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TransAct or Telstra, Who’s Bad?

FB 4 November 2005 17

Are TransAct becoming just as bad as Telstra?

A few years ago I decided to connect with TransAct partially because I hate Telstra. I have always found the service reliable and the customer service great. All was happy in the land of FB.


A few months back I decided I no longer needed the TV component of the package & I could probably do with the extra $20 a month it would save me to not have it. Bad idea.

I rang TelstrAct and was told that I would have to re-apply and go on another 12 month contract, and there would be a $55 administrative fee. This is odd. I have been a customer of theirs for over 2 years and I have to make another application? And pay $55? What the?

I decided not to argue and went through the process of applying. I was then told it would take up to 10 days for approval, and that I would be contacted when this happened. Again why do I need approval when I am already a customer?

Three weeks passed with no word from TelstrAct. I rang them back & was told that my application was approved and that they had tried to contact me but couldn’t get through. They also told me that my application had been withdrawn because they assumed that I didn’t want it. When I was told I would have to go through the application process again I was stunned. I explained that I had done it only 3 weeks earlier. I was then told by the customer service rep that she could sort the problem out quickly and that she would give me a call at home at 5:30 that evening. I was home at 5:00 patiently waiting for the call that didn’t come.

I gave it a few days and rang back. I was given that same answer as last time, my application was approved but withdrawn and I’d have to re-apply. After much frustration the CS Rep told me she could sort it straight away. After about 5 mins I was told it was all approved and ready to go. The last stage was, that I would be contacted by a technician would arrange a time to swap over the Set top box for a modem. I told her I was going on holidays in 7 days time so she put a priority on it and said I should get a call before then. Nothing! I got back from holidays and phoned them again. This time I spoke to a supervisor who assured me I would get a call within 2 days regarding the exchange. Today is day 3 & still no call. Last night I got a letter from them saying that if I didn’t contact them in the next few days that my application would be withdrawn.

How can they expect to run an advanced network when they can’t even return a call? Or are they simply dragging out the process so they can get a few extra $$ out of me before I downgrade?

To me it seems like they are becoming another Telstra type company who are more interested in profits then customer service.

I have decided to give up on TelstrAct and switch to ADSL over a regular line.

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17 Responses to TransAct or Telstra, Who’s Bad?
midnitecalla midnitecalla 10:40 pm 24 Dec 05

Annie, try going to the Baycorp advantage web site and then applying for the credit rating its Foi ( freedom of information) and it will tell you why you were declined.

the privacy act probably stopped the banks operatives from blurting out a poss black spot on credit rating especially if you called in or were with company. give the poor sod some crediblity before say “whatever” although you went else where and you got the funds id be examining this just out of concern.

midnitecalla midnitecalla 10:28 pm 24 Dec 05

Maelinar, if caught you can be charged with robbery, missapropriation of information, and identity theft, so please think with brain next time. married or not the privacy act is there for a bloody good reason.

midnitecalla midnitecalla 10:26 pm 24 Dec 05

also make sure that your not on a mobile / cordless phone as we Can get feed back that can cause us to ask for details repeatadly, and also we do not approiciate those air heads who call in middle of dinner, with the kids wailing , and kitchen noises and “remote control partners” using spouses as unpaid secretaries either.

YOU have the prob/ request YOU get on the phone not press gang the missus/ mister to do it for you please have the backbone to interact with us first hand.

midnitecalla midnitecalla 9:42 pm 24 Dec 05

As a current Call center operator, its true that some times customers fall through the cracks, as far as grading the service as most operators will say its a totally thankless job.

we as a community not only have to contend with unrealistic expectations of customers but the sheer arrogance of a public who expect servility over service.And when they do not recieve it they carry on like spoilt wretches. once in a while a thank you for putting in the effort , is appriciated as not always your details pop up or notes from a previous conversation is passed on.

Most of the Riot Act Community wouldnt accept a customer / manager/ member of the public getting into thier face at work yet most think by “going to the supervisor” will get results over the phone . this is getting in our faces as most operators have the nessasary expertise required. and often its the customer at fault by not reading terms of thier contract,and that the customers think that they are always in the right.

Not to write that some cases are Not Genuine, and for those and nice people trying to get a problem resolved i go the extra mile, but too many slimy Players get on the phone thinking that if they dont get thier way the earth will shatter and time and space will cease to exist!

