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State of the Riot – September 2008

By johnboy 2 October 2008 76

[First filed: October 01, 2008 @ 10:45]

You lot’s unquenchable thirst for the Riot experience saw our server pretty much saturated for most of the month. This was not good for our stats which only record successfully loaded pages.

DFO mania, however, brought in a lot of new readers and the new server sees us all set for a cracking October.

Key Stats:

Visits: 129,512, up 11.36% from 116,299
Pageviews: 370,711, down very slightly 0.43% from 372,322
Absolute unique visitors: 52,229, up 18.75% from 43,981. (and up overall from pre-return of johnboy 32,807 in June which is rather pleasing)

Other stats were bleeding the sort of red one expects when the server keeps throwing database errors. Better days to come.


While I’ve got you here a few house-keeping announcements. If you’re one of the thousands of Canberrans enjoying reading RiotACT perhaps you should consider supporting us? You can just make a donation

Alternatively you could take out a premium subscription, and get the much sought after RiotACT pin.

If you have goods or services to advertise you can advertise with us.

Failing that Facebookers can just become a fan. We like fans.

A special thanks to our friends in the Canberra media community who appear to be making more of an effort to mention us when sourcing stories from here.

Fun stuff

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in September were:

    1.) DFO Canberra Launches!!
    2.) Double murder in Downer
    3.) DFO Canberra opens on Friday
    4.) New DFO Fyshwick will make airport seem “Brand Depleted”
    5.) No Man’s Land, or Where Prams Collide – The new DFO Canberra in Fyshwick.
    6.) A nasty surprise – Kingston murder
    7.) Lanyon pleas of forgiveness…
    8.) Horrible ferret cruelty caught on video – good or bad thing?
    9.) Blood runs free at WIN as Stanhope cronies take their pound of flesh
    10.) Help get ‘hoons’ off the road
    11.) Female Victim of Downer Murders Identified
    12.) Nutter of the Month – Come on down Binnoski
    13.) Exploring underground bunkers near Canberra
    14.) Floriade Nightfest – a perspective
    15.) “Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…
    16.) False Advertising by real estate agents
    17.) 17 year old person of interest swabbed for Telopea murder
    18.) The prison doors open…
    19.) Not with those finger-prints mate – Sultans IDs its customers
    20.) Does anybody know when the DFO in Fyshwick is going to open?

RiotACT would like to thank Canberra’s murderers and bargain hunters.

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in July were:

    1.) dfo canberra
    2.) riot act
    3.) riotact
    4.) the riot act
    5.) dfo
    6.) riot act canberra
    7.) peter leonard
    8.) the riotact
    9.) dfo fyshwick
    11.) canberra dfo
    12.) riotact canberra
    13.) canberra underground bunkers
    14.) mark parton
    15.) alistair coe
    16.) the riot act canberra
    17.) “the crooked fiddle band” “merry muse” august 2008
    18.) pasquale barbaro
    19.) central cafe gungahlin
    20.) impact records
    21.) “mark parton”
    22.) dfo canberra opening
    23.) riot+act
    24.) hill climb data for cyclists black mountain canberra
    25.) riot-act
    27.) dfo canberra floor plan
    28.) contented soul act
    29.) james kirk street
    30.) massage canberra
    31.) central cafe
    32.) dfo in canberra
    33.) foskey staffer roland
    34.) brew bar tuggeranong
    35.) act computer fairs 2008
    36.) dfo canberra map
    37.) lanterne rooms
    38.) the riot-act
    39.) nyssa76 anissa
    41.) burgman anglican college
    42.) “identical strangers” “canberra” “band”
    43.) bimberi
    44.) what to eat in dickson
    45.) danman
    46.) dfo act
    47.) lanterne room canberra
    49.) fraser court kingston
    50.) “kerri taranto”
    52.) dale seaman daramalan
    53.) gravy chip
    54.) kenja
    55.) the basement belconnen
    56.) tony de domenico
    57.) riot act act
    58.) “the-riotact” and “smokers” and “vy” and “theatre”
    59.) canberra beer brewing hume
    60.) erin molan
    61.) best restaurant in canberra
    62.) canberra cabs
    63.) gravy chips
    64.) monster trucks canberra
    65.) the plex
    66.) motorcycle parking canberra
    67.) yum cha deakin
    68.) soul bar woden
    69.) tattoo shops in canberra
    70.) troy williams
    71.) julie tattersall
    72.) kool keith canberra
    73.) new government grocery website
    74.) peter.blakely crying chapel
    75.) “canberra community support”
    76.) good mechanic
    77.) canberra motorsport supporters group
    78.) canberra computer fair
    79.) canberra weekend jobs
    80.) arts in the city jorian gardner
    81.) charcoal restaurant canberra
    82.) llamafrog
    83.) riot act bunnings
    84.) anu singh
    85.) if you’re unhappy with body corporate
    86.) phillip medical centre
    87.) wasabi manuka
    88.) cooleman court refurbishment
    89.) ha ha bar belconnen
    90.) frank pangello
    91.) nrma shares
    92.) downer murder
    93.) free canberra sms
    94.) mike crowther
    95.) uci world cup radio station canberra
    96.) zeirholz riotact
    97.) canberra airport plane take off
    98.) dickson tradies club
    99.) the weston club royals
    100.) wedding reception venues canberra

