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Oh Canberra What Hast Thou Done?

By johnboy 14 September 2007 97

Let’s face it, with very few exceptions the ACT Legislative Assembly are not the most attractive group we’ll ever see.

And frankly Canberra, it’s all your fault for electing the ugly buggers.

Plenty of attractive people ran at the last election and mostly you failed to vote for them.

Megan Purcell for the Liberals was notable at the time and now it turns out that she’s moonlighting as a Bundy promotional girl, when not pursuing her high flying career, having turned into a rather spectacular blonde.

Megan Purcell

Not to worry, she’s all set to run again next year so you can remedy your error and add some sparkle to local politics.

Not wishing to be partisan, RiotACT encourages any other easy-on-the eye candidates to send their photographs in for consideration, regardless of their political, sexual, or gender persuasion.

More vinyl in the London Circuit Soviet we say!

What’s Your opinion?

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97 Responses to
Oh Canberra What Hast Thou Done?
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Cameron 11:46 am 21 Sep 07

Because I tell you to? No. But because that’s what children usually do.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:45 am 21 Sep 07

..and before Fluges tries to make a school-boy reply regarding my spelling mistake; I meant to say member, not mamber.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:42 am 21 Sep 07

Seems like Fluges has sand in his vagina of life. This is what happens to people when they are a mamber of the minority.

Fluges 11:34 am 21 Sep 07

Why? Because you tell me to? Where do you fascists get off?

Cameron 11:05 am 21 Sep 07

Wow. What was it I said half a page ago? Ah yes: Run along.

Fluges 10:59 am 21 Sep 07

Dunno, you’d have to ask Team Rodent. Objectively, you’d have to say they’ve overdosed on nasty pills.

Thumper 10:35 am 21 Sep 07

Ah, nothing like a totally objective view of the world hey?

Fluges 10:07 am 21 Sep 07

Yeah, well, if I ever meet a lib for whom I could have some respect, I might stop taking the nasty pills.

Thumper 8:44 am 21 Sep 07

“What exactly do you think the word ‘incessant’ means Thumper?”

Ah, I think you’ve made it adequately clear what it means.


Fluges 8:23 am 21 Sep 07

Hey, I’ve been spraying libs since Menzies was PM. I’m not a member of the ALP and, if you want to question my motives, they’re not complicated: libs are stupid, horrible people and I detest ’em. Simple really. In this case, I was induced to have a look at your local lib websites and they’re so typically pathetic, I was provoked to comment.

Thumper 7:59 am 21 Sep 07

Shhh, Kramer, everyone will want to get on the bandwagon 🙂

I’m not Liberal, I’m anti Stanhope!

Cameron 12:18 am 21 Sep 07

hah! Touche.

Kramer 11:05 pm 20 Sep 07

Thumper & Cameron are beginning to sound like Liberal plants… Wait a minute – aren’t you guys on the Liberal Party payroll?

Cameron 9:44 pm 20 Sep 07

Let’s see… first post in a thread debating the merits of Megan Purcell and other candidates/politicians wearing such outfits, and you choose you spray the libs for no apparent reason.

One can be forgiven for questioning your motives given the nature of your unprovoked spray.

Johnboy: Hey all, checkout this former candidate. Hot or not?
Some: Not.
Some: Hot.
Some: Classmates.
Some: Better than politician X.
Fluges: Anti-liberal spray.


Fluges 8:17 pm 20 Sep 07

Of course it was an ant-liberal spray, I don’t deny that. The point is: because the post in question was my first post on this site, I can hardly be accused of “being (sic) to sound like an ALP plant with [my] incessant anti Lib stance.”

God, you libs are dumb …

Mr Evil 12:37 pm 20 Sep 07

Actually, I’ve always imagined Foskey more in the bag-lady kinda plastic coat and gumboots.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:12 pm 20 Sep 07

PS – really, really sorry for the imagery.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:11 pm 20 Sep 07

Will we be seeing pictures of Deb Foskey in a similar outfit in the name of RA being politically impartial?

Thumper 12:10 pm 20 Sep 07

“Useless, stupid, lazy, ignorant, vacant, lying twits, all of ‘em. All libs are detestable, Megan included”

Does this ring a bell?


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