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Incident at Civic on 18.06.2007

By Madman 19 August 2007 18

Does anyone have any information to what happened at around lunchtime on Saturday 18th August just outside the grog shop and opporto on Bunda Street…?

I saw alot of police there that put police line around the scene of the chair out the front and was talking to a male sitting on that seat. Also there was a few ambulance in attendance and the scene was locked down for quite some time…

I also noted that there was a large pool of blood on the ground….

Would be interseting if anyone knew the full story!

What’s Your opinion?

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Incident at Civic on 18.06.2007
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What a fruit loop – I love this town. Seriously, though, if someone is running around shouting with a meat cleaver in each hand, get out of the way. Alternatively, make your life more exhilarating by yelling a few smartarse remarks, THEN run away.

Mr Evil 3:03 pm 20 Aug 07

Mummy’s probably been wondering why her Valium supply seems to run out so quickly, and at the same time why little Bertie has been spending so much of his time sharpening the meat cleavers in the garage.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:30 pm 20 Aug 07

give the kid a break, he was dealing but the buyer didn’t pay.. the buyer should be thankful he wasn’t dealing with dealers who carry guns instead of meat cleavers.

madman 2:15 pm 20 Aug 07
madman 1:56 pm 20 Aug 07

Wow….. Meat cleavers!!!! That’s crazy!!!

Well that explains the blood! How is the homeless man going to beg now with no fingers?!

asp 1:53 pm 20 Aug 07

Civic is getting a litte out of control. The homeless hobos target women walking through Garema Place (not men usually) and I’ve had to step in on occassion. Last week at lunch time, there were some crazy demented people in the bus interchange repeating the word “tanbark” over and over again and drawing on the collumns of the buildings with crayon. Why is it that places like Southbank in Melbourne, with all he hussel and bussle and hobos can be so nice, yet Garema Place is like a 3rd world place sometimes?

Gungahlin Al 1:47 pm 20 Aug 07

I blame George Gregan.

Mr Evil 12:58 pm 20 Aug 07

Yes, maybe I should have posted his name as Butt Man instead????

Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:49 pm 20 Aug 07

perhaps buttman could help the protesters at fyshwick. He has the nickname for it.

Mr Evil 12:16 pm 20 Aug 07

Buttman? You mean the guy who always wears a raincoat – even in Summer – and is often arguing with himself while riding around on an old racing bike?

mediagirl 11:43 am 20 Aug 07

The guy he attacked was the homeless guy who always walks around Civic picking up cigarette butts.

Mr Evil 10:08 am 20 Aug 07

Well, no doubt he’ll be put on a 12 month good behaviour bond, and back out and about in society within a few weeks.

Avacry 9:12 am 20 Aug 07

I blame computer games, heavy metal music, market freefall, John Howard, religion, workchoices, Shane Warne, global warming, and continental drift.

S4anta 8:44 am 20 Aug 07

god bless first person multi-weapon shooters, illict drugs and the simple minded.

fhakk 8:19 am 20 Aug 07

Yeah it was around 2ish, he’s a 17 year old armed with two meat cleavers. Should appear in court today. No idea who he attacked but he’s charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm. Which isn’t hard, considering he was swinging meat cleavers around.

Pandy 7:57 am 20 Aug 07

And it was a youth.

I blame the parents you know.

herbert 6:16 am 20 Aug 07

A rogue was wielding meat cleavers and attacking passersby, according to ABC 666.

asp 11:03 pm 19 Aug 07

I don’t know, so I’ll blame it on communism.
What… that’s what we did in the 80s and it worked.

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