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Crazyraashi 16 February 2014 9

Hi guys,

Can anyone suggest for websites or forums to find a rental property which accepts pets. I just need a single bedroom dwelling and a place that allows my pets. I have 2 beautiful dogs.

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9 Responses to Rent for pets
gooterz gooterz 12:28 am 28 Feb 14

A bad pet can ruin an otherwise good investment.

What we need is robots with good personalities

Veronitski Veronitski 9:30 pm 27 Feb 14

Try for a suitable housesit.

Crazyraashi Crazyraashi 2:38 pm 22 Feb 14

Hey Guys,

Thank you for your help. I have a labrador and a chihuahua… I found a friend’s friend who is buying an investment property in Page (on Belconnen Way). Its a one beddy house with a big backyard and lots of space in the front as well. They are planning to rent it out soon. Works perfect for me:)))

Estimated rent is around $360.00/per week. Is it the right price for it?

#pink little birdie: I will also look out for the Kingston agents. Thanks heaps:)

Evil_Kitten Evil_Kitten 6:40 pm 17 Feb 14

What size are your 2 dogs?

pink little birdie pink little birdie 10:55 am 17 Feb 14

There is one agent that advertises all of their properties are pet friendly. It’s one of the smaller, less well known agencies in kingston/manuka. I can’t remember their name though. We looked at one of their houses about 6-8 months ago.

ausbradr ausbradr 9:09 pm 16 Feb 14

I’d recommend calling a few estate agents and having a chat about the property you need. As I drive all over Canberra, I’ve noticed an increase in all the “for lease” signs cropping up. If you’re on time with the rent and have no black marks against your name, you should be a shoe in, given this market. A couple of dogs with a responsible owner shouldn’t be a big deal.

With my place, I was fortunate enough to be able to deal with the landlord directly, and chat to them. Mentioned that we have a cat in tow, and was pretty easygoing about it. Better than any Sydney property I’ve ever lived at!

IrishPete IrishPete 3:01 pm 16 Feb 14

For dogs you’d probably want a backyard, or at least a courtyard, which would rule out many 1-bedroom places. Maybe little dogs would be OK inside a unit?

It’s a while since I rented, but with a dog I ended up with a house much bigger than my needs, and therefore a bit more rent (and heating costs!) than I otherwise might have been able to pay. I suspect you’ll have better choices if you look to the more country-oriented places, like Queanbeyan or other nearby parts of NSW.

Good luck.


Maya123 Maya123 1:44 pm 16 Feb 14

I used to have a rental property and several of the tenants had pets. From memory the agent had the tenants sign something that they would be responsible for any damage by the pet. I was more interested in whether the tenant had good references and what their income was (could they afford the rent) than whether they had pets. I did prefer a middle aged pet though; ie. not young, stupid and destructive, or old and incontinent. If I had no trouble with the tenant I had no trouble with the pet. I found good tenants and good pets went together, and bad tenants and troublesome pets together. Funny that!

ceejbee ceejbee 12:34 pm 16 Feb 14

This one does!

Though it’s actually my understanding that a real estate agent won’t immediately dismiss your application due to the fact you have pets; they’ll run it by the owners first.

In this market, where there are plenty of rental places sitting empty and prices dropping every week I’m not sure that pets will be the deal breaker they once were.

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