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Roos tell ACT Government to get stuffed

By johnboy 5 July 2006 34

Some RA readers seem to operate within the Stanhope Government’s reality distortion field and think things are going rather well in these parts and the rabble on London Circuit are really good at their jobs.

Outsiders rarely take the same view in their brief and unpleasant encounters with the mouth of madness.

The Age informs us that the Kangaroos football club has not been impressed with the ACT’s negotiating tactics.

The ACT Government had set a deadline of this Friday for the Roos to choose between Canberra and the Gold Coast, but Kangaroos chief executive Geoff Walsh said last night that the club would run to its own timetable.

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34 Responses to
Roos tell ACT Government to get stuffed
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thetruth 3:37 pm 13 Jul 06

So more stuff flows out of the ACT in pursuit of more opportunity in QLD. Hmmm When will Canberrans say enough time to build the Canberra that people actually want to move to rather than away.

Growling Ferret 3:23 pm 13 Jul 06

Its official now

From the Kangaroos

“Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dear Member,

As you are well aware, the Kangaroos have played a package of home matches in secondary markets for the best part of a decade – most recently playing a package of three matches at Manuka Oval. This has been part of the club’s long-term plan for growing our brand and increasing our national support base.

I am writing to inform you that while we have had a great relationship in Canberra, the Board of the Kangaroos has taken the decision that we will not be renewing our contract with the ACT Government in 2007 and as such the Kangaroos will play a maximum of 10 games over the next three seasons on the Gold Coast.

Our decision on this matter was not made lightly. It was very difficult, and the issues very complex. We undertook an enormous amount of research and due diligence.

In the end we had to decide – in the long term interests of the club – that the opportunities for greater exposure of our brand on the Gold Coast and the potential for growth outweighed the benefits of remaining in the present arrangement in Canberra.

Throughout the decision making process the prime considerations of the Board have been the Kangaroos members, supporters, and the future growth and success of this football club.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the tremendous contribution of the ACT Government, the AFL, AFL New South Wales, AFL Canberra, the local football community, our corporate partners and most importantly our members.

We have had fantastic support in Canberra and wanted to let our Kangaroos supporters know how much we value their contribution and support to the success of the club and the growth of football in the region. We sincerely hope this support continues.

We are sure our joint commitment over the past six years will provide a strong foundation for AFL football to continue to prosper in the ACT region.

Again, I wanted on the behalf of the Board and the Club to acknowledge your support of the Kangaroos and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with our Canberra-based supporters.


Graham Duff AM
Kangaroos Chairman “

And taht is the end of that. Maybe a team that has more than a handful of supporters will be bribed to play games in Canberra from 2007. I suggest whoever it is schedules their match against the Swans for maximum financial returns…

SLBrown 3:53 pm 07 Jul 06

there is lots of those…….now

DT 3:25 pm 07 Jul 06

SLB – former BusinessACT employee by any chance?

bonfire 4:49 pm 05 Jul 06

bugger soccer – id rather watch auskick at half time!

was anyone else concerned by the apparent jumper clashes at the auskick matches ?

SLBrown 4:46 pm 05 Jul 06

There is no need for cheap shots…what a circus

Growling Ferret 4:42 pm 05 Jul 06

I thought it was about the linked story on the Kangaroos, whilst taking a cheap opportunity to chance to kick the ACT government in the guts as we walked by as the lead in…

VG – Furner talked about relocation of the Raiders about 3 or 4 weeks ago – a desperate attempt to get more people to games at Bruce. Note to Raiders – request to play games during the day in Winter – it isn’t as bloody cold and fans might considering attending!

A League – the Cosmos were a non-ethnically aligned club – and struggled to draw 1500 people to a game. Any A-League side in Canberra will struggle to get more than 5000 a game – unless the big name star is Canberras own Ned Zelic – or maybe Jo Simunic 😉

SLBrown 4:23 pm 05 Jul 06

The topic is

“Some RA readers seem to operate within the Stanhope Government’s reality distortion field and think things are going rather well in these parts and the rabble on London Circuit are really good at their jobs.

Outsiders rarely take the same view in their brief and unpleasant encounters with the mouth of madness.”

Its about the Gove’t using dollars to buy things rather that actually doing its job and the Roo’s being a symptom of that mismanagement.

Well that how i read the opening statement anyway…………………

What did you think it was about?

areaman 4:12 pm 05 Jul 06

SLBrown, for fuck’s sake dude, either stay on topic or start your own ranting thread on population demographics.

SLBrown 4:07 pm 05 Jul 06

Read the canberra Times a few weeks ago – no guarantees past 2009. Quote Don Furner.

See the writing champ.

Either way argue against “Cannons, Comets, Cosmos, kangaroo’s, Giteau, John James hospital, 39 schools, hospital services”

The point is the time to act is now and not when the other things happen in the future.

vg 3:35 pm 05 Jul 06

‘And the Raiders and Brumbies are being opening talked about in terms of relocation.”

Half mention of the Brumbies, which was dismissed and won’t happen, and no talk whatsoever of the Raiders.

Get your facts straight champ.

The Roos won’t be a big loss. Struggling to get over 10000 there

Swaggie 3:35 pm 05 Jul 06

Bad call Biogaz,

Canberra not having a team in either Rugby code wouldn’t entice me to Manuka if that was all that was on offer but I can well understand why there’s much greater interest in the Swans than the Mercenaries. I’d suggest the Gvmt kick the Roos into touch and bring the Swans down for a game here once a year – along the lines of a ‘festival of footy’ weekend.

Good call though re an A League side. It could work if the petty squabbling amongst the East European heritage mobs could be laid to rest and everyone got behind a Canberra team. Certain self styled disruptive player ‘agents’ have thankfully left Canberra (now overseas I believe) so that’s a positive to start on.

Thumper 2:25 pm 05 Jul 06

Ah Ferret,

I also don’t blame them. They need money to exist, so they’ll go where the money is, but I don’t think you can blame the ACT government on this one.

Roos need money, Government hasn’t got it. Roos move on.

I don’t have a problem with it.

Then again, I’ve been out of the AFL scene for a long long time….

Growling Ferret 2:11 pm 05 Jul 06

“Sounds to me like the greedy Roos just wanted more bucks”

They have said all along they are waiting for the best offer available. Calling the poorest of all AFL Clubs greedy is showing your ignorance of the Kangaroos financial plight. At this stage, they survive on handouts from the AFL and the appearance money paid by the ACT Government to play at Canberra. They are trying to maintain their identity and existance as a Melbourne based club, as well as make an extra half a mill a year.

I don’t think this is based on greed, but survival.

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