Oaks Estate Road Closure

Cat1986 28 February 2009 11

What is the deal with the Oaks Estate Rd/Bridge closure? Is it closed or not? There are signs up everywhere but I’ve seen people coming out of the road. Having it closed adds 5-10 mins to my morning trip and I’d hate to think I could’ve been using it.

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11 Responses to Oaks Estate Road Closure
Genie Genie 5:07 pm 01 Mar 09

OMG it adds a whole 5-10 minutes onto your journey… You must be devastated ?

taco taco 10:27 am 01 Mar 09

I wonder if as part of the reconstruction they’ll make the bridge higher so that it doesn’t flood as easily, and erect some decent guard rails?

Gobbo Gobbo 7:24 am 01 Mar 09

Sorry. It’s closed until 6 April, not 9 April.

Gobbo Gobbo 7:21 am 01 Mar 09

According to the TAMS web-site, the Oaks Estate Road is closed until 9 April 2009 for bridge reconstruction.


You could always try it though and see if you can get where you are going quicker. 🙂

Granny Granny 9:48 pm 28 Feb 09

Trust no one, arescarti42 ….

: D

arescarti42 arescarti42 9:38 pm 28 Feb 09

Granny said :

Sounds like an X-file to me!

I’d go past the closed signs to see what was going on, but i fear I’d never come back.

Granny Granny 9:33 pm 28 Feb 09

Sounds like an X-file to me!

arescarti42 arescarti42 9:25 pm 28 Feb 09

I’d also love to know what’s going on down there. What could they be doing that justifies closing the road until April? I notice they’ve switched off the traffic lights at the intersection of Oaks Estate road and Railway street, which makes me think they might be serious about it being closed.

My biggest issue is I keep consistently forgetting it is closed until get there and see the signs.


ant ant 8:27 pm 28 Feb 09

The road reports on 104/106 (same mob) are always wrong anyway. And since that Prawn stuffs things up, he’ll be on a national morning show in no time. remember Jessica Rowe’s weather segments? Highly entertaining, but never informative. Just waiting for her next stuff up.

Ryan Ryan 8:00 pm 28 Feb 09

104.7’s “Prawn” always mentions on time saver traffic that it’s closed.

That said, “The Prawn” often forgets which station he’s actually on at any one time (“If you see any problems, call us – 6242 1063 – more 104.7 time saver traffic in 15 minutes”, and manages to stuff at least one word up in 90% of his segments.

BenMac BenMac 6:39 pm 28 Feb 09

Maybe the people have driven to where the road is closed and had to turn around. Perhaps you should drive down there to see for yourself.

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