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Tow truck to aisle three!

By Ari - 19 June 2007 24

An aggrieved Chisholm woman redecorated the Erindale Centre’s entrance with her vehicle today after being accused of shoplifting, according to this AAP story (via News).

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24 Responses to
Tow truck to aisle three!
tom-tom 11:20 am 20 Jun 07

went in the back doors near johnnies and out the front next to the lock smith… did suprsingly little damage

Mr Evil 10:15 am 20 Jun 07

Maybe she was driving in to pick up all the stuff she’d stolen?

West_Kambah_4eva 9:59 am 20 Jun 07

She was on a mission from God.

VicePope 8:58 am 20 Jun 07

Assuming that the alleged offender was detected doing something that might have looked like shoplifting, the store could have called the coppers or simply hoiked her out. That she apparently came back soon after suggests the latter and that a decision had been made not to excite the boys in blue. In other words, it was all over, although they would probably not welcome her back.

It seems bizarre and inconsistent with anything resembling a logical thought process. I can feel a psych defence coming on if the thing gets so far.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:53 am 20 Jun 07

*tom tom* – which doors did she drive through? The ‘back’ doors near Johney’s, or the ‘front’ doors near Blockbuster? I can’t imaging getting a car through either…

I was in Erindale Woolies last night and didn’t notice a thing – Tuesday-itis.

LlamaFrog 8:48 am 20 Jun 07

White and nerdy!

Thumper 8:12 am 20 Jun 07

Drove around and around INSIDE the shop?

Bizarre… Kind of Blues Brothers stuff…

And people reckon Charnwood is bad…

nyssa76 7:21 am 20 Jun 07

When was this? I was at Erindale twice yesterday….doctors.

Meconium 7:15 am 20 Jun 07

They see me rollin, they hatin

lateralis 7:14 am 20 Jun 07

Ah Chisholm…the Charnwood of the South.

tom-tom 11:00 pm 19 Jun 07

yep, drove round in circles in the middle of it aswell

el 10:56 pm 19 Jun 07

Wait….did she actually manage to drive *right through* the shopping centre?

tom-tom 10:37 pm 19 Jun 07

This isn’t the first time some one has used a car as a weapon after being busted shoplifting from that store…with the amount of junkie scum that come in there just to steal its no suprise that stuff like this happens…. after she smashed through the centre the stupid woman tried to go through the maccas drivethrough like nothing had happened

bubzie 10:26 pm 19 Jun 07

Lol…but seriously, wtf?

hmm. if someone tried to do that at my work (i work at another woolies!!) they wouldnt get that far. thankyou construction!!

Vic Bitterman 8:47 pm 19 Jun 07

LOL. Must have been borderline nutbag anyway, any old incident would have tipped her over…

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