Double fatality in Clift Crescent car crash

johnboy 31 March 2009 185

[First filed: March 29, 2009 @ 14:06]

The ABC reports that two teenager have died after an early morning car crash in Richardson.

    A 19-year-old man died from serious injuries he received in the single-vehicle accident and a 17-year-old female was pronounced dead at the scene.

    The driver and the front-seat passenger, both believed to be aged in their early 20s, are in a serious condition in hospital.

    Police say the accident happened just before 1:00am in Clift Crescent in Richardson.

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UPDATED: The ABC reports that the dead were 17-year-old Megan Minney and 22-year-old Steven Rial, both of Banks.

The driver and the front seat passenger are still both in a serious condition in hospital.

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185 Responses to Double fatality in Clift Crescent car crash
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Ambiie Ambiie 1:27 pm 29 Apr 10

Meagan, you were a great friend and always will be.
You were such a bubbly young woman, always smiling and kind to everyone.
I hope the man who did this is sorry for what he has done, and to meagan’s family i send my regards.

Love You Meagan
Rest In Peace

Special G Special G 7:50 pm 05 May 09

crna-girl – I am glad to hear you know everything there is to know about driving after two years and some good instruction. If you think this is the case you are seriously deluding yourself.

Everytime you get in a car you can learn something new. Any course you do you can learn something new.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 6:39 pm 05 May 09

cnra-grl said :

Pommy Bastard- I’d happily argue for a “one passenger max” legal limit for anyone with P plates. – That is the biggest joke I have ever heard. For someone like me, who is regularly a designated driver for many of my friends, I hope this doesn’t happen. I know for a fact that if it did there would be a lot more deaths on the road from drink driving.

That is an interesting perspective, and thank you for it. But I stand by my assertion.

I think it would be a good idea to limit P-platers to carrying one passenger max.

I also believe that anyone who would drink drive will do it, no matter what restrictions are placed on them, nor the danger to selves and others, so therefore my suggestion may save a few lives.

monomania monomania 6:07 pm 05 May 09

cnra-grl said :

Pommy Bastard- I’d happily argue for a “one passenger max” legal limit for anyone with P plates. – That is the biggest joke I have ever heard. For someone like me, who is regularly a designated driver for many of my friends, I hope this doesn’t happen. I know for a fact that if it did there would be a lot more deaths on the road from drink driving.

I think I know what you are trying to say about the one passenger rule. It is a good argument. Is it illegal to be a passenger in a car driven by an obviously drunk driver? Maybe it should be.

You should take some of the other info you have put in your comment and put it in your riot-act profile. Not all of it mind.

I like your 3 reasons for safe driving, especially the order you put them in.

cnra-grl cnra-grl 3:39 pm 05 May 09

I am not only friends of one the teen’s family but I too own a “hotted up, fully sick car” as some of you like to put it. I have had my P’s for 2 years, and have not received a speeding fine or warning or anything related to my driving. I am also a female which may surprise you. It is not just males that like driving “hotted up cars”, I love my car because it looks good, and I get looks. There are three reasons why I don’t endanger other people by speeding on the road and im sure that some people would agree with me. 1: I don’t want to be responsible for taking someone’s family member away from them. 2: I don’t want my life taken away from me. And 3: I love my car; I wouldn’t want to damage it in any way.

People who know me say I have some of the best driving skills. I see everything that can be avoidable on the road and I can also predict what some people are going to do before they do it. I didn’t gain that from any fancy driving training (which would probably jus be ruining more families, because no doubt there would be a huge cost involved), I am a great driver today because my parents spent the time to teach me everything possible there is to know about driving.

You would not believe the amount of times I have been pulled over for random breath testing just because of my car. And believe me im not complaining. I think it good that the Police really are doing a lot of work to protect people on the roads. It’s the people with the nice looking cars that don’t drink drive and don’t speed because were targets, if we break the law we are more likely to be caught, we stand out more than any other car so we will be targeted.

Another thing, a lot of friends that I know drink and drive, there is no way in hell I would get into a car with someone who has been drinking or whatever, that is something that has been drilled into my head , even as far back as when I was being warned about “Stranger Danger”.

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but I for one am sick of being trashed by this “hot head” stereotype. Owning the car that I do, I have had people trying to drag me at lights and people doing burnouts in front of me trying to impress me, and I have to be honest, they all own shit box cars that they don’t care if they crash it or wear all the rubber off their tyres because it’s a old car. Its not the people who own nice cars and pay a lot of money to maintain them.
Pommy Bastard- I’d happily argue for a “one passenger max” legal limit for anyone with P plates. – That is the biggest joke I have ever heard. For someone like me, who is regularly a designated driver for many of my friends, I hope this doesn’t happen. I know for a fact that if it did there would be a lot more deaths on the road from drink driving.

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 11:03 pm 03 Apr 09

“The vehicle you are driving is a weapon, the same as a gun, pay it the same respect.”

I disagree with this and it’s part of the alarmist attitude that prevents real debate about cars and crashes.

The essential difference is a gun is specifically designed and created to kill people with few other purposes at all. It’s core function is to kill.

The core function of a car is transport and they are designed fairly specifically not to kill people. The fact that people die is a by product of the system not a function of it.

Do you let your kids go to people’s homes who have a swimming pool? A swimming pool is under your logic a weapon, they kill hundreds of kids world wide every year…

I’m not denying it is tragic or horrible but let keep things in perspective.

Americanberran Americanberran 10:20 pm 03 Apr 09

So they took a crash course in offensive driving.
And good luck on trying to educate dumb kids…it’s wrong just as soon as it comes out of your mouth; or written somewhere…where you’d be forcing them to read something(of all the damned activities!)

