Canberra Marathon today – avoid the parliamentary triangle

johnboy 19 April 2009 11

[First filed: April 19, 2009 @ 10:10]

The ABC warns that today’s the big day for Canberra’s runners and the Canberra Marathon is on.

    The 42-kilometre course includes a lap around the new and old Parliament Houses and over the Kings and Commonwealth Avenue Bridges.

So if you must drive through the centre of town prepare to cope with diversions and delays.

UPDATE: The ABC brings the astonishing news that a NSW runner called David Crinity “has won the Canberra Marathon in a time of two minutes, 26.1 seconds.”

My quick back of the envelope calculations suggest this puts his speed somewhere around 1000kmph and I’m wishing I’d gone down there to see that.

Magdda Karimali Poulos won the women’s race in a less astonishing 2 hours and 43 minutes.

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11 Responses to Canberra Marathon today – avoid the parliamentary triangle
youami youami 4:13 pm 20 Apr 09

Canberra Marathon is one of the most significant sporting events in Canberra’s calendar and is one of the most lucrative to the Canberra economy.

I assist in the marathon and it still amazes me that Canberra drivers –yes mostly locals not foreigners– are so goddamn arrogant when it comes to road diversions and detours. Carefully and meticulously planned over many months, with newspaper and radio advertisements, approval from the NCA, the ACT RTA, and the AFP, there are road closures with temporary direction signs and detour signs, there are letter-drops in suburbs affected, and above there are volunteers -yes people who give up their Sunday for free- who are stationed strategically around the course to assist runners and drivers alike. But such planning and assistance doesn’t stop drivers from abusing the volunteers, doesn’t stop drivers from deliberately attempting to get around diversions and potenitally placing runners at risk, and doesn’t stop drivers from being just plain stupid because they can’t read road closed signs and just won’t accept change to their dull and boring lives!

So to those drivers who abuse volunteers and complain and complain that they can’t use the road they normally use well ‘dry your eyes and harden the f%$& up’. Parkes Way and Bowen Drive etc etc are not the only roads to get around in Canberra! Get over it! The roads are closed for a reason… move on! If I had my way, volunteers would have the right to abuse drivers back!

Finally, one mention to the driver that abused one volunteer near Corranderrk St and Parkes Way roundabout and had no regard to safety, your number plate has been sent to the AFP. I hope you get a fine you moron.

Grrrr Grrrr 2:32 pm 20 Apr 09

While we’re all giggling at the typo, I thought I’d look at the list to see who came last: Raphael Sette in 7 hours, 24 minutes.

I’d be giggling, except he’s 76 years old .. I hope I can walk 42km in 10 hours if I ever make it to age 76. Well done, mate!

Vonbare Vonbare 10:08 am 20 Apr 09

Wow – that has put me off ever trying to do a marathon. How could one ever compete with that!?!?!? Well done Crinity.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 5:09 am 20 Apr 09

swissbignose wrote:

swissbignose said :

(I realise it’s a typo.)

With the “two minutes” being spelt out in full that was NOT a typo.

That was one MASSIVE BRAIN FART on the ABC editor’s part.

xdave xdave 12:53 am 20 Apr 09

oh that guy he hitched a ride on the back of my car on the way home this morning 🙂

swissbignose swissbignose 10:14 pm 19 Apr 09

It’s better now… 2 hours, 26.1 seconds. Who’d have thought that in our little town, the world record (2 hours, 3 minutes, 59 seconds) would be smashed by over three and a half minutes.

Must have been a fast course!

(I realise it’s a typo.)

OzChick OzChick 8:53 pm 19 Apr 09

2 minutes? That’s crazy. Lol.

vg vg 8:42 pm 19 Apr 09

….an extra 7.805km actually, as a marathon is 42.195km.

And what an extra 7.805km it is!!

che che 6:14 pm 19 Apr 09

I’m told the runners got the chance to do another 8km at the end of the marathon to make it 50km which is the minimum distance of an Ultra-Marathon.

I hope those who did 42km and 50km enjoyed it.

deye deye 2:09 pm 19 Apr 09

Yet again the Canberra Connect website proves how bad it is when trying to find out how long the roads will be closed for:

Your Search query road closure returned No results

Google to the rescue, it should all be clear by now.

grundy grundy 1:05 pm 19 Apr 09

Thanks for the tip.
Was going to be driving through there today!

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