If you call a call center please have the courtesy of doing a little preparation be fore hand have all account numbers/ PIN numbers ID paper work sorted even before you put finger to dial.This shows to my co workers in the industry that you are fair dinkum and want to solve your probs and work with them not against. Ok; AMP, Old Soldier, didnt help you but a little battle field Nous would have saved a lot of bull on both sides. think,OS personal details can be stolen and if that had happened who would have wailed like a air raid siren?

YOU ! at a poor sod at the other end of the phone! think guys , it not as easy as you think and innocent either as we cannot determine the accuracy of the voice of the caller and its our arses on the line every time.

I challenge any Milk sop to sit and take abusive phone calls all day long and not come away with a new hell fire baked perspective on the world. you may feel better venting verbal effluent on a cowardly one way street as we cannot retaliate. half of the time you wouldnt have the oats to do it to my face So dont do over the phone. 1. it marks you, 2. you then get classified as a Drongo. so making your next phone call harder still.

also dont come on to the phone as a psuedo subject matter expert/ techincal know it all as this also makes you out to be a wise arse, let us do our job, as trying to talk to me and my community on our level can hinder us.resulting in a longer call.and if you ask in jargon and causing the operator to make a blunder its your fault! if you not too sure just ask!

spectra / maelinar : public services drones? as im definitley no phone drone and I do take pride in my work. but piss me off and youll know about it.

Also I was a Can cabbie until i was poached by a Airline for my Customer Service skills .
which im proud of.

My customers whilst not altogether getting a caster sugar approach in sales patter get thier cosseted spoon fed mouths and powdered Arses with out a hitch to thier countless destinations on time every time.I do sort out Schedule changes and problems equivically and if I cant fix it only then I refer it upward.

Mr Weavil Mr Weavil 2:13 pm 15 Nov 05

I had a very similar problem when I tried to leave TransACT a couple of years ago. TransACT kept sending me new bills for six months despite me sending them many faxes to cancel my account. They then tried to charge me for the set top box (around $800) even though I’d explained that they weren;t getting it back until they fixed my bills. Eventually my bill was referred to a debt collector. At that stage I contacted the ombudsman – and surprise surprise suddenly TransACT admitted their mistake and informed me they actually OWED ME MONEY and of course the debt collector apologised as well (on behalf of TransACT).
TransACT is definitely no better than Telstra – in fact in my opinion TransactACT is worse – it has a billing system designed to rip off customers and it makes it very difficult for customers to leave (even in the absence of a binding contract)!!! And their customer service sux!!!

zhimmyd zhimmyd 11:29 pm 08 Nov 05

TransACT rule. Anyone that can offer a service for less then Telstra can with actual service (speaking to a person, rather then a machine) should be congratulated. I’ve had TransACT since it was available. I take pride in knowing i’m not paying Telstra a cent, and can’t get enough of the share price going down! Telstra are too big, got too much wax in their ears and arn’t listening to anything. They have done it to themselves. One thing I can tell you about TransACT’s $55 administration fee – threaten to disconnect the whole service. Look at it this way – TransACT being the awesome people they are, will usually give you free installation for a new service. TransACT again being the awesome people they are, don’t slave you with a disconnection fee at the end of your contract. It would cost you $0 to disconnect your current service, and start a new service. I’ve brought this to TransACT’s attention again and again over the years, and they have happily waived the administration fee to save them the disconnection and reconnection troubles. Its usually a matter of fact to get the first line of phone support people (God bless their souls for talking to us, instead of us talking to a machine) to realise this fact and as long as you treat them nice (for they are not Telstra), they are always happy to help out. God bless you TransACT!

GuruJ GuruJ 9:25 am 08 Nov 05

.. and people wonder why McDonalds is still in business. It’s all about consistency, people!

For my part, I’ve had nothing but good dealings with TransACT and NetConnect/Grapevine, but I hear enough bad stories that I’m pretty sure I’ve just been lucky.

