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The City Cruise is tomorrow!

By johnboy 1 January 2014 45

TAMS are giving notice that the Summernats City Cruise is going down tomorrow at Midday:

The ACT Government today provided details about how people can safely enjoy the Summernats City Cruise at midday on Thursday 2 January 2014, as well as the temporary disruption it will cause to motorists and pedestrians.

The Cruise takes place between the Summernats entrance to Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) off Federal Highway down Northbourne Avenue through to the intersection with London Circuit and then back to the starting point.

“The Summernats City Cruise, which is a convoy of 200 of the best vehicles from the event, promises to attract a wide range of Canberrans and visitors,” said Senior Manager, Traffic Management and Safety, Roads ACT, Rifaat Shoukrallah.

“It is important the Cruise takes place safely so the Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue will be closed in sections as the convoy passes. The Cruise will travel at 40 kilometres per hour with a police escort involving a lead car, trailing car and supporting motorcycles.

“Roads ACT will also coordinate the traffic lights for the Cruise to ensure it proceeds smoothly. Access will be provided to emergency service vehicles if necessary.

“The best vantage points are in the City and at the Summernats entrance near the Caltex service station site, Stirling Avenue, and the Federal Highway. These locations are where the vehicles will be travelling at their slowest so people have more of a chance to see them.

“There is also parking available in the City and parking is available at EPIC via Old Well Station Road, off Federal Highway.”

For public safety reasons, the public is not permitted to watch the Cruise from the central median strip on Northbourne Avenue or the Federal Highway. An alcohol ban is also in place along the Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue for the duration of the Cruise.

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The City Cruise is tomorrow!
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tuco 12:23 pm 03 Jan 14

Thumper said :

It’s a war zone out there man….

Rioting, anarchy, cats and dogs loving each other…

OK, I’ve got this one (and I can summarise most of RiotACT in ten steps).

I was riding my bike (1) near some roadworks (2) when I saw someone who probably WASN”T from Canberra, (3) but was here for Summernats (4). They parked poorly (5) so I whipped out my iphone to record the evidence (6). However, I hadn’t aligned the cubits on my Fstops so the photo didn’t work (7). I was so upset I went to the nearest cafe (review soon, 8) where I saw someone else tip the waiter (8) because they told them so much about how the coffee was made (9). I then rode off to set off some fireworks (10).

HiddenDragon 11:14 am 03 Jan 14

From SexPartyACT – #26 :

“I like Top Gear Australia’s description… “Each year, a mullet convention known as Summernats is held in the nation’s usually very dull capital. For a few days, the politicians are cleared out to make way for the hoards of mostly drunk and largely offensive masses, who gather to watch someone destroy their tyres in one of the least exciting ways possible. Behind chainlink fence. On the outskirts of town.

We never really get the point of spending so much money to a car only to destroy it while trying to impress a crowd of men called Bazza, but each to their own in this mad world of automobiles.”

Yes, God is an Englishman, and He doesn’t always smile on the inner north of Canberra. This is the sort of thing which will happen when boatloads of convicts are sent, unknowingly, to what turns out to be a rather good piece of real estate – tut, tut – pass the sherry, old chap.

magiccar9 10:05 am 03 Jan 14

The Police should extend the Christmas Double Demerits period out to cover Summernats next year. I reckon they’d get a pretty good haul of unsuspecting drivers off the road – provided they actually did their policing job that is….

nhand42 9:43 am 03 Jan 14

Tooks said :

Herpa derpa… getting drunk and doing burnouts is wicked fun… hurrr durrr…. all youse who disagrees is just being boring dull Canberra whingers… duuuhhhh… talking about two things is too hard for my brains to comprehend, you must be having an agendas.

Too many brews last night for you, Tooks. Your inner flannie is showing.

Tooks 9:15 am 03 Jan 14

nhand42 said :

chewy14 said :

What was your point again? Oh that’s right, you were “inconvenienced” by other people. Carry on….

If that was the point you thought was being made, you’re exactly the kind of person who would enjoy the Summernats, i.e. you have no consideration for others.

The burnouts started today at 1pm and will continue into the night. The police do nothing – they never do – and each year they lie and say the Summerants attendees were well behaved. Bullshit. If you live in an affected area, you know it is a lie. The burnouts, the hooligans, the property damage, the drunk violence, it’s non-stop hell.

According to you I’m just being “inconvenienced”. Thousands of events each year in Canberra and this is the only event that consistently “inconveniences” Canberra with crime, rape, and assault. Why do you defend this? Is it because you live down south and have no idea how bad Summernats is for locals? It’s not like anybody in the inner north can avoid Summernats. The noise and traffic intrudes on our private lives all day, every day of the event. I’ve never been woken at 2am by a Floriade patron doing burnouts, or been physically assaulted at the Dickson petrol station by somebody visiting the art gallery.

Yet we have nitwits like you defending it. Making out that it’s just an “inconvenience”. So again, give me your home address and I’ll give you a short sharp demonstration of the “inconvenience” of a beer bottle thrown through your living room window at 2am.

No police never do anything about Hoon behaviour. They totally didn’t seize a car for burn outs in civic yesterday.

Your original gripe was about traffic delays but now you’ve shown what your real agenda is. Typical dull Canberran whinger.

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