14 September 2007

Oh Canberra What Hast Thou Done?

| johnboy
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Let’s face it, with very few exceptions the ACT Legislative Assembly are not the most attractive group we’ll ever see.

And frankly Canberra, it’s all your fault for electing the ugly buggers.

Plenty of attractive people ran at the last election and mostly you failed to vote for them.

Megan Purcell for the Liberals was notable at the time and now it turns out that she’s moonlighting as a Bundy promotional girl, when not pursuing her high flying career, having turned into a rather spectacular blonde.

Megan Purcell

Not to worry, she’s all set to run again next year so you can remedy your error and add some sparkle to local politics.

Not wishing to be partisan, RiotACT encourages any other easy-on-the eye candidates to send their photographs in for consideration, regardless of their political, sexual, or gender persuasion.

More vinyl in the London Circuit Soviet we say!

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Because I tell you to? No. But because that’s what children usually do.

hingo_VRCalaisV611:45 am 21 Sep 07

..and before Fluges tries to make a school-boy reply regarding my spelling mistake; I meant to say member, not mamber.

hingo_VRCalaisV611:42 am 21 Sep 07

Seems like Fluges has sand in his vagina of life. This is what happens to people when they are a mamber of the minority.

Why? Because you tell me to? Where do you fascists get off?

Wow. What was it I said half a page ago? Ah yes: Run along.

Dunno, you’d have to ask Team Rodent. Objectively, you’d have to say they’ve overdosed on nasty pills.

Yeah, well, if I ever meet a lib for whom I could have some respect, I might stop taking the nasty pills.

Hey, I’ve been spraying libs since Menzies was PM. I’m not a member of the ALP and, if you want to question my motives, they’re not complicated: libs are stupid, horrible people and I detest ’em. Simple really. In this case, I was induced to have a look at your local lib websites and they’re so typically pathetic, I was provoked to comment.

hah! Touche.

Thumper & Cameron are beginning to sound like Liberal plants… Wait a minute – aren’t you guys on the Liberal Party payroll?

Let’s see… first post in a thread debating the merits of Megan Purcell and other candidates/politicians wearing such outfits, and you choose you spray the libs for no apparent reason.

One can be forgiven for questioning your motives given the nature of your unprovoked spray.

Johnboy: Hey all, checkout this former candidate. Hot or not?
Some: Not.
Some: Hot.
Some: Classmates.
Some: Better than politician X.
Fluges: Anti-liberal spray.


Of course it was an ant-liberal spray, I don’t deny that. The point is: because the post in question was my first post on this site, I can hardly be accused of “being (sic) to sound like an ALP plant with [my] incessant anti Lib stance.”

God, you libs are dumb …

Actually, I’ve always imagined Foskey more in the bag-lady kinda plastic coat and gumboots.

el ......VNBerlinaV812:12 pm 20 Sep 07

PS – really, really sorry for the imagery.

el ......VNBerlinaV812:11 pm 20 Sep 07

Will we be seeing pictures of Deb Foskey in a similar outfit in the name of RA being politically impartial?

The only basis Thumper needed for his comment Fluges was your first comment – just about every line was an over the top (considering it was generated from a photo of a former candidate) spray of the liberal party.

Run along.

Come to think of it, that was my first post on any subject on any site, under the pseud ‘Fluges’. What exactly do you think the word ‘incessant’ means Thumper?

Thumper, that was my first post on this site. I’ve since posted one other, about Gary Humphries. Two posts in total on Riot-Act. Which planet are you on? The same one as Lord Downer?

Not a bean on Helen Evil. George/Georgina isn’t Fugly, just confused.

Mael, Helen Clark has got nothing on this politician:


Mr Evil two words: Helen Clark.

Don’t even go near PVC.

Gillard for PM – yeah, that’d work!

Having to listen to her voice for 5 minutes on TV/radio is enough to make me change channel – let alone if she was on the air all the time.

Anyway, she’d look terrible in tight fitting PVC!

