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Police chase in Deakin

By smc - 21 January 2008 222

Yesterday (20th January 2008) around 7:45pm we heard police sirens all around our area for about 10 minutes.
We then watched as a young guy in a late model white Commodore sedan roared up Newdegate Street in Deakin, with a marked police car, siren and lights on, in hot pursuit. Both cars would have been doing at least 80kmh in this quiet, narrow, suburban street. We waited for the almighty crash at the top of the street, but were relieved to hear they managed to negotiate the T intersection without slamming into the traffic on MacGregor street.

I used to be an advocate of police pursuits (catch ’em and throw the book at ’em), but after witnessing first hand the scary speeds that the cars were doing in residential streets, I now feel that there is far too much potential for severe injury, or loss of life.

This is a really tough subject: if this guy was running from the police after a violent crime, should the police chase him no matter what? Should the police do the same if it’s a case of a stolen car, or possibly a traffic infringement? Should the police only continue a chase if it’s “safe” to do so, and who decides what is safe? If that was the case, word would get around pretty quick that all you had to do to avoid being caught is head into a subarban area, where the police would have to back off.

I had the feeling that this pursuit was really going to end one of two ways: that the police would relent because of how dangerous it was getting, or that it would end with a casualty. Neither result is good.

Hopefully, it ended with the unlikely result of a clean arrest with no injuries …

What’s Your opinion?

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222 Responses to
Police chase in Deakin
Special G 1:14 pm 21 Jan 08

NathanaelB – next time you get a knife stuffed in your face and $10k stolen you let the Police and courts know what you would like them to do.

Thumper 1:12 pm 21 Jan 08

One offence fair enough.

Second offence, off to the pokey to think about it for 6 months.

NathanaelB 12:49 pm 21 Jan 08

Thumper – there’s “petty crime” in the legal sense, then there’s petty crime in terms of community opinion in the context of what matters to the general public.

If a business loses $10,000 in a robbery – of course the business owner is going to want the offender apprehended … but to the general community does it warrant putting anyone’s life in danger? Does the public really care; the crime doesn’t affect them … hence “petty”.

Like Mr Evil’s suggestion – except I’d have said a heli with mounted cannon, so the offender knows they needn’t even bother running.

Mr Evil 12:39 pm 21 Jan 08

Hey, that must be a first: someone agreeing with one of my hare-brained schemes! 🙂

toriness 12:29 pm 21 Jan 08

i agree with danman and mr evil. or at the very least let’s become a 3 strikes and you’re out territory, make people take some personal responsibility for their actions else they’re in the slammer doing hard time.

howdy 12:27 pm 21 Jan 08

Why don’t they just do what they do in the movies. have 17 cars in chase, blocking every possible exit point and then lay some road spikes when they get bored.
I see nothing wrong with what happened in the Blues Brothers movie…

Thumper 12:26 pm 21 Jan 08

It’s a petty crime that will only see someone get a slap on the wrist

It’s NOT a petty crime! If I walked into a shop and stole $10,000 it would not be classed as a petty crime.

As for the sentences, yes, it would seem a petty crime.

When are the courts going to start imposing real sentences for stealing cars?

Sammy 12:26 pm 21 Jan 08

Let’s remember that emergency vehicle sirens are there to warn innocent bystanders.

Mr Evil 12:18 pm 21 Jan 08

Every Patrol car should be armed with a 20 mm rotary cannon to deal with these incidents.

TAD 12:18 pm 21 Jan 08

Knife robbery suspects apprehended in stolen car.

Well done lads and lasses.

Danman 12:13 pm 21 Jan 08

As usual the cops are damned if they do and damned if they dont.

This subject is so tired on RiotACT – hence my decision to provide nothing constructive except a shoot to kill policy on all automotive and traffic infringements.

I would hate to be a cop in this town with all the police chase naysayers.

v_man_returns 12:02 pm 21 Jan 08

I just wish they could keep their police chases a bit quieter. Here I was trying to get some sleep in Forrest after a pretty telling weekend (this was about 9-9.30pm) and had to hear all the sirens and hoo ha… priorities people!

howdy 12:00 pm 21 Jan 08

Many people steal vehicles to commit violent crimes so they can’t be tracked down.

aa 11:54 am 21 Jan 08

So you would want people to get away with it then? If that’s the case, next time you have your car stolen, don’t bother report it since you won’t want the police to chase after your property!

Aurelius 11:51 am 21 Jan 08

Why do we have rego plates on cars, if not to be able to identify a car, and then deal with the matter later?
The only exception to this would be in the case of a stolen car. But why initiate a chase for a stolen vehicle? It’s a petty crime that will only see someone get a slap on the wrist.
The police’s job is what? Protecting public safety? Or projecting their own self-importance?

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