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David Heidelberg passes away

LurkerGal 25 July 2006 16

Some of the RiotACT old timers will remember our former regular, David Heidelberg. I wanted to let those of you who remember him know of his passing.

A message from his wife can be found here: [Ed- NSFW]

David was a good person, I knew him through various sources. He will be missed.

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David Heidelberg passes away
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terubo 3:42 pm 12 Sep 06

Sure didn’t. No wonder DH got out of “towns like ours” – they obviously breed ’em strange in those parts.

LurkerGal 2:41 pm 12 Sep 06

Was that post in relation to anything?????? It didn’t make sense.

Bundaberg 12:45 pm 12 Sep 06

It was my view at the time and the young people’s view he was not suited for that sector. All that could be done was to not endorse his application for working with children to gain a suitability card – here’s hoping he doesn’t rise from his grave and negatively impact on the most vulnerable of young people he was paid to support.
The good news is people like “David & Linda” do not stay long in towns like ours…… Canberra can have them back.

loadedog 1:34 pm 26 Jul 06

Perhaps LurkerGal would like to contact me privately. Email contact available through

jamius maximus 9:51 am 26 Jul 06

Am I the only one who didn’t know what “NSFW” stood for? Oops. Luckily I didn’t scroll down. :-/

Macca 5:18 pm 25 Jul 06

Chill winston! Really when it come’s down to it you shouldn’t be accessing non-work related websites at work anyway. Not being a fuddy duddy but put it in another post if you got offended or just deal with it.
I had many a fun time reading Mr Heidelberg’s reply’s to my posts and others. He will be sadly missed.
Well JB it also answers the old question (in a sad way)of whether David was just Fred Smith posting under another name?

Danman 4:33 pm 25 Jul 06

LG – My comments were not intended to take away from the meaning of the page.
Death in any human form is tragic.
My point was to warn people that, although the page linked is pertaining to the death of an individual – it does have femal frontal nudity that the user should be advised of. I dont want to start a flame war – but your comments on my wholly neutral post were insulting. Pull yer neck in

Tatsu 4:07 pm 25 Jul 06

Get off your high bloody horse LG, Davids passing is sad and he will be missed but Dan’s Not Work Safe warning is appropriate. People will go to that page expecting a little info on David and find themselves in trouble when the images come up.

Just because the page was “Reporting on the death of a friend” doesn’t pass as an excuse to the boss when you get caught looking at a page with a nude girl.

I work in an open plan office and went to the page thinking it was ok. I had to do some quick talking when the girl beside me noticed.

LurkerGal 2:58 pm 25 Jul 06

Loaded – get off the conspiracy bandwagon. I actually knew him. In person. I’ve heard all the rumours and I only wish they were true.

loadedog 2:54 pm 25 Jul 06

Rumours of David Heidelgerg’s death may be slightly exagerated…

S4anta 2:36 pm 25 Jul 06

My sincerest apologies. I used to have a few good yarns with this bloke.

S4anta 2:35 pm 25 Jul 06

My sincerest apologies. I used to have a few good yarns with this bloke.

johnboy 2:31 pm 25 Jul 06


God bless the suicide girls

LurkerGal 2:22 pm 25 Jul 06

Dan: I didn’t notice the nudity, the point was to report on the death of a friend. Your comment added no value whatsoever.

It is not my responsiblity to work out what you should and shouldn’t click on at work. Surely you can do that yourself? I have no obligation to you.

Danman 1:37 pm 25 Jul 06

Maybe there should be a Not Safe For Work warning on that link.
I just opened it and was quite unaware that there would be female nudity on that page. Not a good think where I work.

Thumper 1:32 pm 25 Jul 06

Yeah, had many a good argument/ discussion with David.

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