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How soft are our bikies?

By johnboy - 26 March 2009 147

There’s a lot of talk about the bikie threat at the moment.

Media, Government, and the Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs all have their own interests in talking up the menace.

Which seems to miss the point that in Tuesday’s excitement it was the bikies who wound up dead.

(Bear in mind in the Downer murders it was the bikie associated Struan Bolas who went down as well.)

As far as we can tell, and without in any way pre-empting the trial, two older bikers Richard Roberts and Gregory Carrigan, aged 57 and 48, went to the house of the young Russell Field (aged 20) to cause trouble and are now in the morgue. In many an action movie one could imagine Russell Field as the hero of the piece.

Rather than anti-biker laws do we need to declare them a protected species? Or do we need a second gang in town to harden them up with some competition?

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147 Responses to
How soft are our bikies?
grundy 10:12 am 26 Mar 09

“In tomorrows news, local ‘Blog’ writer, John Boy, found shot dead outside All Bar Nun…

…13 bikie gang members died in the process.”

deezagood 10:04 am 26 Mar 09

old canberran said :

Don’t forget, the main source of income for most bikie gangs is from the manufacture and sale of amphetamines.

Perhaps most, but not necessarily all.

deezagood 10:03 am 26 Mar 09

Thumper said :

People here are mistaking bikies and bikers.

Nope – I’m talking about bikies ie. ‘a motorcyclist, with connotations of gang affiliation’

old canberran 10:00 am 26 Mar 09

Don’t forget, the main source of income for most bikie gangs is from the manufacture and sale of amphetamines.

dvaey 9:58 am 26 Mar 09

While we’re throwing a blanket over some generalised groups, lets outlaw kids, lawyers, politicians, and journalists. Ive been affected by members of those 4 categories *WAY* more than my life has been affected by bikies. The difference is that in general, bikies have other activities away from their bikie mates. I know several ‘bikies’ who are just family guys with a hobby. I dont know any lawyers or politicians who dont devote 100% of their time/energy to serve their interest.

Thumper 9:58 am 26 Mar 09

People here are mistaking bikies and bikers.

deezagood 9:57 am 26 Mar 09

Hilarious (and brave!) post JB. I agree with PeterH, of course not all bikies are bad; many of the groups actively raise money for charity each year or contribute to other worthy causes(eg. the annual police versus bikies Redcross blood drive). Bikies are often the first to stop and help people in trouble on the side of the road too.

Thumper 9:53 am 26 Mar 09

It’s a simple matter of putting after market pipes on them, or smashing the baffles out of the existing pipes.

I used to do this to old XV1000 twins. Made them sound like rolling thunder 😉

ant 9:46 am 26 Mar 09

Harleys don’t come loud… they are made loud. If every loud bike was defected, and re-defected, and the third strike it was impounded, that would see an end to this stupid situation that the bike-people play.

I find the noise of a bike with the loud pipes on to be physically painful, although I agree a 2-stroke dirt bike is also crazy-loud.

But this loud bike thing is just an annoying example of the whole attitude, the crap they get away with. This, plus any criminal activities, needs to be kicked to the kerb.

Starscream @ work 9:45 am 26 Mar 09


what a cack of a topic, jb. i actually LOLLED. IDK if you were intentionly being humerous or not but its awsome.

i voted for them to get prosecuted as and when thety commit crimes aswell.

peterh 9:42 am 26 Mar 09

Bikies are the same as any other social group. there are bad ones, really, really scary bad guys, and there are good ones.

Some gang members hold down real jobs, others don’t. There are several guys i know who are members of various gangs throughout australia, and I have relatives who are in gangs, but they are just a group of guys who love to ride their hogs. They don’t fit the persona of the bikies that you see on TV, or in movies. They ride hogs, they are covered in tatts, and they do charity work.

Why tar all bikies with the same brush? because anyone who is covered with tatts, rides a harley and has some sort of facial hair must be evil… Didn’t your mother tell you?

DJ 9:42 am 26 Mar 09

C’mon people, bikies are people too. They are people that have a reputation that is based on fear and tall tales. In my experience, most win their fights from behind and unless they are in a group they regularly show about as much spine as jellyfish.

All that hair and those tattoos… well, nowdays everybody has tattoos and bad hair can be seen on any emo kid. A loud bike, or several of them? Anybody with a few $$ can make even a postie bike loud but as for Harleys… I’d rather a reliable Honda or Ducatti thanks.

All that being said, some are regular family people who made a choice earlier in their lives and stuck to it regarless of changes in circumstances. Some are even decent people but those are the ones you would never know were bikies.

We as a society would be much better off without them…. the hook is baited and ready.

Ralph 9:41 am 26 Mar 09

At least we don’t have Lebanese Muslim bikies.

jakez 9:41 am 26 Mar 09

You think Harley’s are loud?

They’ve got nothing on the high pitched squealing of a dirt bike.

I find Harley’s to be quite an appealing and mellow sound actually.

I answered that they should be prosecuted if and when they commit a violent crime, as should apply to all people.

ant 9:36 am 26 Mar 09

Bikies irritate me. They swagger about and it appears the law doesn’t apply to them… every ear-splitting motorbike is testament to that. Loud bikes are OK so long as the person on them might be a member of a bikie gang… so what else are they getting away with?

I hope the current hysteria means that they will receive the attention from law enforcement that they merit, and their various law-breaking activities, be it criminal or just anti-social, are acted upon.

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