Crace is going live in May 09.

johnboy 9 September 2008 46

Mr Stanhope has announced that the charmlessly named “Crace” is going to start going under the hammer any day now.

Eventually 1,430 blocks will be taken up but the first release will be 160 blocks ranging from 450 to 760 square meters will be available.

Real estate speculators rejoice, 15% of them will go for under $300,000 as part of the “Affordable Housing Action Plan”.

This might all sound rather immediate, but the last para, as is so often the case, tells the real story.

    “The Crace Demonstration Village and sales information office are due to be opened in May 2009 along with the first stage sales release.

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46 Responses to Crace is going live in May 09.
Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 7:07 pm 22 May 10

The whole ‘changes everything’ freaks me out – just a tad extreme for a planned community.

I dreamed this up while wandering around it:

SheepGroper SheepGroper 10:36 pm 30 Mar 09

A work mate was going to go for a block, but pulled out this week due to a problem with the contracts. He said there was no “sunset clause”, which is like a build by date.

Because of that, the lender that was going to finance his deposit pulled out. This affected enough people to prompt the people running the release to reduce the %deposit required to just 5%, which halves the funds available for the initial building work, which was also a concern for my workmate.

Hopefully the whole thing will turn out ok, people are going to start queuing towards the end of this week for a chance to own the block they want.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:08 pm 19 Mar 09

Growling Ferret said :

Crace is a good location if you can avoid the highway road noise.

Absolutely it could be quite a good place to live. Close to Gungahlin Town Centre, not all that far from Belconnen or Civic and very easy access to Sydney and Melbourne. If I wanted to buy a new home I’d be looking there for sure.

The Weston-Creek-is-the-centre-of-Canberra snobs need not apply, haha.

p1 p1 10:19 am 19 Mar 09

It disturbs me greatly that people want to by massive houses on tiny blocks.

I just bought a house on a 1200m^2 block. Plenty of room for trees and not too much more then 300k.

lava lava 9:39 am 19 Mar 09

They are selling Crace on the premise that it’s so much closer to the city – so much closer than where?

Considering it’ll take two hours to get out of the roundabout at the entrance to the suburb (which already takes an hour to get through without the suburb even in existence yet), I think they must mean it’s closer than Yass. Or Sydney.

ant ant 9:18 am 19 Mar 09

They build these large houses, no trees or decent gardens, they depend on air conditioners to keep them habitable, how can this be excusable?

On my rare forays near Gunghalin, it seems like some kind of hell. Is this what people really like?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 9:16 am 19 Mar 09

It’s interesting that on a $ per square metre basis this land seems similarly priced to much more central blocks (although you need to bear the cost of of crappy old house that’s on the older block).

Still, it’s interesting to see what continued urban sprawl does to inner city property prices.

realityskin realityskin 8:41 am 19 Mar 09

yeah , worst.suburb.ever to live in

the blocks are about 140m2 !!

kranky kranky 9:38 pm 18 Mar 09

first homes have been released this week and it has been revealed that over 90 homes have been purchased by Community Housing Canberra. Good luck neighbours?

nanzan nanzan 11:08 pm 10 Sep 08

Look, it is not like me to whinge about signs, but fair dinkum, this is ridiculous: new signs have been erected in Gundaroo Drive for the new Crace turnoff – and two of them say Gundaroo Road and two of them say Gundaroo Drive!

Of course, originally, Gundaroo Drive was called Gundaroo Road, but this was changed about four years ago.

Surely the people erecting these signs – within a few metres of each other – must have noticed the spelling discrepancies!? Doesn’t anyone in TAMS have the job of proof reading signs before (or after) they are erected?

Granny Granny 4:10 pm 10 Sep 08


farq farq 3:04 pm 10 Sep 08

Future ghetto.

Hercsie Hercsie 12:23 pm 10 Sep 08

Reference the name Crace,

The suburb of Mitchell was first called Crace under the Whitlam Labour Government.

When Malcolm Fraser came to power the name was changed to Mitchell.


Edward Kendall Crace took control of ‘Gungahlin’ and eventually bought it and Davis’s Ginninderra estate. Crace added a substantial new wing to the building in 1882 and in subsequent years added a number of outbuildings, including staff quarters in 1888. Crace developed the ‘Gungahlin’ property and bred merino sheep and Devon cattle.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:17 pm 10 Sep 08

Very good point 2604. To back up your point further, just drive down Anthony Rolf in Gungahlin for a perfect example. Most of the roofs only have about 20cm of space between them!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:51 am 10 Sep 08

Indeed so much of it comes down to the selection of the rooms you *need* as opposed to believe the *market* demands.
Reining that in results in yard preserved.

2604 2604 10:27 am 10 Sep 08

Block size isn’t so much the issue in the newer suburbs, as plot ratio (ie the proportion of the block taken up by a dwelling’s “footprint”). Ratios of 40-50 per cent plus don’t allow for any meaningful planting of shading trees, leaving houses completely exposed to the full summer sun. They also encourage people to build bigger and more energy hungry housing, with much space devoted to areas (three living areas plus an outdoors area, four bathrooms, etc) that are seldom used but need to be heated and cooled all the same. A properly designed dwelling gives everyone enough space without having to be huge.

I would be happy living in a neighbourhood full of 450 square metre blocks if the plot ratio was capped at 25-30 per cent, forcing houses upwards instead of outwards and enabling people to establish some greenery.

futto futto 7:46 pm 09 Sep 08

I don’t really want to live in a suburb named after this guy. He was “almost” in a battle….

stonedwookie stonedwookie 7:18 pm 09 Sep 08


cranky cranky 7:06 pm 09 Sep 08

A musical bent?

Overheard Overheard 7:05 pm 09 Sep 08

^^ By which I mean ‘hammond’ organs, before you go getting the wrong idea…

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