Diddly-Squat at Flynn, Stanhope says

sunshine 9 October 2009 7

On the front page of today’s Canberra Times there’s a story about squatters residing in the old Flynn Primary School and a dispute between Mr Stanhope and Mr Coe in regards to if they are still there or not. Personally i think this is disgraceful – shouldn’t the arguement be around homeless people and the need to put an empty building to good use for a refuge as opposed to wasting public funds by arguing over when a photo was taken. I think the govt needs to be more proactive and look at the lack of shelter that many homeless people have access to in the ACT. Use the school – if the govt isn’t going to open it up again as a school – use it as a refuge or day centre…..don’t just let it rot away.

[Ed. Just in case you wanted to read the Chief’s view on Coe falling hook, line and sinker for the anonymous report you can check that out here]

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7 Responses to Diddly-Squat at Flynn, Stanhope says
bd84 bd84 9:46 pm 09 Oct 09

Either way, the condition they have let it get into is reprehensible. Stanhope just comes up with a side track story to change the focus away from what he should have dealt with properly months ago or shouldn’t have done 2/3 years ago.

Jerry Atric Jerry Atric 6:52 pm 09 Oct 09

Apparently the photos were taken of interiors in the demountable classrooms. These were added to the Flynn school when the local population was more lusty than usual (long way from pubs and cinemas)and the resultant increase in ankle biters needed a place to learn responsible behaviour. Unfortunately, when they were no longer requirer (the local populace having taken up bowls and crocheting)they were never removed.

I am all for homeless people getting accommodation, but in Flynn they are a long way from doing anything enjoyable and resort to local vandalism, the final attack on all those smug locals in their snug houses.

Frankly, reopening Flynn as a primary school is currently not an option. But reopening it for community activities is. Once Flynn school had a baby clinic and a dental surgery (in the east wing) It has excellent facilities for community groups: U3A, Religious (Mosque?) needs, after school care, there is a good school hall for drama, music, film groups: and why not a shelter for the homeless?

None of this precludes the reuse of these fine buildings as a school in the future when the need arises as it surely will.

But if the developers are allowed to demolish, and use the playing fields we will end up with ticcy taccy boxes ill suited to the neighbourhood and eventually, children deprived of a school.

I was a student of both the Ainslie schools which have become heritage buildings both for Canberra and for me personally. The flynn school is in the same category.

housebound housebound 4:10 pm 09 Oct 09

Check out the ‘Today’ column for Coe’s response. Very funny.

These two could be the comic relief we will need when Hargreaves goes.

S4anta S4anta 1:51 pm 09 Oct 09

I have always wondered the feasibility of getting a hold of a disused school and using it as a glow in the dark paint ball facility.

MrPC MrPC 1:46 pm 09 Oct 09

Bogus story or not, there is a housing shortage, and the weather is freezing. If there really were people living there, would you seriously begrudge them a bit of shelter and still claim to be human?

Thumper Thumper 1:32 pm 09 Oct 09

Mr Coe really is showing his lack of life experience. A little research would be the least he should have done before shooting his mouth off.

PM PM 12:17 pm 09 Oct 09

Bloody hell – there’s no disputing the recent poor condition of the school. Neighbours are livid.

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