to people to maintain their buildings then better a landmark like the tower than some obscure hotel?

Russ Russ 7:57 pm 22 Jun 13

I actually took a Merkin visitor there last Wednesday – first time I’d been up it since some dim memory from my youth. I was expecting a run-down relic with a feel that its heyday was in the 80’s, and it kind of delivered, but that was OK. The views are still amazing, it only costs $7.50 for a ride in the excitingly-fast lift (although you don’t appreciate its velocity until it stops). I didn’t dare try the cafe, was bemused by the few crappy gifts on display, was tempted to buy a tea-towel, if only for the naff value. I didn’t mind the concrete interior – it kind of provides an honesty to the building in reflecting its heritage.

As I mentioned, the views are amazing, and possibly more meaningful to Canberra residents than visitors – you kind of forget just how much bushland there is throughout Canberra. In theory the site has heaps of potential, but needs a smart operator to take advantage of it, and pitch it in appealing manner.That said, if you’re feeling bored one afternoon, it’s excellent value and well worth a visit. Just make sure you rug up *very* warm this time of year as the wind can be diabolical, and maybe bring your own binoculars.

La_Tour_Maubourg La_Tour_Maubourg 7:07 pm 22 Jun 13

thehutch said :

Whilst I agree that it is in need of refurbment… are you going to pay for it? The private sector generally only spends to make money and I dare say there aint much money to be made from the tourist side of the tower.

My concern is that such a prominent feature on the Canberra skyline has been subject to neglect; and quite frankly if simple binoculars cannot be replaced I’d hate to see the condition of the utilities (as mentioned in recent news articles.)

Antagonist Antagonist 6:50 pm 22 Jun 13

The best part of black mountain tower has always been, and remains to this day, the ride back down to the bottom on a bike. Yeah, I said it. A bike.

bundah bundah 6:17 pm 22 Jun 13

Apparently Telstra is still the owner however Raine and Horny look after it.As is normally the case with ownership of structures like this the bare minimum is spent to maintain an ostensibly functional façade.

Onceler Onceler 6:03 pm 22 Jun 13

The concrete walls are totally in keeping with the overall design, and suit it well. The “tacky” displays are period-perfect. It’s a retro time trip, and I like it just the way it is.

thehutch thehutch 2:08 pm 22 Jun 13

Whilst I agree that it is in need of refurbment… are you going to pay for it? The private sector generally only spends to make money and I dare say there aint much money to be made from the tourist side of the tower.

Blen_Carmichael Blen_Carmichael 12:29 pm 22 Jun 13

I agree with you, but in fairness to Telstra the standard of the building is consistent with that of the company.

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