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The Comrade to cut funding to health and education

By nyssa76 23 February 2006 17

You can read it [Government plans to cut funding] on the ABC News website.

Why health and education? Because it has increased in spending in the past four years. Well duh…

Here’s a thought, cut something else – say pollies wages – to make the budget balance.

Hasn’t he learnt from being berrated re: Mental Health, Canberra Hospital, Govt school numbers vs Non Govt school numbers etc?

Sorry folks, you’ll have to go private all the way in the ACT if you want to be treated with respect in hospital (and seen immediately) and if you want little John or Sally to actually have the resources they need to learn.


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The Comrade to cut funding to health and education
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nyssa76 6:37 pm 24 Feb 06

They are cutting funding which would have assisted schools and health. Simto you can read it however you like, it doesn’t bother me.

Why don’t they cut something else?

Because education and health are easy targets.

simto 9:12 am 24 Feb 06

I gotta say, nyss, you’re not doing educational standards any favour if you can’t distinguish between a cut and a “lack of sufficient increase in funds”. They’re two different things, and confusing the two only promotes stupidity.

I know you may not have meant this, but overegging your pudding only makes it easier to discredit you. Saying “they’ve taken funds they promised to us and put them somwhere less worthy” is a much better arguement than saying “they’ve cut our funding” when they haven’t actually cut your funding.

See, everyone can learn lessons!

nyssa76 6:56 am 24 Feb 06

Thumper, I honestly felt the same way last year, but it had nothing to do with the students.

I know that there are kids who at age 15 can’t read the word “infancy” or spell it. They can’t multiply fractions because they don’t know their times tables.

I’m 29 and I am amazed at how bad the system is becoming. I am also amazed at how much PC BS is now “included” in the curriculum.

Plus, and I am not one to bag out colleagues, but some should not be in the classroom. They think of school (mostly secondary) as a “reliving” of their own high school years and are more “friends” with the students than their teachers.

Oh the stories……but that’s another day.

Thumper 10:13 pm 23 Feb 06


As an ex teacher, I agree. There is no doubt that the level of education that is being taught to our kids is sub standard. We have kids complete year 12 but cannot string a sentence together or cannot add, subtract or divide.

The whole thing drove me mad, and as such, after having ideals and unrealistic beliefs, I went back to the public service where they pay better and you don’t have to beat your head against a brick wall.

My teaching degree means absolutly nothing. It is nothing but a piece of paper. I was so disillusioned about it all I nearly rejoined the Army full time, and that would have meant Iraq.

My son left school unable to read, write or do maths. I taught him at home and thankfully he can now read, write, and do rudimentary maths. It is a joke. You can not fail anyone, you can only push the party line, and yet the kids do not get the basics.

I was ashamed to be a teacher. I was not allowed to actually teach them.

(Disclaimer. Do not post when drunk!)


nyssa76 4:56 pm 23 Feb 06


nyssa76 4:56 pm 23 Feb 06

areaman, I’ve seen school resources first hand…have you?

He’s cutting money that would have gone to health and education. It’s not like we don’t need.

Thumper 11:57 am 23 Feb 06

Is it an increase in overall expenditure or just in comparison to last year? I’m having huge troubles connecting to the link due to my antiqued computer which justs says ‘no’.

Statistics can be very damning.

bonfire 11:51 am 23 Feb 06

the article that is linked actually has the comrade saying there will be an increase in expenditure.

if you plan to overegg your argument, at least do it in the body of your argument and not the entirely misleading headline.

Thumper 11:27 am 23 Feb 06

And I need a new keyboard…

Thumper 11:25 am 23 Feb 06

Thehedgehog talks the socialist talk but unfortunately, does not walk the walk…

areaman 11:15 am 23 Feb 06

and if you want little John or Sally to actually have the resources they need to learn.

except that according to the productivity comission ACT public schools are some of the best in the country.

But yeah it’s not a cut, so your whole story is bullshit.

simto 10:20 am 23 Feb 06

Yes, and it’s nonsense when lefties say it too. That kinda “they started it” debating tactic doesn’t really work for anybody above adult age.

Is funding for health and education too low? Yes. Is reducing an already promised increase a bastardly thing to do and a demonstration of somewhat questionable priorities? Yes.

But calling it a cut just makes you look like a moron.

johnboy 9:44 am 23 Feb 06

Ahem, when tories reduce the planned funding increase it’s called a “cut”.

colsim 9:35 am 23 Feb 06

Thanks DT, I was just about to say that myself.

Of course, when someone headlines by calling the CM Comrade, you have a fair idea this is going to be an attack on party lines.

DT 9:26 am 23 Feb 06

Come on, read the article. He’s not saying he’s cutting funding – on the contrary he says there will be an increase. Just not as much of an increase as in previous years. There’s a pretty big difference.

Evan 9:24 am 23 Feb 06

Considering that the Canberra Hospital came 298th in a survey ranking staff satisfaction at 300 hospitals, and now they are cutting the budget – I might ask the Ambo’s to take me to Queanbeyan hospital next time.

jr 8:35 am 23 Feb 06

An immeadiate $45 million saving by scrapping the Gininderra “super” school – that can be done without hitting any genuine worthwhile spending initiatives.

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