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DUI = Moron

By Skidbladnir - 19 December 2007 31

Media release from Canberra’s Macho Macho Men (And Women)
ABC Online Coverage

Apparently we (as ACT residents) are far and away the worst offenders (ACT average: 1 in 55 drivers, National average: 1 in 182) for driving under the influence.

Considering its the silly season and all, a timely reminder to take extra care on the road, as apparently 1.8 out of every 100 cars on our roads is over the limit, in addition to the usual road-raging morons, the speeding morons, the unroadworthy morons, and the Volvo drivers.

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31 Responses to
DUI = Moron
shanefos 12:05 pm 19 Dec 07

“Maybe alot of these DUI’s couldn’t catch a cab…”

Maybe a lot of these DUI’s are just plain irresponsible and deserve to be made an example of.
There should be absolutely no reason that justifies driving under the influence. Especially not because there aren’t taxis to catch!

p1 11:53 am 19 Dec 07

I think that the most effective time for the police to set up RBTs is about 7pm, just down the road from any of Canberra’s pokie halls…(er, I mean clubs…) and catch the blokes how stopped in for a quick schooner or six after work.

Skidbladnir 11:22 am 19 Dec 07

I know my pay from this job and the last one went into my account at around 0030hrs on Thursday mornings.
There’s a Symonston Tavern not far from there, you’d possibly have a regular or two still hanging around.

@potts: I don’t think the “Its our community too” is meant to embrace corruption.

Sands 11:20 am 19 Dec 07

Another good point gladbag. To add to it, what about all the girls who don’t want to drink drive, but don’t want to be taken advantage of by a taxi driver either… (NB, not all taxi drivers are like this, but it does happen and it’s a scary fact)

Cameron 11:08 am 19 Dec 07

The last RBT I experienced was on Wollongong St, Fyshwick at 9:15am on a Thursday morning. Effective. I know they can often catch people on ‘the morning after the night before’, but a Thursday morning?

gladbag 10:57 am 19 Dec 07

Maybe alot of these DUI’s couldn’t catch a cab, or were unable to stand in a queue for over an hour whilst sozzled. Other cities have better transport infrastructure to help the inebriated get home easier. Fix up the ridiculous cab issues between 1am and 5am and the DUI rate may drop.

Sands 10:46 am 19 Dec 07

Absolutely Thumper. But it doesn’t have to be random. If people knew it was going to be there, they’d be forced to catch a taxi or arrange another way home. It should be about prevention through education, not necessarily about catching and shaming.

Thumper 10:42 am 19 Dec 07

Frankly they should set up outside a random club and breatho everyone who drives out.

la mente torbida 10:38 am 19 Dec 07

Maybe our planned road system makes it more difficult for drink-drivers to avoid an RBT than the rest of the country

Sands 10:34 am 19 Dec 07

Canberra is pretty bad with the whole RBT thing. I’ve seen a couple over the last few years – and they’ve all been on my way to work! While it’s scary to think some people are over the limit at that time of the morning (although I’m sure I’ve still been drunk when I woke up on occasion…) surely the police have a better chance of catching drink drivers at, say, 1am on a Saturday or Sunday morning??

Skidbladnir 10:14 am 19 Dec 07

They had a blitz on every car (so not an RBT) leaving the Civic policestation carpark at the end of October, but since then I’d not heard of any others.

bighead 9:47 am 19 Dec 07

Last RBT was about 7 months ago on Belconnen Way. Certainly don’t see them that often. I think a strong presence all year round is better than the one off event.

Thumper 9:38 am 19 Dec 07

The only RBT that I have seen in the past few years was at Murrumbatman at midday!

And the NSW officer had a serious attitude problem.

Would it be so hard for some officers to lighten up and give a smile?

philbert83au 9:34 am 19 Dec 07

It’s hardly surprsing so many have been caught. We passed three RBTs on Friday night which is more than I’ve seen this year. Elsewhere there is public knowledge that there will be RBT units out and about but in Canberra it’s so rare that drink drivers feel safe (wtf?) to do it.

Growling Ferret 9:28 am 19 Dec 07

Before the Christmas blitz, when was the last time you saw an RBT in Canberra? People had become complacent and saw the risk of getting caught as low to very low.

Bring back the public shaming of DUI offenders in the Canberra Times!

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