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Westfield Belconnen Parking

By 31 October 2014

Hi Rioters
Can anyone give a suggestion for cheaper parking at or very near Belconnen Westfield?
A family member works unusual hours in the mall and sometimes doesn’t finish until almost midnight.  The option of public transport doesn’t work.  To bus it from Gungahlin to the mall is one thing but there are no buses late at [...]

Make money from your spare car space with Parkhound

By 7 October 2014

The days of free parking in the Parliamentary Triangle are officially over. At the same time, finding a reasonably priced long stay car space in the CBD or Braddon is becoming an increasingly frustrating and time consuming exercise.
What’s a commuter to do? Enter Parkhound, an online community that connects drivers with spare car parking spaces [...]

Calwell Swimming Pool- Car Parking or Lack Off.

By 11 September 2014

Great to see the Liberal Member for Brindabella doing what all politicians seem good at and self praising himself in a local flyer for his part in ensuring that the construction of a new swimming pool at Calwell went ahead, despite “numerous hurdles” placed in the way.
One of those hurdles no doubt was the lack [...]

August 2014 Belconnen Community Council Public Forum: Omnibus Territory Plan / Belconnen Town Centre Survey results

By 18 August 2014

[ 19 August 2014 at 7:30 pm; ]

The August 2014 Public Forum for the Belconnen Community Council will be held at:

7.30pm, Tuesday 19 August 2014 in the
Community Room above the Belconnen Library
Chandler Street, Belconnen

Representatives from the Community Services Directorate and the Economic Development Directorate will discuss the Omnibus Territory Plan Variation sites, especially those in Belconnen at Kaleen (former bocce club) and [...]

Dickson Shopping Centre: Start with a proper car park!

By 23 July 2014

The development of Dickson reminds us how important it is to plan new developments around the needs of motorists now and into the future.
Science fiction writers and the concept car division at Toyota have exhausted themselves looking for alternative transport solutions. Robert Heinlein even proposed a network of rolling treadmill-like roadways moving at graduated speeds. [...]

Disabled Parking apparently for everybody?

By 5 May 2014

I would just like to bring to the attention of numerous inconsiderate individuals, that disabled parking spaces -particularly the three at the back of the Jamison Centre near the post office – are only for cars displaying valid permits. These three parking spaces are clearly marked as disabled, yet every time I visit the area [...]

Paid parking at UC and Groovin the Moo

By 27 April 2014

In March, the University of Canberra started charging for parking. It has caused a fair amount of anger and outrage, not to mention a few heated discussions in class. It hasn’t bothered me that much as it’s not particularly expensive and for the most part seems to discouraged some from driving, freeing up parks closer [...]

Parking – without plates, hypothetically

By 14 February 2014

Here’s a purely hypothetical situation:
I drive my nondescript white Commodore to an ACT pre-pay parking lot, remove the ML-585 number plates and park without buying or displaying a ticket. Since I no longer have a registration sticker, in the event of a parking inspector doing the rounds, how will they issue me with a fine?
This [...]

Parking restrictions

By 11 February 2014

We live in a narrow street in Crace – 6 m of asphalt – with no parking restrictions, no parking bays and, except for one house, no driveways. 
Fine at the moment, but a development has been approved – yes we put in a representation – for across the road that will see twelve new [...]

EDD wants you to leave the car behind when going to the cricket

By 10 January 2014

The funsters at the Economic Development Directorate are expressing a preference for cars not to be driven to the PM’s XI:
If you’re going to the Prime Minsters XI V’s England match at Manuka on Tuesday, your best bet is to leave the car at home and catch an ACTION bus, and it won’t cost you [...]

All your wall calendars sucking? May we present the RiotACT Parking Calendar for 2014

By 8 January 2014

Taking the best of parking photos, arrange by month in the iPhoto Calendar tool, add in the ACT Public Holidays, hey presto a pdf calendar to sneak down to your office reproduction room to bogart the glossy paper while the place is quiet.
(Also anyone who can get one of the relevant car owners to pose [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. December

By 7 January 2014

As we work into the new year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
December gave us:

1) This year has been characterised by an epic battle between Jamison and Woden for the title of Worst Parking Locale in Canberra. Shirty Bear brought home the year for Jammo:

2) Lyshious staked a claim for Dickson:

3) Nouse [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. November

By 6 January 2014

As we work into the new year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
November gave us:

1) Anon saw this at the Hellenic Club:

2) Sheep Groper found this in Dickson:

3) I was intrigued by this one at Gorman House:

4) Sarah rounded out Flash Car November with this effort at the Gungahlin Veterinary Clinic:

Stay tuned [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. October

By 2 January 2014

As we work into the new year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
October gave us:

1) Someone else called John noted the perils of choice anxiety at Questacon

2) An anonymous Rioter caught Giulia Jones in action:

3) Aeek had an aesthetically pleasing contribution:

4) And TLJ sent us a second contribution from the Legislative Assembly’s [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. September.

By 1 January 2014

As we work into the new year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
September gave us:

1) Harold found this corker:

2) Genie found this gem in Nishi:

3) Alexa gave us this one:

4) Ledanta appreciated consideration for pedestrians:

Stay tuned for the best of October tomorrow. Keep sending parking pictures in to with the word [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. August.

