Giralang yields 6kg of weed and guns

johnboy 23 February 2007 16

The AFP have announced that on Wednesday they kicked down the right door in Giralang (or maybe every door in Giralang is the right one?) and discovered:

“14 large cannabis plants which were being grown in the rear yard of the premises, along with two rifles and other smaller quantities of cannabis seed and plant”

Two 24 year old men are now looking for a good lawyer.

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16 Responses to Giralang yields 6kg of weed and guns
Maelinar Maelinar 11:55 am 26 Feb 07

RA going to show up to do a marketplace interview ?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 10:51 am 26 Feb 07

They got some dope and some guns off the street. Good on ’em.

So, VG: what price do you guys onsell the gear for?

vg vg 7:24 pm 24 Feb 07


There’s so many people here who know all about Police procedures, but know nothing about them. Makes for a good chuckle

smack smack 8:34 pm 23 Feb 07

Also, the cops aren’t proping their figures, they just weigh its according to legislation. I am also told the Gov labs are the ones who give the official weight to the court, not the cops!

smack smack 5:06 pm 23 Feb 07


Check Drug of Dependance act. The roots are not weighed. The stems and everything else is.

Danman Danman 4:02 pm 23 Feb 07

Cops always weight roots stems and etc – helps prop their figures up.

Thumper Thumper 3:43 pm 23 Feb 07

Dare I say it that I’m quite happy a couple of illegal rifles have been taken off the street, whether by accident or by tip off.

shauno shauno 3:24 pm 23 Feb 07

Plus i dare say that the weight of 6kg is the mass of the whole plants. No way in the world does the commercial part of the plant which are the heads equal 6kg from 14 plants. Usually really good hydro home grown plants would make about 5 to 6 ounces dried each if that. So that would be around 4/1/2 pounds or less then 2kg. And thats if its good quality and well looked after and ready to harvest. Ounces go for around 300 or so. So lets say 21,000 at the most but more likely 10k to 15k after you take out personal smoke and f*,%k ups. haha So ive been told lol

justbands justbands 2:46 pm 23 Feb 07

They always inflate the values when they make a bust…real value is NEVER what they claim.

snahon snahon 2:34 pm 23 Feb 07

Goes to show how little I know of ‘the going rate’ since I would never have thought 14 plants had a value of 50-60K

Danman Danman 2:25 pm 23 Feb 07

64000 dollars is not much in the big picture – but its a lot of pot to have on hand.

Unregistered firearms are probably more of a concern yes, but I bet that was just a lucky catch

Thumper Thumper 2:21 pm 23 Feb 07

I would suggest that rifles are more of a worry….

justbands justbands 2:08 pm 23 Feb 07

You’re counting 14 plants as a striking blow? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s the biggest laugh I’ve had all week. 14 plants is NOTHING. I’ve witnessed police give nothing more than a warning for 20 plants in the past. Must be a slow crime week. They’ll be in more trouble for the guns I suspect, and rightly so.

Al Al 1:30 pm 23 Feb 07

D’oh! Amber Jane.

Al Al 12:53 pm 23 Feb 07

And so dries up Amber Lynne’s supply line…

Danman Danman 11:02 am 23 Feb 07

According to the Illicit Drug data Report ( freely available via This link that was a stiking blow worth between $53571 and $64285 if sold in ounces. Blow that figure way if sold as deals.

Quite a worthy striking blow methinks – props out to ACT Policing.

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