Also for all the nerds here’s the breakdown on web-broswers used to read us:

    Internet Explorer 60.23%
    Firefox 29.16%
    Safari 7.53%
    Chrome 1.41%
    Opera 0.91%

And operating systems:

    1. Windows – 86.20%
    2. Macintosh – 10.95%
    3. Linux – 2.03%
    4. iPhone – 0.41%
    5. iPod – 0.13%
    6. SymbianOS – 0.10%
    8. Danger Hiptop – 0.03%
    9. SunOS – 0.02%
    10. Playstation 3 – 0.01%

(There were also a few views from a Nintendo Wii and a PSP but too few to make the percentages).


What’s Your opinion?

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76 Responses to
State of the Riot – September 2008
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Holden Caulfield 1:30 pm 04 Oct 08

Cool, thanks for the reply.

johnboy 12:21 pm 04 Oct 08

No, nothing like it.

What you’re describing is the visits number which is 129,512

Holden Caulfield 10:11 am 04 Oct 08

From a comment in the Stateline thread:

johnboy said :

From Google Analytics for the last month as of right now: Absolute unique visitors 52,101

I’m not familiar with Google Analytics, but know a little about StatCounter (a WordPress plug in). With GA, does the term “Absolute unique visitors” mean just what it says, or is it like StatCounter where you can define a time frame for unique visits, which ranges from every visit, to a maximum of 24 hours? That is, with StatCounter one person could visit the site once a day every day of the month and that would count as 30 unique visits to the monthly total.

Maelinar 6:18 pm 03 Oct 08

Position is the first word
Velocity is the second word
Acceleration is the third word
Jerk is the fourth word
Snap is the fifth word

According to your list its actually the fifth word, jerk is the fourth. You never stated that the first word didn’t exist either just to be a pedant (therefore its not 0), for it to exist it must be a 1.

No offence intended bud – and thanks for the reference, I wasn’t even aware I was over there with them on account of I was on the 4RAR rotation (as far as I knew) – yes my name does appear on the list that Skid provided.

As far as that blemish on this planet goes, I trust the admins will delete his vapid comments accordingly as they are untruthful, spiteful and unwarranted.

nyssa76 5:19 pm 03 Oct 08

tylersmayhem, well duh….

but seriously, how pathetics can a person be to stalk someone on the internet?

tylersmayhem 8:47 am 03 Oct 08

How can people keep tabs on you on the web Nyssa? That’s a shocker!

I wish JB would stop stalking me ;P

nyssa76 5:48 am 03 Oct 08

peterh, I know exactly what you mean. Those people truly have no life check out Australia 13 for a perfect example.

peterh 5:08 pm 02 Oct 08

if you want to see stalking in its finest, check out one of the yahoo messenger local rooms. these people have no life, and will chase you down every blasted day or hour to catch up with you.

last check I did, I had 35 offline messages when i logged in.

at least here you don’t have that kind of weirdo.

i think 😉

nyssa76 5:06 pm 02 Oct 08

Danman, in my case it’s just some pathetic loser trying to keep tabs on me.

You can be flattered :P~

Danman 5:02 pm 02 Oct 08

Looks like I have the same affliction then eh Nyssa ?

Personally I’m complimented 🙂

nyssa76 5:00 pm 02 Oct 08

Jokes aside, I’ve already stated before that someone is ‘stalking’ me via the net…I’d name them but I have class 😉

tylersmayhem 1:40 pm 02 Oct 08

Hmmm, cheers for the low-down Al!

caf 12:52 pm 02 Oct 08

tylersmayhem: There’s a saying – when you write on the Internet, you’re never wrong for long.

Gungahlin Al 12:44 pm 02 Oct 08

“Whats better about Google Chrome?”

Gone back to FF myself. We use Google Apps and Gmail for all GCC email traffic but Gmail’s standard interface is so bug ugly. The FF add-on Better Gmail 2 fixes a lot of Gmail’s problems and is quicker to use.

Then there’s Chrome’s horrible MS Office 2007 washed-out-light-blue…

tylersmayhem 11:53 am 02 Oct 08

Can I be the first to point out that there is no such month as Sepember???

Where does it say “Sepember” other than in Madman’s post?

@DMD: Regarding your last post, it’s distressing to see yet another Person who reminds me clearly of the annoying tosser out of The Princess Bride.

Danman 11:20 am 02 Oct 08

Maybe I’m stalking Nyssa who is stalking me ?

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