A final nail in the coffin of the DVD rental store?

johnboy 22 September 2010 15
DVD dispenser

Owen sent this in with the following note:

The coming of age for the Kippax Shopping center, a DVD dispenser.

Probably another nail in the Video Store’s coffin. Maybe some dispensers are already functioning in Canberra, but certainly they are about in Sydney.

Swipe your credit card to take the movie out, swipe your card when you return it and get charged the hiring fee, otherwise you get charged the full price.

Between things like this and ever more sophisticated video on demand offerings what hope for these former hubs of the community?

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15 Responses to A final nail in the coffin of the DVD rental store?
Jordo Jordo 10:20 pm 21 Sep 10

There’s one outside Supabarn Wanniassa, I still prefer to go and hire at the video shop, believe it or not there’s still some video shop peeps that are helpful and also recommend some good stuff.
I also gotta justify buying a blu-ray player.

Barry S Barry S 7:52 pm 21 Sep 10

Big deal. Still the hassle of pickup and return. When will the movie studios wake up to how much money they will make with web downloads.

PBO PBO 2:34 pm 21 Sep 10

If this works in a similar way to an RFID chip then it is open for theft.

Bane Bane 1:59 pm 21 Sep 10

gospeedygo said :

Praise the lord for Channel BT.

Hallelujah! =)

gospeedygo gospeedygo 1:30 pm 21 Sep 10

Praise the lord for Channel BT.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 11:43 am 21 Sep 10

Pommy bastard said :

It would only make a difference if there were ever anything worth watching released any more. Seeing as there isn’t, it’s a moot point.


… there certainly isn’t much in the average video shop these days that a grown adult would want to watch … different story for kids (although people seem to be kids up to the age of about 35 nowadays).

p1 p1 11:30 am 21 Sep 10

I was boggled that they rented each disc from a tv show separately! It is cheaper to go buy it from JB Hifi.

And on the off chance you are thinking of renting a TV show from the video store (say, for example, you’ve reached your monthly download limit and been shaped…), you have to ring and see if they have it in store, because they don’t have any sort on online database system, something public libraries figured out ten years ago. And when you ring, they say they don’t have it because the teen aged staff member can’t spell to type it into the ‘puter.

Skidd Marx Skidd Marx 11:21 am 21 Sep 10

Might be time to give the broker a call to offload those Video Ezy shares I so heavily invested in back when Bob Turner was doing their ads.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:20 am 21 Sep 10

It would only make a difference if there were ever anything worth watching released any more. Seeing as there isn’t, it’s a moot point.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:08 am 21 Sep 10

There’s one in Erindale, another outside the Supabarn in Civic. I actually went into a video store the other day and was boggled by how far behind they are in terms of new releases and TV (yay US iTunes account). Video rental stores (and even Australian cinemas) are becoming increasingly irrelevant when you can get stuff on DVD/Blu-ray from the US while it’s still on the big screen here.

Inappropriate Inappropriate 10:00 am 21 Sep 10

Old news. Besides, Video on Demand will kill video stores in 5 years.

switch switch 9:43 am 21 Sep 10

Curtin’s closed (again) last week. But I think it’s for good, this time.

motleychick motleychick 9:36 am 21 Sep 10

There is an Oovie in Tuggeranong and another one like it in Woden. They have been in Sydney for AGES! So much cheaper than hiring from a video shop.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:30 am 21 Sep 10

There has been one in Woden Plaza for so long I didn’t think anybody got excited by them anymore…

trevar trevar 9:29 am 21 Sep 10

Oh, so Kippax has finally caught up with 2005… at this rate they’ll be in 2010 before the centenary hits!

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