Images of Canberra: Macarthur and Northbourne Avenues

Kerces 23 January 2007 12

If you’re going to wash windows, you might as well do it in style.

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12 Responses to Images of Canberra: Macarthur and Northbourne Avenues
Manny Manny 3:26 pm 24 Jan 07

No plug, I just know they employ window cleaners, as my partner use to also work there! Sorry wasnt intended to plug any company! Lol, didnt even think of that!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:41 pm 24 Jan 07

“City Group” – that’s a big plug there, Manny.

I once worked for those tossers!

Manny Manny 1:09 pm 24 Jan 07

Window washers are wankers, I hate the way they drip their stupid squeedgee over my window, and then claim they have a JOB! If they want to clean windows for a living Im sure City Group would give them real windows to clean, not pestering me at the lights!

assailant assailant 9:17 am 24 Jan 07

how can you people like window washers??? I usually end up at the petrol station immediately after washing off the crap they have just spread all over my windscreen – double the use of water for no purpose!

Danman Danman 7:37 am 24 Jan 07

I wonder how it held up after the rain last night.
That guy is going to have a bad case of swamp arse today

Meconium Meconium 1:59 am 24 Jan 07

i’m not sure, but i think there might be a set of traffic lights somewhere in the central canberra area that still doesn’t have a window washer at it. come on you enterprising young men, what are you waiting for?

ps notice they’re all men? why?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:23 pm 23 Jan 07

Those window washer men are angels from heaven.

I wish the car manufacturers would invent a device that upon a press of a button, squirts a measured dose of water onto the windscreen and then activates the washers, thus cleaning the windscreen.

Thus negating the need for these intersection bound windscreen washers.

I live in hope.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:28 pm 23 Jan 07

It’s the one Latham smashed over the head of his campaign manager.

johnboy johnboy 7:41 pm 23 Jan 07

certainly a very similar design Kimba.

kimba kimba 5:37 pm 23 Jan 07

I am sure that chair comes from Parliament House

golden_youth golden_youth 5:06 pm 23 Jan 07

haha, window washers are becoming very popular, especially southside…there are two on the same set of lights on hindmarsh drive – competing!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:32 pm 23 Jan 07

I wonder if water restrictions apply to these guys?

Oh, hang on, they only change the water once a week, so I guess they’re not breaking any restrictions! 🙂

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