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DIY Wotz on Guide for the weekend of 3 January 2014

By 2 January 2014

[ 3 January 2014 to 5 January 2014. ]

Somewhat alarmingly the first weekend of 2014 is hard upon us!

What’s worth seeing and doing around town this weekend?

Just leave your suggestions in the comments.

Life keeps finding a way

By 2 January 2014

A seen in an Inner North Park this morning.
They might have cut away the whole tree.
They might have poisoned the stump.
But there’s something alive down there and it’s not giving up just yet.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Trouble with your tablet? The Libraries want to help

By 2 January 2014

In their ongoing search for relevance the ACT Library Service has announced their providing training in festive tablet gifts:
Tablets, eReaders and other gadgets were definitely up there with the most popular gifts this Christmas, so if you received an eBook device and haven’t quite got the hang of it yet then come along to a [...]

ANU opening up their Kioloa Coastal Campus

By 2 January 2014

[ 3 January 2014 to 6 January 2014. ]

If you’re down at the coast or heading that way you might be interested in four days of access to the ANU’s Kioloa Campus:

The Australian National University is inviting people to walk in the shoes of a scientist when it opens its Kioloa Coastal Campus to the public in January.

The campus is on 348 hectares [...]

New Years Eve 2014 in three pictures

By 2 January 2014

Pete has sent in three great contrasting pictures of Civic this year for the New Years festivities.
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So many more of us, so many less fatalities

By 2 January 2014

ACT Policing has recorded a single digit road toll of seven in 2013 making it the second lowest annual road toll since 1959.
Traffic Operations Officer in Charge, Station Sergeant Rod Anderson said achieving the second lowest road toll in over half a century was an indication of changing attitudes in Canberra drivers to road safety.
“Any [...]

Suspicious death in Phillip

By 1 January 2014

About 2pm today (Wednesday, January 1) police were called to a residential address in Phillip where a deceased man had been found.
Friends of the man went to check on him and found him in the residence. Members of ACT Policing Woden Patrol attended and ACT Ambulance Service arrived a short time later.
The 71-year-old man was [...]

Lyneham death now a homicide investigation

By 1 January 2014

ACT Policing has released an image of homicide victim Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber.
About 3.30pm on Saturday (December 28), police were called to a check-welfare at Mr Sofer-Schreiber’s residence in Hall Street, Lyneham.
Friends of Mr Sofer-Schreiber gained entry after seeing him on the floor, ACT Ambulance Service attended and police arrived a short time later.
The 27-year-old was found [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. September.

By 1 January 2014

As we work into the new year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
September gave us:

1) Harold found this corker:

2) Genie found this gem in Nishi:

3) Alexa gave us this one:

4) Ledanta appreciated consideration for pedestrians:

Stay tuned for the best of October tomorrow. Keep sending parking pictures in to with the word [...]

State of the Riot 2013

By 1 January 2014

It’s time to look back at the vital stats for this site in 2013 and see what the most read stories and most searched for people were.
(All numbers courtesy Google Analytics)
Despite some technical disasters during the year we still racked up a very satisfying 7% increase in the all important Unique Visitors to 1,509,617.
Pageviews [...]

The City Cruise is tomorrow!

By 1 January 2014

[ 2 January 2014; 12:00 pm; ] TAMS are giving notice that the Summernats City Cruise is going down tomorrow at Midday:

The ACT Government today provided details about how people can safely enjoy the Summernats City Cruise at midday on Thursday 2 January 2014, as well as the temporary disruption it will cause to motorists and pedestrians.

The Cruise takes place between [...]

Andrew Barr thought it was a good New Years

By 1 January 2014

Andrew Barr has kindly provided a recap of last nights events in the city:
Canberra celebrated the end of a successful Centenary year with explosive celebrations in Civic Square and Garema Place last night, making for a spectacular start to 2014.
Upwards of 45,000 people flocked to the city to enjoy the fantastic line up of [...]

Double the number of young drunks this new year’s

By 1 January 2014

As revellers welcomed in the New Year ACT Policing was highly visible in Canberra with a strong focus on road safety and anti-social behaviour.
New Year’s Eve Operation Commander Superintendent Brett Kidner said it was a challenging night but that police were generally pleased with the behaviour of the crowds.
“Overall people were well-behaved with no major [...]

Fireworks from the suburbs

By 31 December 2013

The kelpies were all locked up for the 9pm fireworks tonight but I quite enjoyed the view from the garden.
Roll on midnight.
If you’ve got pictures of the fireworks by all means send them in to .

The Mint loses its roof

By 31 December 2013

The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) is on scene at the Royal Australian Mint this afternoon after a strong wind gust dislodged part of the building’s roof.
ACT Fire & Rescue was first notified of the incident in Deakin just after 3:30pm and dispatched a crew to ensure there were no public safety issues.
The ACTSES was [...]

Do L Plates and Biohazard mix?

By 31 December 2013

An anonymous friend has sent in this interesting combination seen on the cotter road turning north onto the parkway.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Goodbye 2013. We are afloat on rivers of crap and the boat is sinking

By 31 December 2013

Cracked has a good article on the rising tide excrement trying to clog every potential avenue of information.
Here in Canberra looking back on the year it’s just as awful with things that look a bit like news filling up our letterboxes and the airwaves.
With no meaningful clashes of ideology (Labor being the party of big [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. August.

