Ten intersections closed every night this week for light rail signal testing

Glynis Quinlan 18 February 2019 30

Ten intersections will be closed every night this week to enable testing of the new light rail signalling system. File photo.

Ten intersections on Flemington Road, Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue will close every night this week between 8 pm and 6 am to enable testing of the new light rail signalling system.

The closures began on 17 February and will occur every night until Saturday, 23 February. They will affect all southbound and northbound right-turning traffic, as well as traffic crossing through.

Canberra Metro said the tests are being carried out overnight to minimise disruption and in order to conduct them safely.

According to the organisation, diversions for motorists will be put in place and clearly sign-posted along the corridor.

The following intersections will be closed overnight until February 23:

  • Lysaght Street
  • Mitchell Resource Centre
  • Randwick Road
  • EPIC
  • Phillip Avenue
  • Swinden
  • Morphett and Murdoch Street
  • Macarthur-Wakefield Avenues
  • Masson-Girrahween Street
  • Elouera-Gould Street

There will also be a number of temporary closures this week at the remaining intersections along the light rail corridor between Mitchell and the City in order to give light rail vehicles priority to travel through. The intersections will be re-opened once they pass.

Construction work is continuing on the light rail corridor, with intersections to be affected by closures every night this week. Photo by Glynis Quinlan.

Canberra Metro said that light rail vehicles will always have priority at traffic lights, meaning the order of traffic light sequencing will vary for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Motorists are being encouraged to plan ahead this week when travelling at night along the light rail corridor, with Canberra Metro saying it is important for the community to be aware, stay safe and obey the road rules as the environment changes around this corridor.

To see a map of the affected intersections or for more details please click here.


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30 Responses to Ten intersections closed every night this week for light rail signal testing
Nicholas Elizabeth Swain Nicholas Elizabeth Swain 5:54 pm 21 Feb 19

Definitely on wrong medication!

Christopher Gapp Christopher Gapp 7:59 am 20 Feb 19

This means it's getting closer! Can't wait! A few nights is a minor sacrifice for brilliance on tracks.

Robbie Wallace Robbie Wallace 4:26 am 20 Feb 19

Who needs a wall.... we built a light rail..... no beers at the Duxton or TuDo for us east siders this week 😮

Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:24 pm 19 Feb 19

I drove through Canberra city on Northbourne Avenue very early this morning and had to wait for cross traffic to pass (red light) at Barry Drive.

The “thump, thump” noise of motor vehicles crossing the tram lines was very loud.

I wouldn’t like to be trying to get some sleep living in all those units planned for that area.

Jeremy Archer Jeremy Archer 8:53 pm 19 Feb 19

I’m guessing the danger to motorists today at the intersection on Flemington Rd at Franklin woolworths at 3pm was “unplanned”? Flashing orange lights in all directions with no traffic controllers? A lot of baffled rail

Workers and motorists. Hope the light rail opens this year.

Peter Bickerton Peter Bickerton 5:37 pm 19 Feb 19

Getting closer and I will be travelling to the city when this is up and running:-)

    Terry Butters Terry Butters 9:25 am 20 Feb 19

    Peter Bickerton I’ll be dead before I can do that from Kambah . . My rates get me bugger all, units and townhouses pay much less in rates . . Why?

    Peter Bickerton Peter Bickerton 10:38 am 20 Feb 19

    Terry Butters Hi Terry, suggest you speak to your local MLA to get an answer to your question. I am fortunate I will be one of the users of the new system when it is operational :-)

Michael Norris Michael Norris 5:21 pm 19 Feb 19

North Canberra will have mutually unintelligible Eastern and Western dialects by time the tram is finished.

    Wayne Williams Wayne Williams 6:55 pm 19 Feb 19

    The Northside has always struggled with that Michael lol

Maelinar Maelinar 4:59 pm 19 Feb 19

This post has attracted a heap of negative nancies who need to take a chill pill for a few moments.