By 31 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
August gave us:

1) An anonymous reader upset the young liberals with this one:

2) Col made matters worse although it should be noted Ms Jones claims building at the Trinity School had lead to an exemption being granted

3) [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. July.

By 30 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
July gave us:

1) Waston was enraged by this school crossing obstruction:

2) I found this favourite in Dickson:

3) Busbooster was couldn’t go past by this effort in Kingston:

4) Ishai was impressed by flawless parking by a strange looking [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. June.

By 29 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
June gave us:

1) Darrell had a real corker from Hobart Place:

2) Matt discovered an unusual level of affirmative action in ACT Policing:

3) The Bus Driver found a real gem at Anzac Park West:

4) Dilandau found that money [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. May.

By 28 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
May gave us:

1) Anthony found some great work in Gungahlin:

2) Emma found a hit at the Canebrra Centre:

3) P1 brought a sense of justice from Woden:

4) Finally Claw found this in the Canberra Centre:

Stay tuned for the [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. April.

By 27 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
April gave us:

1) Andy found this effort lurking in New Acton:

2) Claire fell victim to the rare double-double park at ANU.

3) Evan sent in a particularly privileged parking effort:

4) Tim sent this one in from Rivett:

Stay tuned [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. March.

By 23 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
March gave us:
1) Damien sent in this intriguing parking display by a hitherto surviving Milko:

2) RP071 sent in one for the ages:

3) Bitterness got diagramatic:

4) Mark found this on Mort Street:

Stay tuned for the best of April [...]

Tender awarded for new pay parking machines

By 21 December 2013

It seems hard to believe in this era of Pay-Wave and smart phones that pay parking in Canberra is done with hunks of metal and an easily forged slip of paper.
Thankfully Andrew Barr has announced he’s paying Duncan Solutions to give us something better:
Following an evaluation of all tenders, Duncan Solution has been chosen as [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. February.

By 18 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
February gave us:
1) A dark and hungry God of bad parking arose in Jamison. Loxmyf sent this one in:

2) Chris found a funny looking Motorcycle at the ANU:

3) Guy presented us with the dawn of elevated parking [...]

Parking 2013 Greatest Hits. January.

By 17 December 2013

As we work down to the end of the year we present four great parking pictures from each month.
January gave us:
1) Sheepgroper’s spot in Pialligo:

2) On Kingston’s Jardine St Sirocco found an Audi doing what comes naturally:

3) Arf gave us an A for effort in Yarralumla:

4) The Gungahlin Magnet Mart presented this opportunity for Allen:

Stay [...]

Park that Monday right here

By 9 December 2013

Hey Rioters, Riotesses, and Rioteers!
Not that we’ve all partied down at a bunch of weddings over the weekend, let’s get down to some serious parking business.
It’s time for another dose of poor parking.
If you’ve got some shots you’d like to share send them to, make sure to use the word parking in the subject [...]

Monday Parking fights back

By 2 December 2013

Dear Monday People,
I’m sorry the weekend is over.
Here are some parking photos that demonstrate how sorry I am.
If you are sorry too you can give us parking photos, just email them to and we’ll do the rest. Make sure to include parking in the subject and let us know what name you would like [...]

Park on you crazy Monday!

By 25 November 2013

Happy Monday Humans!
You know what you’re here for, I don’t need to explain it.
You’ve probably scrolled past this intro already, dots of saliva landing on your keyboard as you prepare to gorge yourself on some sweet bad parking photos.
Once you’ve had your fill please remember to contribute to the cause by sending in your own [...]

Tales of Monday Parking

By 18 November 2013

Some call it a punishment from God for a world full of sin, some say it was a curse placed upon drivers after one cut an old witch off at an intersection once, most just assume there are lots of stupid lazy people out there…
But whatever the reason, the fact remains that poor parking is [...]

Monday Parking Showdown

By 11 November 2013

Oh no! It’s Monday!
Well back to work everyone… and by work I mean back to looking at photos of people parking poorly.
It’s a hard knock life.
If you’ve got some shots of people parking badly send them in to
Be sure to use the word “PARKING” in the subject line and let us know what name [...]

The ghosts of Constitution Avenue ride again

By 9 November 2013

Mayor Rattenbury is out for his first Constitution Avenue Rodeo.
A stretch of road dominated by gravel car parks and bordered by Canberra’s oldest graveyard will, we are repeatedly promised, be transformed into the Paris of the South.
Anyway, here’s Shane’s stab at it:
Work is progressing on the upgrade of Constitution Avenue with design plans now finalised [...]

Giulia Jones having a go at other people’s parking!

By 5 November 2013

Angels and Ministers of Grace preserve us, the Canberra Times has got Guilia Jones on record about the poor parking of people not in her liveried car!
Spokeswoman and Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones said several of her constituents had voiced concerns about services accessing clients in the suburb, including Staverton Place.
“It is not good enough [...]

The Legend of Monday Parking

By 4 November 2013

Hey, Listen!
It’s dangerous to go alone, take these parking photos with you!
If you happen to find some poorly parked cars along the way, snap a photo and send it in to the RiotACT at Be sure to include the word “parking” in the subject, and let us know what name you would like to [...]

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