Man charged over nightclub sex assault

toriness 21 January 2008 62

A 25-YEAR-OLD Canberra man will face court today after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman of the same age in the toilet cubicle of a city nightclub.

The man was arrested by ACT Police before dawn yesterday after they were contacted by the club’s security staff.

He was arrested at the club.

The man will appear in ACT Magistrates Court today charged with sexual intercourse without consent.

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62 Responses to Man charged over nightclub sex assault
Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:22 pm 24 Jan 08

I was once talking to a cop who worked in the sex crimes area (whatever that’s called). She told me there’s countless accusations that get made after any given weekend. The fact that this one has made news clearly indicates there’s probably a fair bit of evidence in favor of the victim.

Dichromate Dichromate 2:13 pm 24 Jan 08

… actually, it wouldn’t surprise me in that case if he’d had a concussion, multiple fractures, internal bleeding and only a few remaining teeth if that were the case

Dichromate Dichromate 2:12 pm 24 Jan 08

Not the case Maelinar – apparently he was handed over to police by the security staff, which means he was probably caught in the act.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a *few* bruises if he was caught by security in the act.

howdy howdy 9:43 am 24 Jan 08

Th original article had more detail and mentioned she was ‘dragged’ into the loo’s so we didn’t really go down that path too far. They’ve cut a lot out of the ABC article now. Possibly for legal reasons…

Mælinar Mælinar 8:51 am 24 Jan 08

While its nice to refrain from character bashing the victim’s situation, I note that there has not been any defence of the allegation that the rapist did indeed rape the victim.

It may yet turn out that in the belief of the ‘rapist’, it was consentual, and only turned to rape when the victim realised that she’d been a slapper and regretted her actions, long after the lucky lad had left with a smile on his face.

Dichromate Dichromate 11:31 pm 23 Jan 08

I don’t know what club it was, but I can say with absolute certainty that it wasn’t mooseheads.
Given academy was closed, I’m going to bet on either Shooters or Cube.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:43 pm 22 Jan 08

I can just see you two together in thirty years – “We met in an online discussion about sexual assault”

howdy howdy 6:23 pm 22 Jan 08

Nah, I’m just pretending cause I heard there’s a guy on RiotAct who gives free stuff to nice people… But if you do know me I better be one of the nice ones!!!!

(See, I can be a bit threatening too)

VicePope VicePope 5:20 pm 22 Jan 08

And you sound like a decent thoughtful human being – which means I probably don’t know you. (Joke! Of course I know some good people).

howdy howdy 4:25 pm 22 Jan 08

VicePope – you sound a lot like either one of two people I know who is a ‘lawyer of sorts’ : )

howdy howdy 4:22 pm 22 Jan 08


and one for you too Special, for the beer enjoyment wishes *hug* : )

It was fun wasn’t it : )
Vice pointed out we should be careful not to attract rapists and I told Vice not to tell the rapist that cause they’ll consider it an excuse.

Then we got disillusioned by the state of the world and decided to have a beer instead.

Aw : )

VicePope VicePope 4:16 pm 22 Jan 08

Howdy – a lawyer of sorts. Preference for moral lecturing.
Special G – see what happens when people are nice!

Special G Special G 4:06 pm 22 Jan 08

Aww you guys need to have a cuddle. (consentual of course) never seen that much back slapping agreeance on RA before. Enjoy your beers

howdy howdy 4:03 pm 22 Jan 08

It just came to me. You’re a lawyer? : )

howdy howdy 3:42 pm 22 Jan 08

VicePope – I reckon your rant would hopefully conclude that we are progressing, and law and ethics help keep each other in check. In Austrailyland at least : )

Definitely time for me go go off and kill some brain cells : ) I tend to prefer pubs so I should be ok… It’s just getting there… de de de de.

VicePope VicePope 3:15 pm 22 Jan 08

Howdy – I think you’re right. It is (really) outrageously wrong that normal, sane, sensible, law-abiding people have to modify what they do and how they do it because they would otherwise be monstered by the mad and the bad. (Cue an incompetent pseudo-philosophical rant from me about whether there is a gradation in individual rights and whether, if this is so, its regulation is a matter to be addressed by law or by ethics).

Enjoy the drink. Some places are safe and good.

howdy howdy 2:49 pm 22 Jan 08

VicePope – Yeah sorry for being argumentative. I was just worried people would take what you were saying the wrong way, not good under such a topic : )

There’s so much discussion beyond what you said that my mind boggles and heads off in too many directions, I think I’ll spare everyone the thesis though… I agree with what you say, but then there’s this and this and oh dear now I need a drink : )

Some people are unreasonable, some are not. Some unreasonable people if given half a chance were only putting up a facade to protect themselves. Some people got a bad start in life (some bad examples of how to act when growing up), but this doesn’t mean their minds have to be tainted forever…

What’s sad though is that I as a result of ‘dangerous’ people I feel the need to often intentionally dress down. I want to look good but I want to feel safe at the same time. I will wear jeans and a tshirt instead of a shirt and top in order to not attract attention. If I know I have to walk past a dodgy nightclub or too far to my car at night I will wear shoes I can run in just in case – changing an entire outfit as a result. What is that? That’s fear. People don’t want to live in fear either : )

VicePope VicePope 1:31 pm 22 Jan 08

Howdy – thanks for being nice to me. A perfect world would consist only of reasonable people, or at least people who are reasonable in their treatment of others. This planet has lots of people who lack respect, empathy, reason and courtesy. Why that is can best be left to anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists. Society can manage, or take the edges off, some of their more extreme behaviour, but it will sneak out sometimes.

Are they part of the system (like tigers if one wanders through a jungle) or are they an imperfection in human society that we should ignore because their wrong impulses are demonstrably wrong and, by any reasonable set of principles, they should not give way to them? To agree, as any rational person would, that some actions are wrong is not to say that they do not happen or cannot happen. They should not happen. My money is on responding by, for example, not provoking lunatics in car parks or engaging with erratic users of chemical products in Civic.

I have never been accused of dressing alluringly, or so that I appear to be seeking the congress of the mosquito with any random passer by. It’s something that goes with being substantial and of forbidding mien. (You could dip a tank into a vat of pink fluoro paint, but it would still look unfriendly and unappealing).

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:09 pm 22 Jan 08

But only on Boxing Day?

Thumper Thumper 12:55 pm 22 Jan 08

should we boycott all shopping malls?


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