Twats to arms, Mark Sullivan needs you!

johnboy 6 September 2010 11
Mark Sullivan's twitter page

After all the rain I thought I’d head over to the ACTEW website to check out the dam levels. (a tidy 69.72% and rising, just watch the rivers run if we get to capacity).

Imagine my surprise to see the utility asking me to follow them on Twitter.

Such surprise was as naught compared to realising it was a personal twitter feed for the ACTEW Managing Director Mark Sullivan!

And then disappointment. Mark’s only got 31 followers. Are the ACTEW staff not rushing to their netbooks to devour his tweets?

Twittering Rioters, you know what to do.

(incidentally I too am on Twitter in a desultory fashion if you’re into that sort of thing, just 7 followers short of Mr Sullivan to date)

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11 Responses to Twats to arms, Mark Sullivan needs you!
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:58 am 07 Sep 10

rosebud said :

I too am a twitter convert, or, as my brother-in-law put it, “a sad f*ck”.

I have three twitter accounts, so I guess I must be really, really, really sad, haha!

merlin bodega merlin bodega 11:51 am 07 Sep 10

This could be one cool guy to follow on Twitter. Like all the senior people at ACTEW and the Singapore government half owned services supplier ACTEWAGL they all learn to see a long way into the future standing on a big pile of other people’s money!

sepi sepi 10:26 am 07 Sep 10

They now say water restrictions could be eased further to allow sprinklers between 7 – 10.00.

What is with these magical hours of 7-10. It is dark, frosty, miserable time to be out in the garden.

Can’t we have just one day a week when we are allowed to stand around with the hose watering the garden during daylight?

Last time we were allowed to use sprinklers between 7-10 mine often stayed on til bedtime as I forgot all about them outside in the dark. Let’s forget the sprinklers, and allow daylight hand watering.

housebound housebound 7:28 am 07 Sep 10

It’s a combination of antecedent conditions and rainfall intensity.

The catchment was already wet from previous good rainfalls, so the soil could soak up less of the rain than if it were dry. On top of that, this was a high intensity event (a big dump of rain in a short time), so the rain tends to run off over the top of the ground rather than soak in as it would for drizzle.

Plus, there was possibly more rain in the catchment than in previous years.

About time we got some decent runoff.

sepi sepi 9:18 pm 06 Sep 10

so how can one good rain put the dams up 10% – we have had other good rains that barely added 1%.

Fiona Fiona 6:54 pm 06 Sep 10

*adds* Wonder if he’ll add me back?

trevar trevar 4:46 pm 06 Sep 10

Interesting. Now he has 37 followers and you have 31… who followed JB and not Mark?

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 4:44 pm 06 Sep 10

Actually, according to the sign on Adelaide Ave this afternoon, the dam levels are now past 72%.

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 4:32 pm 06 Sep 10


I’ve wondered if I should, I’m sure I shouldn’t! To be honest any of the tweets I’ve got to see on other sites are so awful I dread my eyes to approach closer.

Is it better when it’s your friends and such?

rosebud rosebud 3:58 pm 06 Sep 10

I too am a twitter convert, or, as my brother-in-law put it, “a sad f*ck”.

mp2615 mp2615 3:23 pm 06 Sep 10

Roger that JB, and consider yourself followed.

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