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A great week for the pubs…

By Ntp - 6 August 2007 22

In a sting of media releases from the AFP we can see what was a less that stirling week for a couple of nightspots around town.

First up The-Venue in Erindale had two laptops and their takings stolen on Thursday night. as this occurred the morning after the Hoodoo Gurus’ gig this would be especially painful for the owners.

Next and also down on the southside we have a cowardly and violent assault at 2am Saturday morning inside PJ’s in Greenway. No assault is good but sconing someone from behind is a particularly low act.

To wrap up this trifecta we have a hit and run outside the Irish Club in Weston, again at 2am on Saturday morning.

In all cases “Police would urge anyone who may have seen the incident or may have seen the vehicle in question to contact Crime Stoppers by email at or toll free by phone on 1800 333 000.”

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22 Responses to
A great week for the pubs…
Danman 7:25 am 07 Aug 07

I doubt you’d get that sort of behaviour with people taking ecstacy

Probably too busy supporting organised crime through the trade and use of illicit substances – not to mention there is a water shortage at the moment – and all the chem heads seem to do is drink it all.

I am doing my part for water conservation by drinking only beer.

I have submitted a paper to our board at work to have the water cooler replaced with a mystery box and keg.

boomacat 8:29 pm 06 Aug 07

Interesting that alcohol and tobacco are still the only legal drugs.

I doubt you’d get that sort of behaviour with people taking ecstacy.

Time for a serious policy rethink?

hk0reduck 7:25 pm 06 Aug 07

After seeing some of the things that happened at Jackpot you’d have to agree that 5 guards is probably the right amount for certain nights.

I wonder what will happen to the guard with the venue symbol shaved into the sides of his head if you replace them all.

venme_venue 5:04 pm 06 Aug 07

Believe me stung I hear ya. You think it is a bit funny from your point of view, I pay these guys x amount an hour and it drives me nuts to see them just hanging out like that. Plus the obvious impression it makes at the front door. The reason for so many security is basically the size of the place. By the time you have two at the door (plus now a lovely door girl) a guy on the balcony, one or two guys in the pool room, a guy in the nightclub you are already looking at 4 or 5, plus usually a floating guy. If they are all doing their jobs properly and manning the correct areas it should be a safe environment without feeling like a police state.

Stung 4:55 pm 06 Aug 07

Tim from the venue – I think that’s a great idea to review the security situation. It seems a little bit funny that when you walk in the door there are sometimes 5 or so bouncers (or their mates, I dunno?) standing right there, and all they seem to do is take the money for cover charge. why so many bouncers? It’s not a good look, and I know alot of people find these knuckleheads to be pretty rude and intimidating – this is alot of peoples first impression of the club, before they even get upstairs. I have no complaints about inside as the bar staff are very friendly and the service is pretty quick, but the gorillas gotta go mate…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 4:43 pm 06 Aug 07

I don’t know why people want to try to fight when they get on the turps. After a few drinks it’s all I can do not to double over with laughter, at, well, everything. If drinking makes you that angry, why do it?

venme_venue 3:58 pm 06 Aug 07

Hey all Tim from the Venue, thought i had better chuck my hat in on this one.

Firstly yes the robbery hurt alot. Not only the taking but almost our whole change reserve was stolen, which made opening for Angela Dish very painful. Thanks to the good folks at The vikings club for helping us out of a tight spot. The biggest pain in the ass is that with the cost of the Gurus staff etc we actually only broke even on the night anyway so it extremely disheartening, especially in the already slow winter season. Plus the computer equipment we lost had band lists, promo stuff, all sorts of things that we are now trying to redo. Take one step forward and get knocked back three :-/

blueberry – The fight on the balcony after the gurus happened at the end of the night, I was the on duty manager. From what i understand there was initially some confusion about the incident, Security made their first priority to administer first aid to the guy with the broken nose. We then sussed out who had been involved and ejected them from the club and banned them. My personal stance is a zero tolerance policy of violence, no matter who started it or who may be in the right, if a punter reacts with violence they will always be in the wrong in my books, and dealt with accordingly.

Stung – I am sorry to hear you seem to have some problems with security, I am keen to hear your feedback as we are in the process of reviewing how security works in the club, and switching to a new Security company. There have been some issues in the past and i am hoping that in the future your experience with security will be far more friendly and professional. Feel free to email at if you wish to share details and I will endeavor to address your issues.

The same goes for anyone else that has had a negative experience at the venue, please email me. We are doing our very best to build an enjoyable and safe place. A major part of doing that is listening to direct feedback from our customers.

apehammer 3:24 pm 06 Aug 07

USUALLY your fiancee?

Stung 2:52 pm 06 Aug 07

venue bouncers are a pack of deadshit meatheads, all they care about is making sure punters pay the $5 cover charge, not actually providing security.

Danman 2:42 pm 06 Aug 07

I usually only get blotto at home or at friends houses – dinner parties and shindigs/bbq’s are the go these days – at least we choose the vibe and company – food and drinks are cheap – no taxi fares – and always guaranteed to hit teh sack with a beautiful woman (Usually my fiancee*)

*statement issued to garner brownie points with the riot crew and readers

apehammer 2:02 pm 06 Aug 07


Dagget 1:39 pm 06 Aug 07

Whenever I have a Bundy-fest I tell myself : WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you have mystical Kung Fu powers, resulting in you getting your ass kicked.

SINNER ACT 12:23 pm 06 Aug 07

unless you work in a club and see how many idiots there are in this town that think they can fight when they are drunk than you have no idea of how many fights actually happen in this town. Some people should take a good look at themselves and understand when they are drunk to shut their mouths

S4anta 12:22 pm 06 Aug 07

alcohol + drunk testerone fuelled men with little inhibitions and self control = drama. We have all been there.

blueberry 11:47 am 06 Aug 07

From what I have heard a guy also got his nose broken at The Gurus gig by some drunk guy.
Apparently there were bouncers looking on that did not even attempt to help. Also the offender was later reported seen being served more alcoholic drinks at the bar.

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