By 31 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
August gave us:

1) An anonymous reader upset the young liberals with this one:

2) Col made matters worse although it should be noted Ms Jones claims building at the Trinity School had lead to an exemption being granted

3) [...]

Most of them dead, The rest of them dying. O’Connor shops trees

By 31 December 2013

Standing at O’Connor Shops this afternoon it took me a minute to get my finger on what was wrong with the normally leafy shady space.
A hell of a lot of the trees are dead or dying.
A real shame.

The Nature of the Monkey was… Irrepressible!

By 31 December 2013

As seen in O’Connor this afternoon, I gather they’re up all around Canberra.
As this nation of bastards competes to see who can be the biggest bastard coated bastard with a soft bastard centre to vulnerable people it’s nice to see someone fighting the fight.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? [...]

Quadcopter’s eye view of the Great Oxley Fire aftermath. Now with video!

By 31 December 2013

Rotor Media have sent in some aerial views of last night’s fire path on Oxley Hill:
More images re Oxley Fire (Aerial from a quadcopter)
See attached aerial images of the aftermath of the Oxley Fire. Emergency Services still present to ensure it does not flare up.

Got images of Canberra you want to share with the [...]

TAMS all ready to deal with your festive filth

By 31 December 2013

Territory and Municipal Services are making sure we all know that their cleaners are raring to get stuck into the horrific mess thousands of revelling drunks will leave behind tonight.
While you are out in town this New Year’s Eve, spare a thought for the city cleaners who will set their alarms before 5 am on [...]

The Great Oxley Conflagration of 2013 in pictures

By 31 December 2013

In the wake of last night’s fire Swoalah has sent in these pictures:
A couple of photos of the grass fire on Oxley Hill tonight.
We heard the explosion as we were walking around the lake and the hill was already well alight by the time we saw it, so it seems likely that the fire [...]

David Finnigan with you don’t have to be rich

By 31 December 2013

Arguably the best thing to come out of Canberra David Finnigan has graced the Rizal Fountain Raps and it’s worth looking at:
The fourth series of The Rizal Fountain Raps sees Too Many Weapons (or David Finnigan, Georgie McAuley, Jordan Prosser & Sam Burns-Warr) return to the creativity-breeding grounds of Penrith in NSW to perform a [...]

Oxley fire

By 31 December 2013

The ACT Fire & Rescue and ACT Rural Fire Service is currently responding to a grass fire burning at Oxley Hill.
The Bushfire Alert and Warning Level for this fire has been set at ADVICE.
The ACT Fire & Rescue and ACT Rural Fire Service has multiple units responding to the scene.
Update to follow.
9:28 PM

ACT Fire & [...]

Wallaroo grassfire

By 30 December 2013

The ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT Fire & Rescue is currently responding to a grass fire burning at on the ACT / NSW border at Wallaroo.
The Bushfire Alert and Warning Level for this fire has been set at ADVICE.
The ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT Fire & Rescue has multiple units responding to the [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. July.

By 30 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
July gave us:

1) Waston was enraged by this school crossing obstruction:

2) I found this favourite in Dickson:

3) Busbooster was couldn’t go past by this effort in Kingston:

4) Ishai was impressed by flawless parking by a strange looking [...]

Another Canberra Time Lapse

By 30 December 2013

2013 has been a great year for time-lapse videos of Canberra (I’ll buy a pint for anyone who can parody the form).
Doubleconvex has brought a late entry to the pack:
Visit for more on how I make these time-lapse short films.
I’m of the opinion that the Capital of Australia doesn’t get enough promotion. When people [...]

Life with the robot. How I came to love the Roomba

By 30 December 2013

In a desperate and forlorn effort to reduce the amount of screaming in my domestic situation I splashed out on an iRobot Roomba 630 which Costco at Majura Park is flogging for $500.
While the shouting has only intensified the floors, with very very little effort, are now spotless despite living with shedding dogs.
So I thought [...]

Few new rental listings over the Christmas break

By 30 December 2013

Our quick and dirty tracking of rental listings on allhomes doesn’t have too many surprises this week.
As one would expect there were very few new properties listed over Christmas week (although one landlord found the time to trouble the scorers on Christmas day), while around 200 properties came off the market.
On the other hand the [...]

Crackdown threatened on malingering pubes

By 30 December 2013

The Australian is running with glee on news of a crackdown on sickies in the public service:
Senator Eric Abetz, the Minister assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service, said “taxpayers are entitled to expect that their money is spent efficiently and effectively, with minimum waste on excessive sick leave”.
“Managing unscheduled absence is a [...]

New years road closures

By 30 December 2013

TAMS are giving notice about road closures for tomorrow night’s fireworks:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the following roads and car parks will be closed in the city for New Year’s Eve celebrations:
– Northbourne Avenue, southbound between Cooyong Street and Vernon Circle, from 8.40 pm to 9.30 pm [...]

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