What an absolute moose!

Sepi, I wouldn’t say that people are only interested in the looks of women in politics. I for one am interested only in what they stand for, male or female.

* why am i posting to this thread on sat morn *


This thread, her picture and the comments.

Sad that women in politics are only interesting for their looks.

Gillard for PM.

I think the Young Libs (female) should post pictures of themselves.

I only joined the Young Libs because of her.

Check out her web site. She stands for schools, nursing homes and is ‘particularly concerned’ about the lack of a dragway in Canberra. And that’s about it. Oh, and she likes socialising, fine food and beverages.

Check out the ACT Young Lib’s web site. The ‘latest news’ is that there’s to be a pool night in May 07 at the Uni Pub. Pathetic really. And these people think they’re born to rule us.

Useless, stupid, lazy, ignorant, vacant, lying twits, all of ’em. All libs are detestable, Megan included.

And, BTW, Kate Lundy looked heaps better when she was Megan’s age.

Hmmmm, thinks. Even better looking than Ms Dunne. Does she know why Americans can;t find their own country on a map?

Get in line Vic.

But really, bleached hair, breast implants, fake tan. Do we really need this in our assembly?


Vic Bitterman6:36 pm 14 Sep 07

I would like to make love to her.


“Megan is part of the Smyth Liberal team.”
NUFF SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, what’s happened to the picture?

Absent Diane4:37 pm 14 Sep 07

i am pretty sure that I am either 1 of the 200 people or one of the not 200 people.

Gungahlin Al4:30 pm 14 Sep 07

Clearly a Friday afternoon thread brings out the gold in RA…
I’m with you Schmerica – whoa, what a makeover!

There’s only 200 real people in the world, that’s why you keep running into them all the time.

I went to school with some people once too, but I didn’t go to school with any of you, or her, for that matter.

I have no regrets about going to school where I went to school, nor would I prefer to go to school where you all went to school either. This is not because I do not want to go to school with any of you, or her, I would just prefer to not do it again.

Snahons_scv6_berlina3:53 pm 14 Sep 07

I think my school was a cross between a day care centre and a juvenile detention centre, wait, i recall a teacher spelling it detension – so it can’t have been a learning centre.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt3:30 pm 14 Sep 07

I wouldn’t really call where I went a school. And Megan didn’t go there. Unfortunately.

Absent Diane3:30 pm 14 Sep 07

yes suspiciously small!!

Absent Diane3:11 pm 14 Sep 07

I went to school with some people once. Quite a coincidence really.

Thank God Thumper! Nor did I.

Come on fellas! She’s not really fugly?

Maybe she’s just trying to reach a balance somewhere between Amanda Vanstone, Paris Hilton and Pauline Hanson???? hehehe….Serious about politics, badly in need of some attention and a good spanking…..and ummmmm, ummmmm badly in need of some attention and a good spanking!

I too went to school with Megan. She’s always been active and passionate about her beliefs. For mine, she’d be an asset to the legislative assembly (hopefully as part of the government that replaces our current one).

I didn’t really hang out with her at school, so had no real opinion on her looks, nor do I now.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt2:16 pm 14 Sep 07

If she believes in slutty makeup and PVC dresses, then yeah…

Better then I could do :——-(

Does she stand for what she believes in?


I went to school with this girl.
She has certainly blossumed into a pretty flower. (she was still pretty as school, but looks better now)
And for all you people who are saying she is fugly – you guys must have pretty high standards! I think she looks good”

i went to school with her, too. i thought she was ugly then, and think she’s much the same now.

not high standards, just not you. everyone’s different.

It would seem that too much time on the senate backbenches turns anyone into the rough shape of a beachball.

Interestingly this does not seem to effect the cross benches, only Labor and Liberal.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt1:40 pm 14 Sep 07

You may have a point. I’m sure a PVC dress several sizes too small would help rectify the situation. Pics anyone?