I am looking forward to taking a ride in the new Tram, as am I looking forward to the Woden and Tuggeranong link, and the Belconnen link. Go Canberra Trams !

    Kent Street Kent Street 1:03 pm 20 Feb 19

    Tuggeranong link?
    Yeah, and I’m dating Elle McPherson.

Peter Brundish Peter Brundish 4:40 pm 19 Feb 19

How long before they are closed permanently to facilitate the tram?

Terry Butters Terry Butters 4:21 pm 19 Feb 19

Do we have customer usage, fare revenue, projected costs, net cost to the taxpayer, increase/decrease in bus transport use and revenue, impact on parking revenues in the CBD and the suburbs the tram services, estimated saving in time for users over car usage, impact on cycle path usage and cost of the cycle network growth. All this and more over the next 5 years?

    David Brown David Brown 7:21 pm 19 Feb 19

    Terry Butters Why would you want that? It is about being a modern city and implementing a 19th century transport system.

    Russ Morison Russ Morison 10:11 pm 19 Feb 19

    Terry-the Attorney General indicated the cost of Stage 1 to be in the order of $1.8B whole of life cost. Double it for Stage 2 and so on. Is it a good idea? If we can turnaround our patronage, it might help contribute to fare box revenue. But 29 years has proven that Canberrans are over public transport. I live in Theodore. Decided to go to the Multi Cultural festival. 1hr15 mins by bus, and I took the car-25 mins. What would you choose? Not much different week days. However, am waiting for Mr Rattenbury to tell me the government thinks it ought to consider and build a business case for Trackless Trams at a tenth of the cost. NO answer there because they would rather spend more on Light Rail. Buses are faster! The Light Rail business case did not stack up yet the government decided to go with it anyway. What does that tell you!

    Stuart Herring Stuart Herring 11:18 pm 19 Feb 19

    You know what else was invented in the 19th century?

    The car.

    I assume you don't use such an antiquated mode of transport yourself, David. Given how nothing invented that long ago can possibly be suited for a modern city.

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 12:00 am 20 Feb 19

    David Brown Like the car; invented 1885.

    David Brown David Brown 8:07 am 20 Feb 19

    Stuart Herring Yes it was but the car has moved on.

    David Brown David Brown 8:09 am 20 Feb 19

    I must have missed the ACT Government announcement that they are implementing cars at publc expense? 🤔

    Terry Butters Terry Butters 9:19 am 20 Feb 19

    Russ Morison you are dead right Russ, many studies showed that an expansion and modernisation of other than fixed rail was not only cheaper and flexible but any expansion or contraction would not incur huge infrastructure costs! Rail is not the way to go in a city the size of Canberra, a more efficient bus network is!

    Stuart Herring Stuart Herring 12:31 pm 20 Feb 19

    David Brown how has it moved on where rail hasn't?

    Most cars sold are still essentially the same as 100 years ago.

    The argument about it being "old" technology is completely irrelevant. If that's all you've got, you may as well stop wasting your time.

    If you have other arguments, invest your time in them instead.

Terry Butters Terry Butters 3:18 pm 19 Feb 19

This is a joke . . . Right?

    Terry Butters Terry Butters 3:26 pm 19 Feb 19

    David Brown what has happened to all the capable people? Is this a result of our Education System being a very poor 39th out of 41 on a Global Scale? It would explain Barr’s poor performance!

    David Brown David Brown 3:28 pm 19 Feb 19

    Terry Butters You may be right but I think it is simpler than that. Barr and his cronies, after being in government for 18 years, have decided they will never be defeated, so they are acting like Canberra is a mediaeval fiefdom.

    Terry Butters Terry Butters 3:43 pm 19 Feb 19

    Tristan Corner you are not wrong there!

David Brown David Brown 1:55 pm 19 Feb 19

Surely there is a better way?

Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:32 pm 18 Feb 19

Wouldn’t it be easier to say: “GO TO YOUR HOMES AND AWAIT INSTRUCTIONS”.

The fiasco is morphing into a farce.

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