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Stray cat found in Lyneham

By fox 4 December 2009 27

Buddy My partner and I have recently come across a stray cat living around our complex in Lyneham. Our Body Corporate has already sent out letters to other people in our complex about this cat, and as yet no-one has come forward to claim him.

When we first saw him, he was emancipated and very shy of people, but over the past month or so he’s come back to our door regularly for food and water, and is gradually accepting affection (and much needed brushes!).

We’ve nicknamed him “Buddy” and as you can see in his photo, he’s really quite the looker. He has no major white markings (i.e. bib, paws etc), and I’d say he’s no more than a year or so old. He has a very distinctive voice that almost sounds like he’s singing (off-key), and a single meow lasts for at least 30 seconds.

We’d love take him in ourselves but we already have two indoor cats, who are both jealous that we’ve been cheating on them with another feline. We will, however, continue to leave food and water out for him, and socialise him as much as we can with ourselves and our cats through the screen door.

If anyone can offer any information on who may own Buddy or if he’s been seen before, please get in contact with us. If we can’t find an owner soon, we’ll ultimately have to take him down to the RSPCA (he also needs to get the “snip”), and hope that someone adopts him.

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Stray cat found in Lyneham
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fox 8:48 am 07 Dec 09

deezagood said :

I think this post is a very worthy use of the Riotact – disregard the negatives Fox – good on you for trying to find a home for this cat … and good on you to those folks who have offered a potential home.

Thanks – all I’m trying to do is make life a little easier on this poor cat, and provide as much food and water as I can to deter him from having to find it elsewhere (i.e. hunting). We’re creeping into what’s likely to be another sweltering summer too, so forgive me for taking pity on a living creature and making sure he’s nourished and well hydrated to deal with the heat.

Despite the negative comments from some participants on RiotAct I do, however, agree with some of the comments – in particular, those relating to irresponsible pet owners and feral animals.

I’m probably what most people would call a “crazy cat lady” and both my “children” are kept indoors. A lot of people tell me that it’s cruel to keep cats locked up, but I disagree. Ultimately, my partner and I are doing our bit to save wildlife in our area, as well as keep our pets healthy (limited to no exposure to other cats virtually eliminates the potential of FIV, FeLV, FIP and feline panleukopenia among others).

As long as you have all the mod-cons a cat would enjoy, and are willing to spend time playing with your cat inside, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep your her inside. You can also invest in (or build your own) enclosure for your cats that keep them safe, but allow them to move outdoors if they want.

It amazes me that a lot of cat owners haven’t realised the benefits of this – particularly when if anything, you’re doing your cat a favour by not exposing it to disease.

Benett – does your opinion only relate to cats? As far as I’m aware, there are a variety of introduced species that pose a threat to Australian fauna and flora. Dogs and foxes come to mind, and then there are rabbits, mynas, cane toads, goats, horses, pigs and even camels – not to mention the introduced plant life. What do you propose we do to reduce their threats?

ACT law expects that owners maintain “reasonable control of their cats at all times so that they are at less risk of harm and do not create a nuisance or danger within the community” (Changes to the Domestic Animals ACT from May 2008 – PDF, 112KB), but only enforces a “cat curfew” in newer suburbs like Forde and Bonner. I think the curfew (perhaps even mandatory confinement to the owner’s premises) should be put in place across Canberra, not just the newer suburbs. Afterall, every suburb in Canberra is only a heartbeat away from bushland.

grunta123 9:34 pm 06 Dec 09

Here Here Bileduct. I say we start with those who let their filthy animals outside the home to kill native wildlife.

Either the irresponsible owners or the cats need to be addressed. I’m not fussed either way.

gingermick 6:25 pm 06 Dec 09

What is the limit on the use of expletives on RA? I would like to add some to Mr Evils ‘tool’ description of benett.

bileduct 6:24 pm 06 Dec 09

benett said :

1. Cats should be completely banned from Australia
2. Existing cats should be humanly disposed of
3. Introduced species are having a huge impact on Australian native species
4. Specifically, cats are impacting in a massive way on native species
5. People still let their cats out at night
6. People still let their cats out to roam throughout the day
7. Cats, due to human, or should I say European stupidity, are (as I type, and you read) hunting and killing Australian wildlife in the bush all over Australia

The same applies to humans.

It’s time we started getting rid of them too.

Mimiboo 10:45 am 06 Dec 09

Well said Mr Evil.

astrojax 7:40 am 06 Dec 09

no room is too small to swing a cat, of course… ; )

deezagood 8:15 pm 05 Dec 09

I think this post is a very worthy use of the Riotact – disregard the negatives Fox – good on you for trying to find a home for this cat … and good on you to those folks who have offered a potential home.

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