Best Gym for kickboxing/muay thai

sunshine 28 November 2009 6

Has anyone got any info on either the Phoenix Gym in Canberra or the Underground Boxing Gym in Queanbeyan???

My son has decided he wants to get into muay thai and i’m wondering where the best place etc…is to send him, he’s 14 yrs old.

I’m not a fan of the Bob Jones Corp Gyms so would probably stay away from them.

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6 Responses to Best Gym for kickboxing/muay thai
batmantrilogy batmantrilogy 11:46 pm 28 Oct 15

our relative’s son goes to phoenix.
Certainly got a good reputation .

sunshine sunshine 5:13 pm 30 Nov 09

thank you everyone – will give phoenix a go.

bloodnut bloodnut 12:30 pm 30 Nov 09

All the folks I know that do muay thai – both male and female – go to Phoenix. It has a professional reputation and has also produced some great fighters.

m6.7 m6.7 2:14 pm 29 Nov 09

I don’t know anything about the Queanbeyan gym mentioned. Phoenix I can highly recommend. Aside from the fitness/kickboxing skills it will probably provide your son with a good attitude.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:29 pm 29 Nov 09

No, no, NO.

There are rules about getting martial arts training in Australia. You don’t go to a ‘gym’. You go to a ‘dojo’ run by some bloke with a Booney mustache who runs a panel beating outfit behind his mum’s fish and chip shop. By day, he’s in King Gee overalls with the arse torn out of them. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, though, he has a totally sweet black gi with flared pants and Adidas stripes down the sides. He has trained in Shotokan-fu Kyurindinkidi Jojitsudan – the authentic stuff, from Master Ron ‘Tommo’ Thompson, who was trained by Sifu Kev, who was a brown belt under legendary Dave ‘The Dragon’ Kingswood (that’s right – a brown belt from The Dragon was, like, fully fifteenth dan red belt with two white stripes and some Chinese letters in gold embroidery from a regular instructor), who was the only true Australian-born ninja, and was on a plane once with Stephen K Hayes.

Your training will involve standing on some blue mats in the garage. Booney will beat the sh.t out of you with a broom handle he’s spray-painted black with silver tape wrapped round the ends. You will rummage through the garbage at rival dojos looking for dirt on their instructors. You will watch Bruce Lee DVDs in freeze-frame while sinking VBs. You will talk trash about Bob Jones over chiko rolls, and talk about how you’re totally going to train in Japan after you’ve paid off the VR body kit. Your first grading requires you to kick through a fruit crate borrowed from Con Sitsoukadis’ cousin’s shop. Once in a while you’ll go on a retreat to Booney’s Dad’s property near Mudgee where you’ll sit cross-legged by a camp fire and make mystical hand signs designed to render you invisible. It will be, like, fully twelve to eighteen months before you’re a black belt and can take every second Tuesday’s under-10s ‘numbchucks’ class.

Special G Special G 7:25 am 29 Nov 09

I would suggest your son trys both of those Gyms. They both have produced excellent fighters in the past. Go to both and see which one he likes the best as that is the one he will continue with. Then it also comes down to how far you are prepared to travel, cost etc..

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