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skerbo 16 February 2009 38

Just need to vent and ask the community a question really.

NSW firefighters returned home the other day from the Victorian fires and were welcomed at the Sydney airport by supporting onlookers and Ministers.

Well done to the NSW firefighters, what a great job!

My question is though…..100 of our local firefighters returned home the other day and another lot due back anytime now, why aren’t we showing our support to these people?

[ED – At a guess our Government didn’t seize the opportunity for a happy clappy media opportunity]

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38 Responses to Local Firefighters
skerbo skerbo 12:08 pm 18 Feb 09


Bill Quinn Bill Quinn 12:08 pm 18 Feb 09

Yeah, sorry skerbo, I know it’s a bit off topic. But it’s related to questions posed about the Canberra Cares concert above, so I was just expanding on the theme. (From about #3 onwards.)

Where am I going? Where are we going?

Check out the web pages and find out! Happy to see you at one of our events.

johnboy johnboy 12:07 pm 18 Feb 09

Let’s all just take the information we can from Bill’s offtopic posting and move on shall we?

skerbo skerbo 11:58 am 18 Feb 09

Bill im confused….where were u going with those posts?

Bill Quinn Bill Quinn 11:55 am 18 Feb 09

Canberra 5M2M Bushfire Response * Choir *

Yikes, paging Doctor Freud!

Ok, here’s one link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=51279914339&ref=ts

Bill Quinn Bill Quinn 11:45 am 18 Feb 09

Hi. I’m a local business person (and a Canberra lifer — give or take a year or a few months in other cities/countries) who’s now working closely with the Red Cross and a stack of local music venues to raise awareness of the ongoing impacts of this tragedy through music and song.

We’re not so much of a bucket-rattling brigade as a quick, ‘Did you know that the Red Cross delivers 120,000 meals a week in Canberra and still needs to do all that plus its other stuff while supporting the bushfire campaign as well? Have a brochure and come and chat to us by the bar. Now here’s Ben Drysdale with a few songs, and coming up next, DJ and the Karismakatz.’

And then there’s this:

Having organised the Finale Choir in the Canberra Cares concert on the weekend (see the link above, or page 5 of Sunday’s Canberra Times), I’ve now developed a new initiative.

It’s the ‘Canberra 5M2M Bushfire Response Brigade’.

What is it? What does 5M2M mean?

Go have a search on blogspot, Facebook, YouTube, or just the internet and all will or may become clearer.

Peterh, don’t blurt out the answer about the 5M2M, yeah? Just because it got you a point in trivia, you can’t go giving away my trade secrets.

We have a couple of anthems already that you can read about on Facebook and soon on blogspot. One is ‘Time is a Tempest’ which we sang in Garema Place, and I’m overheard a few people say they now can’t get the song out of their head. Apparently Virginia Haussegger and Mark Carmody were bantering on air about it the other night. These two were just a few of my star-studded and pulled from the side of the stage, last minute chorus.

Another one is ‘Long Way Home’ by The Wells. Again, there are links to all of these on the Facebook site or you can have a quick zip through Myspace for ‘cloudstreet’ or ‘The Wells’, both based in South East Queensland.

I’m working on Canberra. Slowly.

And all of this was inspired by the ‘International Sing Wherever You Go Day’ which happens on Thursday 26 February 2009.

Not much time, but I have some leave from my day job for a couple of reasons, and well, I don’t sleep much.

Cheers, Bill Quinn

skerbo skerbo 9:12 am 18 Feb 09

Understandable. I hope that the media can actually for once respect a mourning families wishes.

peterh peterh 8:53 am 18 Feb 09

the family have asked that the name not be released, and that the media respect their wishes.

skerbo skerbo 8:42 am 18 Feb 09

That is just horrible, thoughts and prayers to his family.
Has the Media released a name yet?

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 6:55 am 18 Feb 09

A terrible tragedy that add’s to the overall death toll. I understand the desperation felt by those who live in the area in trying to get back to their homes but I hope they now understand that the police are keeping them away for their own safety, amongst other things – like investigating the cause of the fires.

The family have my and my family’s sincere condolences.

ant ant 6:11 am 18 Feb 09

What terrible news. Very, very sad indeed.

peter@home peter@home 11:40 pm 17 Feb 09

my thoughts are with his family.

Granny Granny 11:31 pm 17 Feb 09

That is just so sad.

el el 10:58 pm 17 Feb 09
Ian Ian 10:46 pm 17 Feb 09

Just reported on Ten news that an ACT firefighter has been killed.

poptop poptop 10:46 pm 17 Feb 09

Tragic news.

Sympathy to all who loved him.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:40 pm 17 Feb 09

I just heard on Sky News that a Canberra fireman has lost his life fighting the fires in Victoria.

Thoughts and respects to his family and friends. 🙁

planeguy planeguy 6:49 pm 17 Feb 09


as an SES vollie, can I reiterate the call not to forget about the other agencies not mentioned. I personally reckon that the hardest jobs in this (and most) disasters falls to the welfare agencies – those who have to be in for the lon haul, once the fire is out and the building’s roof tarped.

So a big thanks to Salvos, Red Cross, CWA, Rotary, Lions etc….

skerbo skerbo 8:42 am 17 Feb 09

canberracapital said :

The 4th taskforce will be leaving soon to go to Victoria. I think everyone needs to remember that it is not just firies that are going. Everytime I watch the news they mention firies coming home and going to vic. Let’s not forget that from the ACT there is Rural Fire Service, ACT Fire Brigade, ACT State Emergency Service, Emergency Services Agency (ESA) Risk Management, ESA Mapping and ESA Workshops/Mechanical.

Lets not also forget the SAES (Salvation Army Emergency Services) which keep all those people mentioned fed!

Thumper Thumper 3:28 am 17 Feb 09

Excellent work by all involved..

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