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Canberra Railway Station

By benett - 28 October 2013 26

The Canberra Railway Station. Well, what can I say.

It’s terrible. Yep, it is. It’s not used as much as it used to. Yes that’s true. Its Kingston location is just wrong. So what?

Why is it terrible?

Terrible? Sorry, it’s a bit of a joke.

It’s not used as much as it used to

90% of people go get the bus and have done for ages now. It’s cheaper but more annoying because you have to mingle (or get too close) with people.

You’re shy or scared to play your tunes on your phone as the person next to you might hear them and find you out to be a loser. The buses are of course more frequent, central and all that …

Its Kingston location is just wrong

This is a fact. And it’s the ‘the’ fact for me. It makes no sense. It obviously should have moved LONG ago towards the city (civic). And that has no doubt already been stated on numerous occasions. But I’m just here to reiterate the point.


So what? Well, come on. Canberran’s aren’t bogans or booners. They’re fine examples of human beings. And they need a properly located train station that doesn’t give interstate folk the impression that Canberra is a shit-heap near the end of the earth. In short, it seems fairly neglected and pretty well overdue for replacement and or relocation. It’s a bit shit.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Canberra Railway Station
c_c™ 3:21 pm 28 Oct 13

Why is it terrible? Because there’s no co-location, it’s stand alone, and the demographic that use it aren’t worth investing in.

justsomeaussie said :

With the East Lake development going ahead next year (supposedly)

Yeah, um, no. ACTPLA is using the word “renewal” for East Lake these days, and knowing what they know, don’t hold your breath for anything significant happening with that. Maybe some stuff close to Wentworth Ave but anything else won’t be feasible.

Innovation 2:00 pm 28 Oct 13

The bus station at Jolimont is not much better. Yes, it’s centrally located but it’s tired and run down and it’s often quite hard to get even a five minute car park to drop someone off or pick them up. The buses (including Greyhound’s business class service) are cramped, are hard to read on and typically only stop at the airport or Central. Sometimes the bus can take up to an extra hour when there are traffic jams getting in and out of Sydney.

The train station at Kingston has plenty of parking, I think is on the red rapid route and includes Western Sydney stops on the way into Central? The train would probably get better patronage if they put on extra carriages (with a consequent reduction in the per passenger price) and provided wifi. Many people wouldn’t care about the extra hour or sparse services if they could still be productive on the trip.

Paul0075 12:38 pm 28 Oct 13

The other option is keep it in its current location and just re-extend the line to Civic, so that way both sides of the lake has access to a railway service.

The issue with the railway service is that the folk in NSW don’t want to spend outside of their borders and don’t see this city as a priority for them.

The train in theory should be quicker than road transport, but with the lack of investment on our line in general, I can’t see it getting any better any time soon.

davo101 12:14 pm 28 Oct 13

enrique said :


Here. Probably should of said towards Fyshwick…

HiddenDragon 12:06 pm 28 Oct 13

My bet is for the Kingston station to be closed, sooner rather than later, to make way for redevelopment – in the interim (i.e. forever) Canberrans will be able to use the Queanbeyan station, pending the VFT…….

Madam Cholet 12:04 pm 28 Oct 13

I caught the train not that long ago from Sydney to Canberra. I thought it was marvellous, especially as I had a table which I could get the laptop and ipad out on and do my uni assignment for four hours (didn’t help my mark unfortunately!). Try doing that on a bus. And, I could get up and walk around and get ‘food’.

I don’t think the price is prohibitive. I recall also that that when they tried to reduce the services all hell let loose. And what’s more the train is pretty busy at all times.

So, it’s in Kingston. A short walk across to the Kingston shops where you could get a bus, and hey, you can get a bus from the station as well into town – who’d have thought.

I’m not sure that many people actually live on top of their public transport options or even want to. I managed to get to Central station in Sydney when I caught the train and tha’t’s in a really crap place.

justsomeaussie 10:56 am 28 Oct 13

Wouldn’t it be simpler and I dare say it in Canberra, cheaper, to just run a ferry across the Lake? With some of the proposed developments on the Acton foreshore it would make sense to have a ferry service anyway.

thatsnotme 10:31 am 28 Oct 13

The station could be brand new and centrally located, but it’ll all be for nothing as long as we’re connected with terrible tracks that force trains to crawl along at the beat of times – let alone when it’s hot.

astrojax 10:28 am 28 Oct 13

the why its is terrible and location ‘fact’ section are not well argued in this piece. re-do and resubmit by thursday or receive a ‘fail’ mark. could do better.

justsomeaussie 10:18 am 28 Oct 13

With the East Lake development going ahead next year (supposedly) I would imagine that the entire railway area would be under scrutiny.

lostinbias 10:06 am 28 Oct 13

Sometimes I feel like catching the train for nostalgia’s sake, but then I check the prices and can’t justify spending $50 for a longer travel time than the bus. So I guess I’ll just look back on my childhood while cramped up in a Murray’s bus.

BimboGeek 9:58 am 28 Oct 13

For those of us who came here as students the argument that Kingston isn’t central is familiar. Yes, when your entire universe is Acton-Civic-Bruce I suppose Kingston is in the wrong direction, but you can throw a stone and hit it from your college room.

enrique 9:52 am 28 Oct 13

davo101 said :

2. There is a long-term plan to move the station to the western side of the Monaro Highway.


davo101 9:42 am 28 Oct 13

Two things:

1. Thank you for calling it a railway station. I’m stick of numpties calling them train stations.
2. There is a long-term plan to move the station to the western side of the Monaro Highway.

gooterz 9:36 am 28 Oct 13

It went to civic in 1920, garema Pl to be exact.

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