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Life is looking up

Drama in Duffy

By sunshine - 13 August 2009 18

Anyone hear/see all the drama in Duffy today?

Cops raiding a house – guy escapes out the back window (window was closed) and runs into the bush.

Police, helicopter – all very exciting for quiet lil ole duffy.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Drama in Duffy
Addison 2:45 pm 15 Aug 09

bogans are like kangaroos: they both need culling sometimes.

sunshine 2:02 pm 15 Aug 09

pptvb said :

Fiona said :

it was a group of teenagers with their mum in a getaway car.

“Group” would mean Bogan “DADS” not Dad…Sorry Sunshine.

ahh yes, quite right. i forgot that Bogans find it hard to go forth and multiply with all and sundry.

PigsFly 2:02 pm 15 Aug 09

On the day in question I saw (I think) four police cars with flashing lights on in Burrinjuck Crescent, a couple of policemen hovering over a tall lanky guy that was sitting on the ground out front of someone’s home (not his presumably). He was then led away, limping badly, into one of the police cars. This was around lunchtime. Anyone know what this was all about?

It was an hour or two after this that we saw one or two helicopters buzzing around for what seemed like about a half hour. Seeing as this was well after tall lanky guy was taken away, I don’t know what they were doing. Was this for the bogan mum & co chase?

Yes, it was certainly a busy day in this part of Canberra.

Mike Crowther 12:01 pm 15 Aug 09

Actually Daman, that justice will be dealt IS one of the major inhibitors preventing ‘ordinary’ people from committing crime. We have too much to lose. (Status, peer approval, time, social capitol). Our underclass has nothing to lose but a bit of inconvenience. What the judiciary doesn’t seem to grasp is that while crims are sitting in a yard doing time, they are not breaking into houses and knocking old ladies over for their $5 handbags.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:57 am 15 Aug 09

I see a line of Bogan Mum t-shirts:


pptvb 9:08 pm 14 Aug 09

Fiona said :

it was a group of teenagers with their mum in a getaway car.

“Group” would mean Bogan “DADS” not Dad…Sorry Sunshine.

sunshine 6:21 pm 14 Aug 09

what hope do those kids have in today’s world with the likes of Bogan mum. shame on Bogan mum – wonder where Bogan dad is…probably already in the AMC waiting for the family to join him

Danman 4:05 pm 14 Aug 09

OYM, most Canberrans carve a living out the honest way.

Just because justice will not be dealt is no reason for normal law abiding people to turn to crime, or sit at home 24/7 with baseball bats.

People will get whats coming eventually. Until then, I have bills to pay, honestly.

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:46 pm 14 Aug 09

I’d take that bet, but Bogan Mum stole my wallet. And my thongs.

vandam 3:23 pm 14 Aug 09

pptvb said :

$10 that the mum has met Justice Higgins

I’ll triple that and bet you she has!
She’s a winner. It’s disturbing that she can take all her kids with her to do burglaries.

Sometimes I wish we could ‘put down’ people like that. They will never change and will forever affect those people who work hard for their things until they die. (unfortuantly they normally live longer than the better society)

pptvb 1:17 pm 14 Aug 09

$10 that the mum has met Justice Higgins

Friska 12:47 pm 14 Aug 09

LOL @ Bogan mum

OYM 11:59 am 14 Aug 09

Maybe bogan mum is the smart one by teaching kids that crime does pay in this town. Steal other peoples stuff and make a profit – get caught and you may be slightly inconvenienced with some time in front of the law and perhaps some stern words.

On the other hand, you could slave away at study then work and find yourself leaving your home empty during the day so that the enterprising bogan children can help themselves.

Danman 8:58 am 14 Aug 09

When I was a child my mother took me to the park/on a picnic/walk/play for entertainment.

Whatever has happened?

Expecting a bundle of joy in around 3 months, stories like this reassure me that I am destined to overachieve as a parent.

Bogan mum award goes to….

Fiona 7:50 am 14 Aug 09

String of breakins. About 4 or 5 houses hit on both sides of Dixon drive. A neighbour saw someone jumping over the fence and called the police…

I was told by a workmate who lives next to one of the places it was a group of teenagers with their mum in a getaway car. And they were only stealing small sellable things like jewelery.

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