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Hot water system repair?

By Muttsybignuts 7 October 2010 8

The hot water has shagged itself! I know this isn’t the most interesting post in the world however can anyone recommend a Hot Water System repairer?

There seems to be a million in the phone book and for once it didn’t appear to have been discussed on RA.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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Hot water system repair?
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Reprobate 12:20 pm 07 Oct 10

This may help (or just confuse you even more):

parle 12:19 pm 07 Oct 10

okay, I recommend you!, you can buy parts for that heater no problem.

Go buy the thermostat (mitchell) and install it yourself as 99% of the time it’s the thermostat, failing that the element. At the very least take look. Turn off the power, remove the cover near the base as see if anything is fried, replacing the thermostat takes one screwdriver and 5 mins.

The only thing that will truly kill your water hear is corrosion, if it’s rusted into the metal on the inner tank then it’s no good and should be replaced.

Have you worked out how much your yearly hot water bill is and how many years it would take to get your money back for the difference on a newer more efficient one?, for me it was going to break even at 12 years so I chose to just pay the $60 for a new thermostat.


Muttsybignuts 11:31 am 07 Oct 10

Thanks for the suggestions. It is an 16 year old Rheem electric so I imagine a sparky/plumber will do the job. I am hoping it isn’t completely broken, just a wire or thermostat or element. If I do need a new one I imagine the instant gas ones are a good thing?
Thanks again.

Holden Caulfield 10:21 am 07 Oct 10

troll-sniffer said :

Now that your hot water system has decided to copulate with itself, it is time to ask yourself what sort of hot water system you want?

New/replacement systems are reasonably cost effective these days. We had to replace our old 1950s electric HWS a few years back and we just chucked an instantaneous gas system on our ACTEW account/bill.

Job done.

Grail 10:10 am 07 Oct 10

This could be the opportunity to pick up the phone and talk to Origin Energy, who have (or had) an offer to install a dual photovoltaic and solar thermal system (one for electricity, the other for hot water) for about $2000 up front. A bit more expensive than just a new hot water service.

You don’t specify whether the hot water service is powered by electricity, gas, solar or underpants gnomes, and picking the right hot water service repairer depends on whether the plumber needs to bring along an electrician too (some plumbers also handle gas plumbing).

troll-sniffer 9:48 am 07 Oct 10

Now that your hot water system has decided to copulate with itself, it is time to ask yourself what sort of hot water system you want? One that waits many years and then inserts its population rod into its intake, or one that gets on with the job straightaway? One that chews electrons by the countless squillions as it attempts to keep up with your profligate use of heated H2O, or one that uses natural combinations of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen to raise the calorific value of the cylinder’s contents? Have you considered to converting to a rooftop extravaganza of chrome, glass and black materials, thereby lessening the amount of dirty black fossil fuel that has to be dug from pristine Hunter landscapes?

As for recommendations for individuals, I know a couple of sparkies who are competent, as does half of Canberra. Best bet is to ring a couple of independent electricians and discuss what’s best for you, it might be any of a number of options depending on how close gas is, your views on investing now for later returns etc.

Lazy I 9:36 am 07 Oct 10

The original poster is looking for a recommendation, not more options.

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