With three million views, Deakin kangaroo invasion leads the mob of local videos going viral

Glynis Quinlan 28 August 2018

A still image from Matt Bailey’s video of a mob of kangaroos hopping through Deakin.

A Facebook video of kangaroos bounding past a Deakin office has reached three million views in just two weeks and is leading the ‘mob’ of local videos which have gone viral in the last two years.

Animals appear to be high in the popularity stakes of Canberra area videos taking off on social media with a soccer-playing kangaroo, drug-detecting alpacas and swooping magpies also among the most-watched videos since 2016.

However, they were outclassed in the viewer stakes by an Australia Day 2016 video of a Canberra guy zooming around on a clothesline waterslide invented by some of his mates.

On the more serious side, a dash-cam video of some scary driving on the Monaro Highway has also attracted strong interest, while tugging on the heartstrings is a video of a premature baby boy fighting for his life while back home firefighters battle to save his family’s home.

Canberran Matt Bailey said he is very surprised that the video he took of about 20 kangaroos hopping at speed past his Deakin workplace has now reached three million views – and counting.

“I only ever put the video on Facebook for my friends to see. I then had a couple of friends ask if I could make it public so they could share with friends overseas. From that, it took off,” Matt told The RiotACT.

He said the reaction to his video has been “ridiculous” but it hasn’t impacted his life much.

“My photography page did get a reasonable amount of interest from it though.”

If you haven’t already seen it, below is Matt’s kangaroo video with its funny commentary, shared from his Facebook site.

When you work in Deakin, and look out your window….May as well use it – head on over to my photography page www.facebook.com/mattbaileyimages ??

Posted by Matt Bailey on Monday, 13 August 2018

Several of the other viral videos created in Canberra and surrounding areas in the last two years are shared below. Given how many videos are shared every day, this list is by no means exhaustive. Add to it in the comments if you know of any other recent local videos which have gone viral.

Clothesline waterslide fun

In true Aussie style, some Canberra guys decided to celebrate Australia Day in 2016 by transforming a backyard into a water park by connecting a hose and a handle on a rope to a Hills Hoist.

Phil and Mike Jacobs and their mates CJ and ‘Bogan Jack’ created the water fun, while Jake Fraser is shown hoisting himself off, sliding around the Hills Hoist multiple times and finishing with a beer. Jake’s video was shared by multiple media outlets, including Nine News, where it has attracted well over three million views. (Although this is a greater number than the Deakin kangaroo video, the waterslide video has been around for far longer and is likely to be overtaken by the kangaroo video soon.)

The fun waterslide antics video is shared from the nine.com.au Facebook site below.

Canberra blokes rig Hills Hoist for epic slip-and-slide

This is the most Australian thing to have ever happened.Read more: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/01/27/15/30/canberra-friends-create-impromptu-australia-day-water-park-with-hills-hoist Courtesy of Jake Fraser#9News | www.nine.com.au

Posted by Nine.com.au on Thursday, 26 January 2017

Kangaroo fills in as a goalkeeper at Canberra women’s match

In late June, a rogue kangaroo was videoed making a cameo appearance at a Canberra women’s premier league match in Deakin – stopping the match for 20 minutes and at one stage trying to fill in as goalkeeper. The video (shown below) was posted by Capital Football and to date has received more than 690,000 views.

Kangaroo at Deakin!

A brief summary of why the second half was delayed at Deakin today, between Belconnen United Blue Devils & Canberra FC Women's Premier League. ?? BarTV Sports

Posted by NPL Capital Football on Sunday, 24 June 2018

Six woolly alpacas charged with sniffing out drugs

An ACT Policing video produced for April Fools’ Day 2016 hit the funny bone for many viewers delighted by the idea of woolly alpacas being sent in to sniff out drugs. The video stars six unruly white alpacas and a deadpan presenter who seeks to convince us that her rigorously trained charges will provide good backup for when “all our canines are deployed”.

The ‘Alpaca Drug Detection Pilot Program’ video posted to Facebook (and shown below) has to date attracted around 303,000 views.

Alpaca Drug Detection Pilot Program

Introducing the Alpaca Drug Detection Pilot Program…

Posted by ACT Policing on Friday, 31 March 2017

Dangerous driving on Monaro Highway

Grace Stevens from Cooma posted dash-cam footage to Facebook of a frighteningly close call when a ute is faced with an overtaking car travelling right into its path on the Monaro Highway. The incident captured dramatically on camera took place on July 31 and shows the ute swerving off the road to narrowly avoid the oncoming car which has crossed into its lane.

Grace posted the footage (seen below) to her Facebook site and to date it has attracted 150,000 views.

On my way back home to Cooma, a close one caught on my dash cam.. sadly this happens way too often, especially between Cooma and Canberra. share it around friends and create more awareness for the safety of others. This is not okay!!UPDATE: Has been handed into police but awaiting another statement from someone else. If you experienced this and just so happened to get the rego then please let me know. *The poor young fella in front of me has been in contact and is a little shaken up, but okay. Just wanted to say good on him for the way he quickly reacted and avoided the situation*Dash Cam Owners Australia – Monaro Police District – Australian Federal Police- Monaro Team Rural Fire Service – Snowy Monaro Regional Council – The Monaro Post – WIN News Canberra – 7 News Sydney – 7 News Australia – ACT Policing –

Posted by Grace Stevens on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Magpie swooping video featuring ANU scientists in awful jumpers

A video featuring a pair of ANU scientists wearing awful jumpers and being swooped by magpies as they ride a tandem bike across campus attracted strong interest after it was created in October 2016.

To date, the Facebook video posted by ANU (and seen below), has attracted 42,000 views – and has no doubt resonated strongly with people who know what it’s like to duck their way through the magpie-swooping season.

A bird’s eye view on magpie attacks

The magpies of ANU have gained campus icon status for their infamous swooping. How will they fare against a tandem bike commandeered by two brave academics in terrible jumpers? And why are these angry birds so… angry?

Posted by Science at ANU on Thursday, 6 October 2016

Moving story seen through a baby’s eyes honours firefighters

Posted less than 10 days ago, a moving video told from the point of view of a premature baby boy fighting for his life seeks to honour the firefighters who fought to protect the family’s South Coast home and save their “new beginning”.

The touching video (shown below) was posted by Jemma Paewhenua to her Facebook site and has already been viewed by 41,000 people.

This is a message of gratitude to everyone who has helped during the bushfires. There’s a special message in here for pilot Allan Tull (the pilot who tragically lost his life), so PLEASE SHARE with everyone as we’re hoping it will reach his family ??

Posted by Jemma Paewhenua on Sunday, 19 August 2018

Do you know of any other videos taken in Canberra or surrounds which have gone viral in the last couple of years? If so, let us know about them and share a link in the comments below.

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