Driver rammed twice and given death threats in Kaleen road rage incident

Glynis Quinlan 18 February 2019 51

The rear of the pictured car was smashed in when it was rammed twice in the Kaleen road rage incident. Photo: Supplied (with licence plate hidden).

In a recent dramatic road rage incident in Kaleen, a driver returning from the shops was rammed twice and pushed along the road, with the offender then getting out of his car and allegedly threatening to kill the man and his family.

The middle-aged driver has been left shaken with some minor injuries and a smashed car from the incident, which took place on Maribyrnong Avenue in the late afternoon on Thursday, 7 February.

The driver, who prefers to remain anonymous, is concerned that police have seemed slow to take action on the matter despite its severity and the fact that he was able to provide a registration number.

But he is also keen to let Canberrans know that “we can’t let bullies win or have their way”.

The driver was in the car alone and returning from buying food for a barbecue from Kaleen Plaza when the incident occurred.

“I was doing the speed limit. Next thing I know a four-wheel drive roared up behind me and sat right on my tail. I threw my hand up in the air to get off my tail,” he told Region Media.

He then came across roadworks, with a traffic controller and slowed down to the 40 km/h speed limit.

“He purposefully rammed me and then did it again. I had my foot on my brake and he started pushing me down the road with his bull bar. I was in a small car and he was in a four-wheel drive,” the victim of the incident alleged.


“I’m going to come and kill you”

“Then I got out of the car and said ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

“He got out as well and he said ‘I know where you live and I’m going to come and kill you and your children and rape and kill your wife’.

“He poked me and pushed me and I pushed him away.”

The driver of the small car said the offender said ‘let’s go’ and clearly wanted to fight with him but he said he was calling the police and the offender drove away.

“He took off into the roadworks and drove into oncoming traffic.”

The driver later called the police and said they came around and took his statement.

“I think he [the 4WD driver] was trying to intimidate me not to get police involved but he picked the wrong person,” he said.


Concerns police have been slow to take action

However, the victim of the road rage incident has been concerned that police have been slow to take action on the issue even though he has contacted them again.

“It’s been two weeks on Thursday since it happened and I haven’t heard anything,” he said.

“It’s concerning that a road rage incident that could have been a hell of a lot worse has been such a low priority in the police’s eyes.”

The man said that his anxiety “has been through the roof” since the incident and that he has “some old conditions that have flared up again from the collision”.

“I’m stuck doing light duties because my lower back’s too sore not to.”


Victim’s message: ‘Just chill the hell out’

He is also concerned about the amount of road rage in Canberra and had the following message for these drivers:

“Just chill the hell out. Take a deep breath, you will get there on time.”

ACT Policing said police received reports of the road rage incident about 6:10 pm on 7 February.

“Investigations into this incident are ongoing, and as such we are unable to comment further,” an ACT Policing spokesperson said.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident or who may have dash cam footage of the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website.”

Police said that information can be provided anonymously but please quote reference 6361260.

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51 Responses to Driver rammed twice and given death threats in Kaleen road rage incident
Sammi Southwell Sammi Southwell 8:40 am 22 Feb 19

The term Road rage sickens me, it’s nothing more than a name glorifying obnoxious behaviour.

Mike Glew Mike Glew 6:04 pm 21 Feb 19

I think it must be something with *some* 4WD owners. I overtook a 4WD because he was holding up traffic (another lane, nothing untoward). The guy followed me to my home and started yelling at me when I got out of my car. Suffice to say, I told him where to go. This (mis) behaviour is not ok.

If I think your driving is c@#p, I’ll say something to myself in private and leave it at that. I’ve got nothing to prove.

The chap who rammed this poor defenceless guy will get a big surprise one day when he tries the same trick and gets beaten to a pulp by the occupants of the car. And rightly so. Karma baby.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:49 pm 20 Feb 19

I saw that some commenters have mentioned car cams, and corresponding levels of police underinvolvement.

You don’t need to have a car cam, and this should not dissuade you from approaching the police if you have a crime to report. We should also not be ‘collectively advising’ otherwise. I have every expectation that if anybody has reported a crime of the nature that has been described that of course it will be taken seriously by police and investigated thoroughly. Give them an extra 5 minutes to look up the number plate which they would have to do anyway.

I’m wondering though, while it is ok for the police to respond that investigations are ongoing, are they able to answer what degree of investigations and manpower they have allocated to resolving it back to the person who registered the complaint ?

