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90 year old punches on with the cops

By johnboy - 9 February 2013 17

ACT Policing arrested a 90-year-old Turner man who allegedly assaulted a security guard outside a bar on Northbourne Avenue in the early hours of this morning (Saturday, February 9).

Around 1.10am today, the man became involved in an altercation with bar security staff and allegedly punched the guard.

City Beats police on foot patrol in the immediate area attended quickly. The elderly man remained agitated and belligerent with the security staff, and was led away by police under protective custody.

The man then swung several punches and kicked out at police. He was then conveyed to the ACT Watch House where he was charged with three counts of common assault.

The man was later released on Watch House bail and will appear in court on February 26.

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

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17 Responses to
90 year old punches on with the cops
bundah 9:30 am 18 Feb 13

johnboy said :

They don’t need to go out and commit crime when the pharmaceutical benefits scheme gives them a steady supply of high quality drugs to sell to the bikies.

Geriatrics in cohorts with the bikies,god damn what is the world coming to 🙂

johnboy 9:02 am 18 Feb 13

They don’t need to go out and commit crime when the pharmaceutical benefits scheme gives them a steady supply of high quality drugs to sell to the bikies.

RadioVK 8:40 am 18 Feb 13

90 years old, out at a bar at 1am drinking and chasing women, and then punching on with the cops.

Talk about growing old disgracefully, I want to grow up to be just like him.

c_c™ 1:48 am 18 Feb 13

I’m actually surprised there isn’t more geriatric crime. Think about it, courts aren’t likely to lock them up, many are in need of money, and they’re usually unassuming.

RaTTyRaTT 7:35 pm 17 Feb 13

Well at least he didn’t try and flee the scene of the incident. I mean we could have had some real police drama worthy of TV from that… (get the Police copter in, hot pursuit hey…)

I mean, if we give our boys in blue a handicap (they gotta walk by putting one foot in front of the other slowly…) then the walking frame may give the added benefit… It’s like SLO MO hot pursuit from the US, but with walker frames and coppers…

oh that’s just too funny for words…

cegee 1:54 pm 11 Feb 13

i’ve seen this guy around civic, and yes, he is very handsy and creepy. going up to young women and putting his hands in their coats, in their back pockets etc.

obamabinladen 10:35 am 10 Feb 13

Back in my day if you got in a blue, the coppers they’d belt ya around a bit and once you sober up they’d send you on ya way! Lol 90 and still a sick c*** the coppers should’ve all chipped in and dropped him off at fyshwick!

rosscoact 11:35 pm 09 Feb 13

power to him, punch on champ. I want to go out swinging, not meekly accepting the inevitable. Two thumbs up

Jane Doe 10:09 pm 09 Feb 13

The cops should have given him a warm glass of milk, a DVD of Midsomer Murders and sent him on his way. He wouldnt have caused any trouble after that.

Pork Hunt 4:47 pm 09 Feb 13

Why common assault? If it was you or me it would be assault on a Commonwealth official or whatever it’s called this week.

Elmo 12:04 pm 09 Feb 13

I saw that guy – he is known to be really creepy towards young women. He was just pissed that someone called him on it!

bundah 11:49 am 09 Feb 13

Way too much testosterone at ninety.I’m sure he would’ve been very busy in the nursing home!

Girt_Hindrance 11:34 am 09 Feb 13

Great Grandpa is spry.

PM 11:24 am 09 Feb 13

A belligerent 90 year old at a bar? Surely not…!

I’m not advocating violence, but I likes the bloke; if I can do that when I’m 90 I’d be very pleased.

Duffbowl 11:07 am 09 Feb 13

Bloody old people these days! Bring in National Service for them, I say!

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