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Krispy Kreme at Westfield Woden

By OzChick 31 March 2006 16

I got this email at work today…

A first for Canberra and an exciting offer from Krispy Kreme! We will give away 5,000 Original Glazed doughnuts outside our new location, and first store to be opened in Canberra on Tuesday the 11th April from 8am. Tell your friends, tell your family that the place to be is Westfield Woden, but be quick…the question remains how long does it take to eat 5,000 doughnuts? Come along and find out. Send this email on to your friends, there will be plenty for all to enjoy!

You will find the Krispy Kreme team and 5,000 Original Glazed doughnuts at Westfield Woden, Restaurant strip adjacent to Corinna Street entrance. Don’t miss out!

Hmmm… I’d imagine that there are going to be massive crowds there in Woden on that weekend, I will probably go there for the freebie though.

What’s Your opinion?

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Krispy Kreme at Westfield Woden
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nick 11:26 am 30 Jul 07

It’s actually crack, not just cocaine – it is powdered fine and sprinkled on top.

wonsworld 3:01 pm 04 Apr 06

Damn your sarcasm Chalker! I have been sitting here trying to figure out how Tuesday the 11th was a day off…

OzChick 2:37 pm 04 Apr 06

I just heard on 104.7 that the Woden KK store isn’t officially opening until June. The 5000 donut giveaway is just a promo.

toriness 3:43 pm 03 Apr 06

i am not usually even into donuts but damn i love those original glazed krispy kremes…i agree with schmerica, there be drugs in dem donuts!

Chalker 3:22 pm 03 Apr 06

I didn’t realise that Tuesday was part of the weekend. Damn, I’ve been going to work that day this whole time.

Slinky the Shocker 3:06 pm 03 Apr 06

To be flushed down with the golden freshness of a Duff!

Indi 2:59 pm 03 Apr 06

this statement about the KK would make Homer proud:

Out of the oil, and through a thin waterfall of sweet glaze, the fluffy hoops of delight were then placed in flat boxes or set neatly in display trays.

Slinky the Shocker 2:41 pm 03 Apr 06

After I had witnessed a similar craze in Canada when Krispy came got introduced in 2002, I did some research on Saturday… Basically what the Krispys do is a very simple marketing trick: They make every opening a media event (works, as can be seen on RiotACT). Also, they keep their shop numbers low and spread false rumours of shop openings that leave disappointed customers who lose out – on just a damn donut. Google for “Krispy Kreme”+buzz+marketing and you shall see that you fell for a simple trick!

Indi 12:49 pm 03 Apr 06

a necessary part of any diet…if you wish to head for an early grave.

b2 11:13 pm 01 Apr 06

recently there was a heap of hype in melb about krispy kreme opening a store…but the store turned out to be a ‘pop-up sjop’ i.e. turns up for a few days then disappears again.

so maybe this is that again…it seems very unlikely that a store would open in canberra before somewhere like melbourne considering how close we are to sydney.

schmerica 2:00 pm 01 Apr 06

*blush* I quite like them… I find them nice. But I swear they are coated in cocaine because they are damn addictive. The only reason I try not to eat them is because you have to run a marathon to burn off the fat after two!

Absent Diane 10:46 am 01 Apr 06

Very overrated.. thay are a donut for F#@k sake

Slinky the Shocker 8:04 pm 31 Mar 06

I think they taste like pure fat. There’s nothing better than a fresh donut, fried in fresh oil, but these things are terrible…

schmerica 6:42 pm 31 Mar 06

I think its more the novelty that you can’t get them here… Thats about to change, so I guess the hype will die down soon.

dr. faustus 6:29 pm 31 Mar 06

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that Krispy Kreme is massively overrated?

I was aware of them from trips to the US (I always preferred Dunkin Donuts over there, personally), but it wasn’t until I got to Canberra that I first became aware of the whole ‘Krispy Kreme drive’ phenomenon.

I certainly wouldn’t travel to Sydney for any donut, and I doubt I’d travel to Woden for a Krispy Kreme.

Slinky the Shocker 5:02 pm 31 Mar 06

Does it come with a free spew-bag?

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