She used to be hot, but now she’s just a big blob! 🙂

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt1:31 pm 14 Sep 07

Mr Evil is a heretic and should be burnt at the stake. Lundy not hot?!?!?!?!?!

Lundy is not hot! And I think Lundy would need a few sizes larger for her PVC dress.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt1:26 pm 14 Sep 07

What the hell is wrong with you people???

We need to see Kate Lundy in this thing. Now SHE’S hot!

I’m surprised that a political wannabee would allow themselves to be photographed in such a racy outfit.

She is obviously far from fugly.

I’d like to see Katy Gallagher in this outfit! 😉

I think its awesome.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt1:17 pm 14 Sep 07

She probably looks better on her own website, due to appearing a lot more real and natural. The photo in this thread isn’t great.

Yeah, hard to believe it’s the same chick, isn’t it.

This is what happens when St Clare’s girls go bad! 🙂

Woah… Thats the same chick? I have the sudden urge to go the gym and hairdressers… I think she’s pretty though. She’d be alot prettier minus the yellow vinyl and the trashy eyeshadow though

Jonathon Reynolds12:42 pm 14 Sep 07

A copy of Ms. Purcell’s candidate website from the 2004 election can be found here:


Johnboy – if it has been approved then I am happy to apologise – you could certainly understand why the question was asked though!

So she’d be one of their

“General Representitives”

no doubt.


On account you have contact with her JB – how about 10 questions on political issues ?

The Liberals certainly need a few more like her: I’m sick of looking at the current bunch.

I don’t understand why people are complaining about her looks. She a damn lot better to look at than anyone else in politics!

Growling Ferret12:10 pm 14 Sep 07

I’d hit it

Well I think she is beautiful.

“Johnboy – would be interesting to know where you got this photo from – and whether you have permission to use it.”

As a Bundy girl, Megan would have been seen at many public events, and therefore probably photographed by numerous people, numerous times.

“I think it’s a pretty sad day when all you guys have to do is poke fun at someone who is no longer in public life!”

Well, see above – obviously she still is in public life!

I went to school with this girl.
She has certainly blossumed into a pretty flower. (she was still pretty as school, but looks better now)
And for all you people who are saying she is fugly – you guys must have pretty high standards! I think she looks good

Photograph came from Megan on condition she could OK my words before the story came up.

Apology please Sandwich?

The fact that RiotACT commenters are not the nicest bunch of people (online that is, they tend to behave in person) is well documented.

Personally I suspect most of the venom comes from jealousy except maybe AD who’s more into tattoos and scars as far as I can tell.

> Am I the only the one that thinks she’s fugly?

I’m with you on that. Not really ugly as such, but no stunner & lokos like she has to paint her face on to even look that good.

Johnboy – would be interesting to know where you got this photo from – and whether you have permission to use it.

I think it’s a pretty sad day when all you guys have to do is poke fun at someone who is no longer in public life!

Happy to disclose that I am female that I find this string particularly nasty!

This is what Liberal politics has come to?

eye candy? i guess thats all they have.

She does look quite plastic – so she’d probably make a good pollie.

The fake(?) smile will earn her further points in the Assembly.

bloody hell, you lot are harsh critics. Anyone take a look at the stunner looking back at you in the mirror this morning??

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:52 am 14 Sep 07

Does nothing for me. I prefer my women attractive.

Deadmandrinking10:18 am 14 Sep 07

That’s not going to make me…breasts…sterilize young women…kick ten year olds…

Give the girl a break, she obviously has terrible politics, but hey it’s a job and I doubt any of you would look very good in that outfit.

Absent Diane10:08 am 14 Sep 07

yeah I am with you grundy

barking toad9:50 am 14 Sep 07

Given the standards and ability of our town councillors we may as well give the prize to the girl with the biggest tits!

You know, the one in the jam commercial.

Am I the only the one that thinks she’s fugly?

she stands for everything I believe and desire in politics

Now if Ms Purcell has the style and demeanour of Janet Albrechtson, then that is my perfect woman.

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