That would give the complainer the ammunition to discuss the issue with their local MLA in the context of adequately funded police services.

Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 9:44 am 20 Feb 19

You have to wonder what's going on in their lives that people are so pissed off that someone's driving can trigger them.

Kathy Druce Kathy Druce 8:03 am 20 Feb 19

Kaleen is a hotbed of passion

Penelope Wise Penelope Wise 11:01 pm 19 Feb 19

Wtf?! What is wrong with people?!

bigred bigred 10:38 pm 19 Feb 19

I really feel sorry for this good citizen who has been subject to a unprovoked criminal assault. The perpetrator should by now be before the courts. Sadly, the very presence of a motor vehicle as part of the assault seems to result in minimal effort by our finest. This ambivalence I will never understand.

I witnessed a similar incident a couple of years ago, the method of assault was very similar and there was quite a few credible witnesses present. The police response was pathetic and in effect validated the perpetrator’s behaviour. I am wondering if it is the same person.

I notice another correspondent suggests we consider alternative policing arrangements. I agree, because the current lot are hardly fit for purpose.

Mark Boyd Mark Boyd 10:23 pm 19 Feb 19

There does seem to be a high number of drivers in Canberra with an overinflated sense of entitlement or who just don’t understand the road rules.

    Leanne Hackett Leanne Hackett 11:26 am 20 Feb 19

    I have been a victim of road rage. It is just terrifying. The police seem to be too busy to worry too much about it though.

    Craig Barrell Craig Barrell 2:22 pm 20 Feb 19

    Mark Boyd those drivers are called Assistant or deputy commissioners

Aura Phetrix Aura Phetrix 3:57 pm 19 Feb 19

What the frack is going on in Kaleen?!! Seriously the world has gone flippin nuts!

Annette Spink Annette Spink 2:19 pm 19 Feb 19

i have noticed lately people do not toot their horns anymore in case retaliation.

Jessica Dalton Jessica Dalton 1:37 pm 19 Feb 19

Christina Knight maybe the same person???

    Christina Knight Christina Knight 4:09 pm 19 Feb 19

    Jessica Dalton I read this and thought the exact same thing! 🤬

Gary Fynmore Gary Fynmore 12:59 pm 19 Feb 19

The latest trend in bad driving in Canberra is ppl who leave an unnecessary distance between the car in front while stationary at traffic lights. The worst I've seen is 2 car lengths with 1 car length approaching the norm. This trend is impeaping traffic flow particularly during peak times. Two meters is more than sufficient.

Drive like that in Sydney and you are begging to become involved in a road rage incident.

Michael Daniel Michael Daniel 11:53 am 19 Feb 19

Sam Tubey wot wot?

    Sam Tubey Sam Tubey 11:56 am 19 Feb 19

    Michael Daniel that Steve Johnson must of been out

Anne Bruce Anne Bruce 10:45 am 19 Feb 19

Angry people I’ve been raged several times in Canberra it’s scary impatience maybe drugs who knows not a great experience no fun to drive there that’s for sure 😢😡😢

Deborah Kaye Deborah Kaye 10:01 am 19 Feb 19

These last few days in Canberra has been like a Mad Max movie - have had people not giving way, cutting people off and one person was actually driving on the wrong side of the road.

    Martyn Noakes Martyn Noakes 10:58 am 20 Feb 19

    It's the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Liam Frilay Liam Frilay 8:26 am 19 Feb 19

James Butz time to calm down fella

Natalie Segaert Natalie Segaert 8:13 am 19 Feb 19

The road rage in this town has got a bit out of hand - it no longer matters if you’re doing (or even slightly exceeding) the speed limit, sticking to the left lane and indicating as appropriate - you WILL get tail-gated, swerved aggressively around then brake-checked and/or verbally abused at some stage during the day.

It’s less of a risk for me when I’m in my 4x4 but I also ride a scooter and people don’t seem to realise (or care??) that they could actually kill someone with their driving behaviour. All I can say is I hope their rage is slow-burning to keen them warm in prison when they’re arrested for vehicular manslaughter!

Alex Kratzel Alex Kratzel 8:04 am 19 Feb 19

So glad I'm no longer living in Canberra anymore and having to deal with agro drivers every day of the week!

Bek Clark Bek Clark 6:54 am 19 Feb 19

That’s concerning

Paul Baverstock Paul Baverstock 6:25 am 19 Feb 19

This is why we need a police force separate to AFP

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