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Life is looking up

We have a pocket bike club

By johnboy - 24 July 2006 42

You may think that pocket bike riders are morons raised by older, neglectful morons.

Now the ACT’s monkey bikers have formed a club and posted about it on a national morons forum:

It has a lovely picture of a particularly ridiculous looking idiot.

They also have a website which doesn’t work:

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
We have a pocket bike club
morto1980 8:41 pm 24 Jul 06

Also from the FAQ page:
“Who would’ve though pocket bikes would’ve grown to the status they have now become.”


morto1980 8:37 pm 24 Jul 06

I find it friggin scary that you can get one of those things for “as low” as $200 but it’s hard to get a decent pushy for that much. Can anyone say “Safety plus”?

ant 8:07 pm 24 Jul 06

If you pay them $10 to come to their opening party, you get “free” food and drink! yay!

Spectra 7:04 pm 24 Jul 06

I don’t know – I think this could actually be a positive thing. A formalised club might mean they encourage people to actually use these things appropriately (ie, on closed circuits with proper safety gear). Then, the only real downside is that they still look like twits, which is hardly something the rest of us should spend time worrying about. If they’re having fun and not hurting anyone, who gives a stuff? It’s only the people who use these things illegally and dangerously that are the problem.

But maybe that’s just me being optimistic.

Pickle 4:42 pm 24 Jul 06

Looks like fun to me, a motorcycle that fits in the boot, stores in a closet, low cost.
If only I had the time …

Sad to see this group bagging it!

barking toad 4:25 pm 24 Jul 06

peas in a pod

pocket- bike riders/recumbent cyclists

Thumper 4:20 pm 24 Jul 06

And (c), look completely and absolutely ludicrous….

LurkerGal 4:17 pm 24 Jul 06

What a stupid site. And to hell with the fact that pocket bikes are a) illegal and b) ridden by morons.

Danman 3:32 pm 24 Jul 06

LOL they are even asking for a treasurer – how cute

Mr_Shab 1:16 pm 24 Jul 06

Bloody hell! Welcome to the shallow end of the gene pool…

ant 12:41 pm 24 Jul 06

Look at that guy with his knees stuck out! He looks like a frog on a rock. Pathetic.

Thumper 12:33 pm 24 Jul 06

Each to their own I guess, although grown men on children’s bikes is pretty bloody funny…


LurkerGal 12:12 pm 24 Jul 06


LG 12:07 pm 24 Jul 06

See quite a few riding through the ‘no trail bikes’ paths around Melba / Evatt area.

Ari 11:29 am 24 Jul 06

It should set up a chapter in Northern Ireland.

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