Candidate Questionnaire finalised and sent

johnboy 2 August 2010 1

Thanks very much for all your questions to the candidates. While many were excellent only ten could be selected.

They’ve now been send only it turns out that two of the big guns haven’t put an email addresses (or at least a valid one Andrew Leigh) in their electoral information.

So any candidates who have not received a questionnaire are invited to answer from the one posted below (and could friends of Andrew and Gai reading this please flick it along? Ta.) Just email it in to

So the questions are… (Drum roll please)

    1) whitelaughter asked: Would you support abolishing self-government in the ACT? Please include a “yes” or “no” in your answer.

    2) neanderthalsis asked: Do you support the proposed internet mandatory ISP filter and Data Recording Directive that record the browsing history of all internet connections?

    3) 54-11 asked: Comsuper and DFRDB pensions are indexed by the CPI rather than by a wage-based index. The former Government, with the full support of the then Labor Opposition, stopped using the CPI to index the Age Pension more than a decade ago because it was considered an unsuitable and unfair way to adjust pensions. As a politician, your super is indexed to the increase in Parliamentary salaries and allowances, which is far more generous than for anyone else. Do you support, and will you actually do somnething about, fair and equitable indexation of all pensions?

    4) Thumper asked: What do you consider to be the maximum sustainable population for Australia and how do you intend to ensure that that this maximum is not breached whilst continuing to encourage immigrants as well as accepting genuine refugees?

    5) Primal asked: Why were you deemed the best candidate for your party in the seat you’re contesting?

    6) Jivrashia asked: If a man says something, and the wife isn’t there to hear him, is he still wrong?

    7) colourful sydney racing identity asked: Did you prepare this response to RiotACT questions yourself or was it done by your party office?

    8 ) p1 asked: Do you think that the Commonwealth Government should be able to overturn laws passed by the ACT?

    9) bd84 asked: What are the top priorities or projects for Canberra that you will be lobbying the new Government for?

    10) Pommy bastard asked: Witches on Mt Ainslie, should their freedom of expression be protected from interference by fundy nutsacks?

    The Eleventh Question:

    Are there any other questions asked by our readers you would like to respond to?

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One Response to Candidate Questionnaire finalised and sent
The Frots The Frots 5:38 pm 02 Aug 10

Excellent package of questions – well done to everybody and especially those selected. Now, let’s see what they’ve got……………….!!!

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