Safety warning as new light rail video shows shocking near misses

Ian Bushnell 13 November 2019 21
Light rail near miss

Light rail vehicle drivers are having close shaves. Photo: Screenshot from dash-cam footage.

The message to be alert and safe around light rail is still to get through to some Canberrans if a new near-misses video showing drivers, cyclists and pedestrians taking shocking risks is anything to go by.

Transport Minister Chris Steel has posted a new dash-cam video compiled by Transport Canberra on Facebook of recent incidents drivers have witnessed or had to contend with.

One scene shows a young cyclist trying to cut across the corridor crashing onto the tracks in the path of an oncoming light rail vehicle. Another has a woman with her head turned away stepping across the tracks without looking.

One car actually turns into the light rail corridor in the city before realising it is not the roadway, while a taxi turns across the tracks in front of a light rail vehicle.

Then there is the person pushing a pram down the middle of Northbourne Avenue between the tracks. Someone on a bicycle also rides in a cavalier fashion down Northbourne between the tracks.

Children can be seen dashing across the tracks in Gungahlin in front of the light rail vehicle, needing only to slip for a tragedy to occur.

Mr Steel said rail safety was everyone’s responsibility.

Light rail vehicle

Be alert and be aware or you might be an unwitting star on the next near-misses video. Photo: File.

“If you are a pedestrian, follow the signals and look in both directions before crossing light rail tracks because the light rail vehicles could be coming from either direction at any time,” he said.

“If you are driving around light rail follow the traffic signals and don’t stop across the track, or drive along the tracks.

“We don’t want to see you on the next near misses compilation video.”

For light rail safety tips visit CMET.

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21 Responses to Safety warning as new light rail video shows shocking near misses
Pat Moran Pat Moran 9:14 am 16 Nov 19

If you’re stupid, you’re stupid. Can’t un-stupid stupid.

Bekah Glaz Bekah Glaz 5:20 pm 15 Nov 19

Plenty of cars still want to park over the intersection of Barton and northbourne! Tram couldn't get through the other day!

Michael Blythe Michael Blythe 3:20 pm 14 Nov 19’s called natural selection.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:52 am 14 Nov 19

It happens in Melbourne too:

Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:43 am 14 Nov 19

Two of the facts of life are that eggs don’t bounce and trams don’t swerve.

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 10:23 am 14 Nov 19

Natural selection

Sharon Hunter Sharon Hunter 6:59 am 14 Nov 19

Can they be fined?

Acton Acton 6:32 am 14 Nov 19

Instead of automatically blaming the pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and everyone else involved in these near misses a responsible transit authority must pay attention to its own culpability. The video clearly shows people do not hear the approaching tram and road signage that is confusing and inadequate. But the paid spruikers of the tram would rather blame the public for accidents than admit their own design incompetence.

Stephen Saunders Stephen Saunders 3:43 am 14 Nov 19

Darwin jokes aside, there will be fatalities, and I urge government to do more than videos. There was a short blitz after the last near-fatal in Civic, but there should be a persistent (random, unannounced) blitzes on both drivers and pedestrians.

Sarah Emmerson Sarah Emmerson 9:28 pm 13 Nov 19

“Pay attention-it’s everyone’s responsibility”. Doesn’t account for stupidity!

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 9:05 pm 13 Nov 19

This Tram just keeps on giving

David Jackson David Jackson 9:05 pm 13 Nov 19

I believe in Darwin’s Theory so my care factor is zero except for the poor cho cho tram driver who has to deal with the aftermath

    David Ilchef David Ilchef 6:41 am 14 Nov 19

    Yes im sure you'll stand by that if its someone that you care about that gets hit

Feli Cia Feli Cia 8:57 pm 13 Nov 19

People's last 2 brain cells right before they nearly die

William William William William 7:59 pm 13 Nov 19

Boom gates.

Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 7:44 pm 13 Nov 19

Let Darwin work it out..

Claire Majella Claire Majella 7:00 pm 13 Nov 19

Is “don’t walk in front of speeding trams” really something we need to remind people of in 2019?

    Ben Roberts Ben Roberts 7:07 pm 13 Nov 19

    Claire Majella There are people right now who earnestly believe that the earth is flat.

Louellyn Violet Louellyn Violet 6:57 pm 13 Nov 19

Darwinism right there. Pity the poor drivers

Jenny Bolin Jenny Bolin 6:35 pm 13 Nov 19

It’s not just around the light rail, this afternoon I saw an elderly person cross Yamba Drive between the two sets of traffic lights (I think one street is wisdom st, where there are two sets close together). Hunched over, stick in hand, ambling across the road and I swear as she stepped off the median strip she didn’t even look! But had to move more quickly as cars moved away from the lights!

Gilavon Gilavon 4:42 pm 13 Nov 19

Well, there’s the quick & the dead and we have to curb population growth somehow ….

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