It did take me about 12 different phone calls and 6 months to bundle my electricity, phone and gas though. Luckily I didn’t care too much about whether that happened or not!

oldsoldier oldsoldier 7:40 pm 04 Nov 05

Thanks mates for the support/ideas. Haven’t had too much trouble with TransACT ourselves, but then we were among the first to connect in the area and they wanted customers. But don’t even get me started on ACTEWAgl’s preferred ISP! Even the computer whizz (yeah the bloke now in USA)can’t understand their methods.

seepi seepi 5:39 pm 04 Nov 05

Transact customer service has definitely gone downhill as they took on more cusotmers. I think they are over extended.
My partner got his house woired for transact really early on. They came straight away, installed it professionally, and offered to come back and assist if there were any problems. They offered to install several ‘points’ for the box, one at each end of the house. They also promised he could take his contract to a new address with no dramas (he was about to move in with me.)
Six months later, he moved in with me and tried to get the box installed. They quibbled about whether this was possible, but gave in when he reminded them that he had checked that out before signing up. When they came they said they could only put in one point per house.
Third time: we moved again. This time we had to pay some reconnection fee like a new customer. And this time they insisted they would only put in the point where the existing telstra phone point was located – which is in a particulalry useless spot in this house, one foot inside the front door. The first two times they were happy to crawl under the house, but obviousely they have changed their policy. Also, contracts with them have got cheaper/better over the years, but unless you ring to ask, they don’t tell you that, and you continue to pay a prenmium for a basdic service.

threeze threeze 4:20 pm 04 Nov 05

if you are going for ADSL, go with Internode or iiNet. Check out and their Broadband Choice section.

i have no joy from Telstra or TransACT in any of my dealings with them.

annie annie 3:20 pm 04 Nov 05

What about privacy laws and banks?

I applied once for a loan with a major bank, and I had to give them all this info (colour of grandmother’s toothbrush, DNA source code file number etc) – yet when they knocked me back, they wouldn’t tell me why. “Due to the privacy laws”, they said.

Yeah, whatever.

I ended up getting my loan elsewhere, with someone who actually wanted my business.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:20 pm 04 Nov 05

Smackbang, they were trying to save the costs of an international phone call from the states.

It’s all in the details above

Smackbang Smackbang 2:58 pm 04 Nov 05

Why didn’t you son just contact them himself in the first place? Would have avoided a whole lot of hassle, by the sound of it. There’s this thing called the Privacy Act. Sounds like AMP were just following their obligations.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:52 pm 04 Nov 05

It’s all about asking the correct questions.

Put on a mystical tone and ask the question; ‘Would my son have to contact you if his address was still listed as Sydney and not Canberra’ to which they can answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and you would have probably gotten the answer from the drone.

I have a great deal of experience with getting around privacy laws as my wife and I bank at an extremely small bank with very few branches 🙂

ssanta ssanta 2:16 pm 04 Nov 05

After spending too much of my time working out how these two companies can create such havoc so easily for my work. I have to reccommend that you buy pigeons and use them as these two companies couldn’t find a root at Insomnia at three am with a handful of roeys.

Spectra Spectra 2:01 pm 04 Nov 05

oldsoldier: The really funny thing is that if you hadn’t been up-front about who you were, you could have just pretended to be him and nobody would have been any the wiser. Indeed, you could probably have just called back, got a different phone-drone, and done exactly that. I guess this is the problem with wanting to do things “right”.

oldsoldier oldsoldier 12:47 pm 04 Nov 05

Seems to be the same everywhere! Few days ago, our son who is currently in the US, emailed to ask whether I would phone AMP and check whether he’d actually remembered to have his Sydney postal address changed to our Canberra address. You’d have thought a simple enough query?? Wrong.

First negotiated my way through the ‘press button one’ etc etc. and got a call-centre person. Nope – couldn’t give ANY information as I wasn’t the policy holder. I said, but I don’t want any information on the account, I’m fully aware that there are privacy laws. I just want to know if the address is now …Canberra” No, Not possible – so did the-riot-act and said I wanted a supervisor – the whole thing was bloody ridiculous. Rules are made FOR people, not to hinder them. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the supervisor phoned back in the next half-hour and finally I reasoned enough with him for him to say “I think your son should contact us” by which we both knew that he meant that the address had NOT been changed.

And the irony? All our son has to do is email AMP stating full name date of birth and policy number and ask for an update of details to the Canberra address. YET I COULD NOT GIVE THOSE DETAILS OVER THE PHONE.
Stupid bloody bureucracy.

.. same problems will occur in other areas like the new (unwanted) anti-terrorist legislation. Tell the truth and they’ll lock you up.

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