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Comrade Uber Alles – Stanhope goes the distance

By johnboy 3 January 2006 16

ABC Online is reporting on Chief Minister Stanhope becoming the longest serving Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory.

He should be congratulated for his milestone, and it should be acknowledged that he has managed to acheive great political success while remaining true to his principles.

But this is RiotACT, so please use the comments to recall your favourite moments of Stanhopia so far.

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Comrade Uber Alles – Stanhope goes the distance
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Absent Diane 11:03 pm 06 Jan 06

Kudos Colism!!!

Chris 2:30 pm 04 Jan 06

Bravo Indi for that brilliant little bit of foraging in the files – now hands up everyone who thinks this government takes voters for granted (does the name Corbell come to mind ?)

Thumper 12:12 pm 04 Jan 06

Good bit of research Indi, maybe someone will remind him of it.

Indi 11:57 am 04 Jan 06

I don’t mind this comment that Mr Stanhope made back in 1998 when the ALP lost the election…history has a way of repeating itself:

“I am determined that the charge of selfishness, complacency and taking the people for granted can never again be brought against the Australian Labor Party in Canberra”.

Thumper 11:51 am 04 Jan 06

Actually, I will add that he didn’t hesitate to leap in the dam when the chopper went down and rightly earned a bravery medal for those actions.

Thumper 11:46 am 04 Jan 06

I’m not exactly a Howard fan for that matter and totally agree on the IR propaganda issue. It was a total and absolute waste of money that could have been put back into hospitals or whatever.

However, this is not about Howard.

And Mr Stanhope did not ‘apparently’ say it. He definitely said it.

As for the Terror leak, that was simply silly and a bit of opportunistic chest beating. One week he totally agrees, then the next he’s releasing it to the public under the guise of human rights. It really could have put federal/ Territory relations in some jeopardy and maybe we are yet to see any real ramifications but I’ll guess that the Feds will be very wary about telling him anything from now on.

Politics is a nasty game and I’m sure some of the Libs have memories like elephants.

In Stanhope’s defence, however, I would have to say that the opposition really do not inspire me.

colsim 11:29 am 04 Jan 06

If Howard can spend $40m on shonky commercials (money that could’ve been spent fixing potholes I’m sure 🙂 interrupting the huddled masses viewings of Idol, I’d say that handing out a few flyers at a flower show is a less than proportional response.

As for the terror law leak, at least it brought more than a 5 minute (guillotined) debate to elements of the legislation, better than anyone else did.

Out of curiousity, are there any non-Liberal voters on this board who regularly whinge about the CM?

(For the record, I don’t know much about the fires/responsibility thing and if he did balls it up, blame should rightly be copped – as he apparently said himself)

Chris 10:24 am 04 Jan 06

There is a Stanhope-friendly interview in the Bulletin read over Christmas, in which the Dear Leader attempts -once more- to shield his graffiti-prone adviser. And yes, it does seem to indicate that the Comrade has aspirations far above his current status as the Mayor of Manuka ….

bonfire 10:21 am 04 Jan 06

my fave is dealing himself out of the anti-terrorism legislation debate by playing pointless politics.

Thumper 8:46 am 04 Jan 06

What about his handing out of anti IR literature at Floriade?

Although I am against the proposed IR changes, I don’t think Floriade was the correct forum for it.

colsim 8:41 am 04 Jan 06

Personally I like the Bill of Rights and the changes to defamation law (and his speech at the IR rally)

Who cares if he bristles every now and then, better than simpering (yes, looking at you Big Kim)

Thumper 8:14 am 04 Jan 06

Oh the Comrade’s blow ups are priceless, too many to list when he puts on the indignant angry ‘I am right and you are not’ voice.

It makes my day to see a bristling hedgehog on the news.

But the bushfires brought out the best in my book. Yes, we blamed you Mr Stanhope, but you then refused to take that blame by slowly passing it off to others until you had completely absolved yourself of any.

Having said that, its no mean feat so congratulations to him although ot could be akin to Ponting scoring a test century against Zimbabwe.

Mr Evil 4:21 pm 03 Jan 06

“how will he ever top y-fronts from helicopter?”

Damn, I missed seeing that! I guess it could have been much worse: imagine if he’d jumped out of the chopper in a tiger print g-string????

jr 3:48 pm 03 Jan 06

Jon Stanhope: “What I’m saying is, don’t cheer me, if you want to blame someone, blame me” – Canberra Times – Tuesday, 21 January 2003

And you know what… he has been wearing a teflon based suit ever since.

Kandy A 3:44 pm 03 Jan 06

how will he ever top y-fronts from helicopter?

Mr Evil 3:35 pm 03 Jan 06

Drinking lattes while Canberra burned would rate pretty highly.

Mind you, that little run in he had with some dude in Darwin(?) in front of the assembled media was another classic Stanhope moment.

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