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DUI = Moron

By Skidbladnir 19 December 2007 31

Media release from Canberra’s Macho Macho Men (And Women)
ABC Online Coverage

Apparently we (as ACT residents) are far and away the worst offenders (ACT average: 1 in 55 drivers, National average: 1 in 182) for driving under the influence.

Considering its the silly season and all, a timely reminder to take extra care on the road, as apparently 1.8 out of every 100 cars on our roads is over the limit, in addition to the usual road-raging morons, the speeding morons, the unroadworthy morons, and the Volvo drivers.

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DUI = Moron
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vandam 9:14 am 21 Dec 07

I agree. I think in Canberra the overall hit rate of drink drivers is around 1=50 tests or thereabouts.

Though when they do target campaigns the hit rate drops to 1=4 tests.

Government sets the 100 000 quota but doesn’t provide the staff to make that quota pro actively. So the result is 100 000 tests and about 2000 drink drivers a year on our roads. Thats a pretty good stat from the gov point of view. But reality says its really about 25000 drink drivers a year.

Sands 8:17 am 21 Dec 07

I agree, it just seems too simple. Have them at the exit of the big carparks (so they can’t see them and just take another route home) and they’ll be forced not to drive home! Surely we have enough money to cover two carparks in Civic and one random one (for those driving home from parties or other clubs) on one night.

Or do you mean social clubs Thumper? Either way, I just can’t believe that the cost of that outweighs the costs of lives/injuries/insurance claims for single car accidents etc.

Thumper 8:10 am 21 Dec 07

Proud Local,

I agree. Why spend hours and hours trying to catch one in a thousand when you can simply set up next to any of the big clubs and nab people then.

Apart from nabbing people, it will stop those who intended to drive home, thus making the roads safer.

ant 11:10 pm 20 Dec 07

Give the cops a “win” for every dui they catch. That’d give them the incentive to stalk the areas where they’d catch them. Who needs police doing silly pointless rbts? Put them out where they can catch their prey quickly, so they actually do some policing.

johnboy 9:21 pm 20 Dec 07

it’s supposed to be a RANDOM test, otherwise it’s an unwarranted search, not something we want more of.

p1 9:03 pm 20 Dec 07

They should rewrite the contract so that each person that is court over the limit is the equivilent of say, 50 negitive tests? Whatever the numbers, make it more time efficient for the police to catch drink drivers rather then doing lots of tests to fill quota’s.

Proud Local 7:57 pm 20 Dec 07

Yes the AFP have a contract with the ACT government to perform 100,000 breath tests per year, thats one every 3 years people! I suspect some people who drive the common routes the AFP picks get done a lot whilst others never see the RBT’s.

Plenty are done during the day and even the morning, we even catch a few at these times also. Having a target presents problems though given it takes approximately 2 hours to process a drink driver. If the AFP only did it late at night they would have a much higher hit rate but a lot less overall tests given the amount of resources it would take up.

One of those catch 22 situations. I personally think the AFP should be targeting specific areas with high hit rates rather then doing large but often ineffective numbers to keep the ACT Govt happy.

VYBerlinaV8 9:23 am 20 Dec 07

The Queanbeyan cops sit on the NSW side of the railway bridge at the entrance to Jerra doing RBT at least a couple of times a month. I’ve been breath tested there half a dozen times in the last two years. Good on em.

vandam 9:43 pm 19 Dec 07

Probably the reason Police do it in the morning is to get the numbers up without too many pissed drivers. Pissed drivers equal paper work and time. Its the government that sets the quota, which I think is about 100 000 a year. Maybe they should fund more Police and set up a RBT Team.

Ingeegoodbee 7:41 pm 19 Dec 07

That’s a good point our black and white feline friend. I was last RBT’d on Bolderwood St in Turner about 14 or 15 years ago. I’d had three schooys at the Stockade in a little over an hour and got in just under the then limit of .08

I’m sure that the AFP was persuing some targetted strategy for RBTs – apparently rather than wasting heaps of resources testing peak hour traffic, they were modelling piss-head behaviour and zooming in on trouble spots – if that’s true you might expect these results to be good news, unless you wanted to use the results to spin a liitle bogus fear a la speed cameras.

Felix the Cat 7:17 pm 19 Dec 07

I hadn’t been pulled over for a RBT in literally years until yesterday at about 4pm in Anzac Parade. Pretty cute cop chick did my breath test too! I was almost tempted to drive around the block and hope she would wave me in again…

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