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Where can I burn two boxes of papers?

By mentalist - 27 February 2014 24

I want to quickly get rid of papers with my name on it, so the easiest way is to just burn them.  Anywhere I can do this without the cops being called on me?

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24 Responses to
Where can I burn two boxes of papers?
watto23 4:44 pm 27 Feb 14

burning is the easiest way to get rid of them, yet you have time to post a question here and wait for a response…….

astrojax 2:48 pm 27 Feb 14

Holden Caulfield said :

Use them to make pizza bases and do a taste test against Pizza Hut, see if there’s any difference, and then write a review for RA.

would go something like: pizza hut bases tasted bland. otherwise little difference.

astrojax 2:11 pm 27 Feb 14

..and anyway, wouldn’t the firies, not the constabulary, turn up first?

Holden Caulfield 2:10 pm 27 Feb 14

Use them to make pizza bases and do a taste test against Pizza Hut, see if there’s any difference, and then write a review for RA.

ausbradr 2:01 pm 27 Feb 14

Just use a large old saucepan or something and do it in your backyard on a day where fire danger permits (not on total fire ban or no fires without permit days).

If the cops show up, just tell them you’re destroying documents….. Unless of course you’re avoiding them for a reason???

Primal 1:57 pm 27 Feb 14

You weren’t anywhere near the Sydney Building last week, were you?

Antagonist 1:52 pm 27 Feb 14

Dig a small hole in the back yard, add paper, pour on some kind of accelerant (petrol, acetone or metho all work well) and light her up! At this point you have the option of getting naked, putting on a tinfoil hat, rubbing yourself over with peanut butter and dancing around the flames naked. Once the fire dies off, fill the hole back in. Might be an idea to take the tinfoil hat off and put your clothes back on once you have finished.

Or you could stop being a tight-ass and invest in a cheap shredder from Kmart, Orroficeworks or similar.

Funky1 12:38 pm 27 Feb 14

My cousin Vinny can do it for a small fee. No questions asked 😉

astrojax 12:19 pm 27 Feb 14

the waste paper basket always works on the teev.

redesign your house to include a fireplace.

ask a recently deceased acquaintance if they’d take your papers with them to the crematorium.

i’m running out of other ideas about now…

colourful sydney rac 12:18 pm 27 Feb 14

The gates of the US embassy would probably be the safest place.

Just make sure you cover your face and yell ‘Allahu Akbar’ while doing it (it’s American for ‘I am legitimately destroying some documents, nothing to see here’).

Dante 12:06 pm 27 Feb 14

In your barbeque?

bundah 11:48 am 27 Feb 14

You call yourself the mentalist? lol

MrBigEars 11:07 am 27 Feb 14

If you feel all Macgyver, you can soak them in water, pulp them up and compress them into logs, which you can then burn like a briquette. It’s the bastard love-child of identity protection and thriftiness.

enrique 10:44 am 27 Feb 14

Have you heard of a shredder? It’s this cool machine that chews up paper and spits it out in a ripped up form that makes it unreadable.

You can even drop off bulk amounts these days to places like officeworks.

dks00k 10:25 am 27 Feb 14

Sounds legit…..

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