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Images of Canberra: ACT Memorial

By Kerces 6 September 2006 17

In Civic this morning I noticed the fences around where the light-up cube used to be had gone and in the cube’s place was this quite nice sculpture.

It turns out this is the ACT Memorial for which money was allocated in the May budget. The glass ball in the centre looks like it may light up at night, and is sitting on a ring of lights with what I presume are meaningful words inscribed on them.

Embracing this ball are two metal lattices which reminded me of flames, particularly with their wavy tops. Apparently they represent the feathers of the dove of peace.

And finally, walking around the other side I discovered that this isn’t just any memorial, it’s a 21st century one — with its very own website!

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Images of Canberra: ACT Memorial
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Mal 11:01 pm 08 Sep 06

The cube replaced with a sphere…

Frankly, I’m surprised that no-one’s accused the government of cutting corners.

bonfire 11:34 am 07 Sep 06

we should start a ‘bring back the cube’ movement.

public rallies.

get ‘resistance’ involved.


the cube back!

wendowewannit ?

as soon as feasibly possible considering fiscal problems in the acts budget!

terubo 11:00 am 07 Sep 06

simto, the first thing that occurred to me about this one, was how it looks particularly vulnerable to vandals…just wait for some drunken joker to try climbing it. Doesn’t look like it would take much weight towards the top…
Oh, and that’s after they’ve kicked in the globe part.

Thumper 10:56 am 07 Sep 06

I think it was on RA a few months ago?

And I’l be off to the Globe in about May, I hope…

simto 10:54 am 07 Sep 06

And to drag this back on topic – I vaguely remember that the glowy-soundy-cube was being moved to somewhere a bit less vulnerable to passing vandals – does anybody know where that was going to be?

simto 10:53 am 07 Sep 06

And the Globe theatre is in London (on roughly the site where the original one was), on the Thames – not too far from the Tate Modern.

The theatres in Stratford are the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Swan and The Other place – well, they were up until this year, when they started renovating the main theatres, which meant that The Other Place is now a bigger venue hosting a Henry VI-a-thon, and the other two are getting a renovation done.

Yes, I was there earlier this year. And I really should stop skiting about it…

bonfire 10:50 am 07 Sep 06

So where has the cube gone ?

Thumper 8:35 am 07 Sep 06

Um, that would be ‘Globe’

Thumper 8:35 am 07 Sep 06

No, the Glode (TM)is in Stratford on Avon.

Apparently it’s quite an experience to see a play there as it is still an open arena, until a jumbo jet flies over…

Spitfire3 5:05 pm 06 Sep 06

So are we going to have a nightclub called ‘Globe’ opening up nearby soon?

I think the sculpture looks good.

Geoffco 1:03 pm 06 Sep 06

OK so that didn’t work.

Try this for the ACT Memorial at night

Geoffco 1:02 pm 06 Sep 06

At night it looks like this:

threeze 12:55 pm 06 Sep 06

i walked past this a week or so ago and there was gaffer tape holding the globe together as it looked like someone had put a steelcap into it.

Thumper 12:40 pm 06 Sep 06

Ah… now I understand totally…

I like it. I think the government should be commended for putting it in place.

snahon 12:37 pm 06 Sep 06

it means that architecturally we are moving from cubic sharped edged structures to a more dynamic era of smooth lines and surfaces that concentrate the feng shui in a more positive holisitic energy emcompassing chi. The two lattices represent the fluid dynamic theorems applied to the physical structures that modern buildings are starting to embrace. The ‘caged’ aspect of these lattices hint to past architectural eras whereby people were caged or ‘boxed’ in, in those older buildings 🙂

Thumper 12:30 pm 06 Sep 06

Okay, I just read it website and it seems a fair enough acquisition to me.

And it does look pretty good. If the sun would come out I’d stroll over and have a look.

Thumper 12:12 pm 06 Sep 06


So our lighted cube has been replaced by a cage globe.

What does this all mean?

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