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Police Wrap – 18 September 2010

By johnboy - 18 September 2010 46

1. A hero emerges:

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an incident in Monash last night in which a 14-year-old boy was assaulted and robbed by a passing motorist.

The youth has admitted to police that he, in the company of another male youth, had been throwing eggs at passing vehicles on Erindale Drive in Monash, adjacent to the Trinity Christian School, last night (Friday, September 17) around 11pm.

One of the eggs struck a white van which has then stopped and given chase.

The van’s male driver has pursued the 14-year-old to a location near the school library where he assaulted the boy, demanded cash from him and also stole his mobile phone.

The offender and driver of the white van was described as Caucasian, around 6’ (183cm) tall, with a balding/receding hairline and a light facial stubble.

Police are urging any witnesses to the incident, or who may be able to provide more information about the offender, to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on

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46 Responses to
Police Wrap – 18 September 2010
damien haas 4:11 pm 18 Sep 10

My car was egged last weekend, in a drive-by egging. Im sure the eggees thought it was fricken hilarious – but it has damaged my paint. I dont condone vigilantism, but really this little shit complaining to the police is unbelievable. What do they expect will happen if they re caught ? A stern talking to like they get at school or their no-smack home.

i would encourage anyone whose car was egged to contact the police for this little shits details so an insurance claim can be lodged.

Emma Chizit part 2 3:17 pm 18 Sep 10

If you play in the jungle with bananas your bound to get attacked by monkeys

Rawhide Kid Part3 3:07 pm 18 Sep 10

Was there really a mobile stolen ? or is the kid trying to get the assaultee into more trouble than himself. And I don’t condone the assault.

Sammy 3:00 pm 18 Sep 10

I agree with the dominant sentiment here. If the driver had given the kid a stern talking to, and maybe demanded a few bucks to cover the cost of cleaning, then this would be a fair outcome. Taking the kids mobile was a bit over the top.

54-11 2:56 pm 18 Sep 10

Mate, if I knew who you were, I’d shake your hand. It’s about time these lowlife kids learned some respect.

I hope they never catch you.

sepi 2:02 pm 18 Sep 10

No sympathy for the kid here either.

If the driver hadn’t stolen the kid’s mobile I would be supporting him, but theft is going a bit far.

bd84 1:01 pm 18 Sep 10

Sounds like the kid got what he deserved. Though I doubt the driver of the van recouped the value of the damage the egg would have done to his paint job from his wallet. If anybody’s car got egged on Friday around there, I’d be heading to the police station to put your claim in for this kids details for insurance.

toriness 12:47 pm 18 Sep 10

as others are saying, the assault was an over-reaction but the little sh!t could have caused a driving death with his actions and i don’t have an ounce of sympathy for him!

Skidd Marx 12:47 pm 18 Sep 10

Natural justice at its efficient best.

Pommy bastard 12:27 pm 18 Sep 10

My god, someone facing the consequences of their acts of stupidity? Whatever next…

Deref 12:25 pm 18 Sep 10

A clip around the ear would have been appropriate.

KB1971 12:23 pm 18 Sep 10

Farken gold!!!!!!!

Thumper 12:03 pm 18 Sep 10

A bit extreme in retaliation, but I doubt the little toe rag will be lobbing eggs at cars any more.

grumpyrhonda 11:55 am 18 Sep 10

Bet he won’t be throwing eggs at cars anymore.

georgesgenitals 11:25 am 18 Sep 10

Beating up on a kid is pretty rough and not to be condoned, and yet if the kid hadn’t been deliberately causing trouble, it never would have happened.

There’s probably a lesson here somewhere.

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