Deckard Deckard 9:59 pm 03 Apr 09

Sounds like a speed camera would be better placed on this sreet rather than one of the ones on the Barton Hwy or Tuggeranong Parkway.

mrs501 mrs501 9:27 pm 03 Apr 09

As a resident of clift cres, not very far from the accident site… I was there the night of the accident and never want to see or experience that or anything like it again.

Regardless of what you all think and say regarding whether speed or inexperience or the car was the cause… I BEG EVERY IDIOT OUT THERE TO SLOW DOWN!!!

We have people scream along our street at all hours of the day and night, in all types of vehicles. We have had kids slam head on into trees (how they survived is beyond me)

I have young children and am terrified to let them out the front of my house because of the idiots that think they can defy the law, it is there for a reason… to help reduce the risks of these tragic events from happening.

The vehicle you are driving is a weapon, the same as a gun, pay it the same respect.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 12:43 pm 03 Apr 09

“Peterh, I understand what you are saying about the roadworthyness compared to our competitive vehicles. My work car is a VE wagon, but my weekend RX7 is being rebuilt at the moment, and will have a 6pt cage, side intrusion bars and 4pt harness, along with upgraded brakes etc. …. It’s going to be safer than when it was originally released, .. I’m not doing it because I drive like a dickhead it in, but I do it because I know its going to handle better, and be safer in the event of an incident, caused by myself or someone else”

When do you plan to make the same mods to the VE for the same noble reasons?

Ezzzy Ezzzy 9:01 am 03 Apr 09

lanyon chick said :

My 17 year old son was friends with three of these people. We have just been informed the driver has just died, that makes three, the other girl is still in intensive care. yes they were speeding and had all just left a party at the slovenian club, apparently alcohol was also a factor.very tragic …..but unfortunatley i still dont beleive these young ones will learn from it.

No, the driver did not die, I was talking to the police on Tuesday and the driver is alive – I was going to say ‘ok’, but what sort of moron drives past at 160kmh on a suburban street! I and others have seen this car doing this sort of speed a number of times in the daytime and unfortunately he goes past way too fast to get his rego. It was just a matter of time before he killed somone – sad it wasn;t himself! Unfortunaley, the two people who were killed were not wearing seat belts.

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 9:02 pm 31 Mar 09

I’m pretty sure if I went back a couple of hundreds years in time I’d find out that young men rode horses too fast and died falling off them. Once in a while they probably took their lady friend along with them and it was a tragedy for the entire village and everyone tut tutted about such a young man on a big strong horse, jumping fences and splashing through creeks. Fast forward to every other week…

Here’s the deal, the road is a big complicated ever changing system it is unavoidable that collisions and crashes happen in pretty much the same statistical rate as 200 years ago when carriages ran over pedestrians rather regularly.

Calls for increasing complexity to the system will only create more likelihood of accidents. Sure we could speed limit every car to 110 km/h and use GPS to prevent any form of speeding anywhere but then someone will die because they got stuck between a rock and a hard place and couldn’t get out of the way. Who hasn’t done 65-70 in a 60 zone in order to scoot around someone or even simply change lanes safely with some clearance or a thousand other reasons every day a driver might need to go faster than a posted speed sign.

It is very sad for sure but also as inevitable as falling off a horse. My 2c.

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 8:51 pm 31 Mar 09

Holden Caulfield said :

Nissan (in Japan) does it with the new GT-R. The car is limited to 180km/h. However, the tricky thing is the GPS knows if the car is on a racetrack and at such times will automatically disengage the speed limiter.

And at about the same time, Nissan disengage the warranty :p

Very Busy Very Busy 8:38 pm 31 Mar 09

Die Lefty Scum said :

A picture of the death-machine?

I think you’ll find that is NOT a picture of the “death-machine”. That could well be a car owned by Steven Rial but he was a passenger, not the driver.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:54 pm 31 Mar 09


any chance you can let me know what routes you travel (and when) and I’ll try to avoid you.

Joker Joker 11:00 am 31 Mar 09

Did anyone see Catalyst the other night about the ‘winner effect’?

“What happens in the winner effect in the wild is that after a while these male animals have higher and higher levels of testosterone they become overconfident, they take too much risk”

I use to think i was ‘good’ driver but it was just the testosterone.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:36 am 31 Mar 09

Die Lefty Scum said :

A picture of the death-machine?

If that’s it, that’s not even an HSV (that I can tell). That said it could have its fully sik Nissan turbo engine boosted beyond comprehension. And the worst handling car I have ever driven happens to be a VL Commondore (and I learnt to drive in a 1971 HG Premier). I can’t imagine the safety cell of the old VL would be much help either.


Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:33 am 31 Mar 09

Bill Quinn said :

There’s nothing noble or virtuous about that — it’s just common bloody courtesy, something that I find sadly lacking in so many in so many of my worlds. It’s still nice to get a friendly, appreciative wave from other drivers, even (gasp!) leather-clad bikies, as they pass by.

Hear, hear. Kudos for the courteous driving approach.

34904 34904 9:23 am 31 Mar 09

Megan and Steve will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved them. Rochelle who was the front seat passenger will recover thank god.

The 4 kids were coming from a 17th birthday party that was fancy dress, they were going to get changed so they could go out again.

Steve’s funeral is being held on Friday and Megan’s is undecided at present.

It is such a waste of life, these kids were beautiful they were fun and they enjoyed their lives and their lives should have never ended so soon. Nobody should ever have to burry their child.

The driver will forever live in his own grief at the carnage he has left behind because of his irresponsible actions.

I know that the friends left behind have been slapped with a real reality check, there is no second chance on the road or when you choose to get into a car with an irresponsible person who thinks they are immortal.

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